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Someone: *refers to Babs and Dick as ‘the Nerd and the Jock’*

Me: Yeah, it is interesting that track star Barbara Gordon ended up with bookworm math tutor Dick Grayson, isn’t it? Funny how these things work out.

My canon is better than your fanon.


Betty Shabazz and Malcolm X visit Muhammad Ali in Miami with their daughters Attallah (standing), Qubilah (sitting on Malcolm), and Ilyasah (sitting on Ali) in January 1964.  

As a sixth wedding anniversary present, Ali paid for Malcolm and his family to vacation in Miami while he trained for the Sonny Liston title fight. The group of neighborhood kids are holding up 8 fingers because, as the underdog Ali predicated he’d win the fight in 8 rounds. The defending champ Liston predicted he’d win in 2. Ali ended up winning in 7 rounds on February 25, 1964.


Chicago Bulls’ basketball star Dennis Rodman, dressed in a wedding gown, signs copies of his book ‘Bad As I Wanna Be’ at Barnes and Noble in New York. August 1996.

As a publicity stunt Rodman announced on national television that he was going to marry himself at Rockefeller Center. It was later revealed that he received 10 million dollars to wear the wedding dress. 

Bender: [running through the halls singing] I wanna be an airborne ranger / I wanna lead a life of danger / Before the day I die / There’s five things I wanna ride / Bicycle, tricycle, automobile / Virgin’s mother and a ferris wheel…