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The Long Journey to Hitting the Road with @aluminumhustle

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It was only supposed to take two months for Dillon Spranley and Sara Goehner (@aluminumhustle) to renovate their vintage, 34-foot (10-meter) Airstream. But decades of neglect in swampy rural Mississippi took its toll on the trailer: the duo had to contend with rust, flood damage and the remnants of what Dillon hypothesized were “crazy rodent parties.” But after four months of labor, with some guidance from Sara’s father, a retired contractor, they were ready to set out.

The two’s professions — Sara is an animator and Dillon a hairstylist and jewelry-maker — afford them the freedom to work from anywhere. So they plan to spend the next couple of years crisscrossing the continent, from Alaska to Florida. “We think in about two years we will reevaluate, possibly continuing to travel or settle down in a place we both loved the most to conquer other dreams we have,” says Dillon.


“Billie Joe & I met in my home town of Minneapolis, Minnesota on July 4, 1990. Four years later on July 2, 1994 we married in the backyard of our Berkeley, CA home. We have been on an epic adventure ever since – raising kids and animals, creating a home, working and traveling and experiencing the many ups, downs & in-betweens of life together as a family.

As our 20 year wedding anniversary was approaching, I knew I wanted to get him a vintage Airstream.  We had talked about getting one over the years and how fun it would be to travel the coast, stopping at surf breaks along the way. I started looking online for interior ideas and Miranda Lambert’s and Dierks Bentley’s Airstreams kept coming up in image searches.  So I tracked down The Junk Gypsies. I would have tried to do the project myself but I didn’t know the first thing about Airstreams. I was hoping they could fix it up and make it work for him. This has been such a fun experience working with them. They truly got  what I wanted to do for Billie Joe. To create a surf shack on wheels.  A cozy, laid back space to hang out & drink his morning coffee while  listening  to his favorite records. This cute baby is going to be with us for this next chapter in our family adventure.  And I am so grateful to Amie & Jolie for making this happen.