vintage baby doll... head

my weird ass frank dream

I had a dream I was given ownership of the Filthy Frank channel and was supposed to take it over, but in this dream world Joji didn’t exist and it all belonged to Frank. Instead of having an apartment in New York, he had a three story vintage house. I was was given a key and was about to move in with him and his roommate.

I walked into the house for the first time and saw the walls were panel and a purplish-pink color, and the ceilings were open where you could see up into every floor. As I walked up the stairs I saw the walls were lined with all kind of vintage toys and games, and suddenly a baby doll’s head came flying and crashed three floors below me but it didn’t phase me because I didn’t expect anything normal of the house anyways. 

I heard a car pulling up outside so I looked out the window and saw it was Frank getting out of a long pastel car, so I went downstairs to greet him at the door. He walked in with our roommate, who I think was Negi Generation 3000 out of costume, and Frank was crying tears of joy because he got insurance approved or something? Specifically by Liberty Mutual? I don’t know why my brain decided that but anyways, I gave him a big hug and he was soft and warm and it was a nice embrace. I noticed that his hair was turning gray at the back of his neck. I don’t remember anything after that.