vintage by misty


A school project from last year! We had to imagine something from nowadays if it was made years before. So have some pokemon from the 60s!! What if Pokemon was popular in the 60s and kids from all around the world at the universal expo were exchanging pokemon cards?? Yes, I replicated the style of famous illustrators from that era for the sake of accuracy. If you need sources you can always ask me :)

Today, Misty Copeland was named Principal Ballerina at American Ballet Theatre, the first Black ballerina in the company’s 75 year history. The photo on the right is Ms. Copeland being congratulated by one of her idols, Raven Wilkinson. Ms. Wilkinson was the first Black woman to dance full-time with the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo in 1955 - but racism stunted much of her career in the United States. The photo on the right was taken by Gene Schiavone. The photo of Ms. Wilkinson in the 1950s was provided by her to Pointe Magazine