vintage beads

Ernie Sisto (NY Times), Rare views of solar eclipse, 30/06/1954, Flying as a pool photographer with the American Airlines - Hayden Planetarium Eclipse Expedition, United States. Vintage silver print (Press Photo)

Here are two phases of rarely seen phenomena that occur during a total eclipse as seen from 13,000 feet this morning above Rupert House, James Bay, Canada. At top are Bailey’s Beads, when the light of the sun peeps through periphery “diamond ring” effect at end of totality.


Sallon Frida
The designer, Frida, dedicated to an early passion; Design! She started following one of the most affirmed fashion design course in Italy and at the same time she promoted her new wedding dresses saloon, bringing in Tirana a new exclusive, special and modern style. The succes was immediate on this enterprise, too. Her brand already represents a brand that creates trust, proffessionalism and realizes dreams!