vintage ballgown

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at my school, we keep costumes that stick around after old shows in a dressing room under the stage. sometimes things... turn up. a vintage ballgown, with a large red smear on the collar (we hope it's lipstick). a real sword among the prop weapons out of cardboard. a huge fur coat, that still has pine needles and resin stick on the sleeves. no one dares suggest these be put to use, but no one dares to throw them away. no one wants to be the last person out - they have to turn out the lights.

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What kind of dresses would Cassie, Steph, and Kara wear for their wedding?

Ok, so I had fun looking at wedding dresses and my mom watches a lot of Say Yes to the Dress so I’m gonna use terms I learned there (lol). Obviously I own none of these images, they’re from google searches.


So Cassie’s would obviously be very dramatic but not “princessy” and she’d want to show off her figure. So an overly long train and sleeves to really make it unique while being form-fitting with that gorgeous open back. Cassie isn’t really one to go for glitter and sparkle but lace with its elegance is right up her alley.


Steph definitely watches wedding shows and has probably known the basics of what she wanted since she was six. You can see that here in the strapless sweetheart neckline, the mermaid fit, and the gems and floral elements. Obviously since she’s Steph she found a dress that features her signature eggplant. (Plus the flowers kinda look like bats and she adores the irony.)


So while Kara spent most of her childhood on another planet she immediately fell in love with Disney princesses and after she saw Ma Kent’s dress (which was Ma’s grandmother’s) she knew she wanted a classic princess dress for her wedding. So we’ve got the huge tulle ballgown and vintage elements with the lace, caped sleeves, and buttons.