vintage athlete

Athletic Model Guild Catalog Sheet - Most physique studios sold the photographs of their models in sets of 6 or 12 and were ordered either from an ad in a muscle or physique mag or through a direct mail advertisement once you were on their mailing list.  Bob Mizer’s AMG sold sets as well, but they also allowed you to pick and choose any number of individual photos from their ingenious 4x5 catalog sheets.  Each sheet might showcase dozens of poses of a single model.  Eager beavers would jot down the catalog code numbers and enclosing the correct change, a month later they’d have their own personal selection of that model’s photographs. Above is circa 1960 catalog page featuring 73 models from the “YC” series, among them Reed Maxcy, Zabo Koszewski, Howard Olsen and many more.

Muhammad Ali holding Malcolm X’s daughter Qubilah, surrounded by young fans at his training camp in Miami, January 1964.

The kids are holding up 8 fingers because Muhammad predicated he’d win the World Heavyweight Championship fight against Sonny Liston in 8 rounds as the underdog. The defending champ Liston predicted he’d win in 2. Ali ended up winning in 7 rounds on February 25, 1964.

Muhammad Ali: “Malcolm was my brother, friend, mentor and often my confidant. He was a remarkable man whose thirst for truth and righteousness for all people set him on a path that often isolated him from others. But he knew it was the path that he must walk, regardless if he found himself walking alone. Malcolm inspired me with his eloquence and wisdom. He still inspires me. Sometimes the right road isn’t the easy road. It takes courage, conviction and personal sacrifice to stand up for truth and justice. Malcolm was that kind of man.”