Here, for a bonus Scoobymas post, I’ve got some brand-new stuff for you!

On top of the ever-important job of making fun of crazy things I find in Scooby-Doo,

(Such as this)

I also make things for y’all with all sorts of other crazy stuff I discover! Like recently, when I…

1. Got bored

2. Found vintage Nestea commercials

3. Did a slow-mo supercut of just the weird moments of actors enjoying it way, way too much

4. Set the clips to various musical genres

Yes, it’s as glorious as it sounds.

Or, when funny moments happen whilst gaming with a friend, and I edit together highlights…

…and add typography/photos of small furry animals, where applicable.

Trust me, it (mostly) makes sense in context.

If either of those sound like they’d bring you a laugh, take a look! I’ve been super pleased by the community’s response thus far. 

The channel is, for those interested.

Oh, and better keep an eye out… I have some Scooby-based videos in the works, too ;)