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Begining of the digital era - Pioneer SX-3800 receiver (55/365) by Chung Ho Leung
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Starting in 1980, Pioneer began integrating digital readouts along with the analogue dial scale tuner as well as digital power meters in their receivers.

After dropping Nicole off at work I drove clear across Lakewood (5 miles maybe?) to Rocky River to meet some guy at a Starbucks who had a vintage Discwasher record brush I won from him on ebay.

I gave him a $20 and we made small talk for a moment. I’m guessing he was in his 50’s. He asked me if I was interested in a 30 year old Technics turntable that just needed a new belt. I told him sure. He also mentioned he had an old Technics receiver with wood sides, which excited me. He told me to send him my email address thru ebay and he’d send some pictures.

As I met the dude thru ebay, he’s not gonna let it go for cheap. He knows how to research shit and what not. He’d probably rather sell it on ebay but doesn’t wanna deal with the packaging/shipping. So I’m curious to see what models they are. He said they are late 70’s/early 80’s. Could be real nice stuff or just run of the mill. 

I told him briefly that I am pretty broke, but if the price was reasonable and the equipment was cool, I really would like the shit, and asked if he’d be willing to give me some time to rustle up the funds and he seemed cool about that. I asked if he was planning on getting rid of his records considering he’d just sold me his cleaning brush and was looking to off his turntable + amp but he said he’d prefer to hang on to the records for “old time sake” which kinda confused me.

In all honesty, I was hoping I could buy his wax for a fair price, flip it real quick and give him that money for his old stereo equipment… but he probably knew that and will be more than happy to offer me the wax for sale once I pay him for the equipment, should I choose to buy it.