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Just out of curiosity, do you have any plans to name Son #2 or shall he remain as he is till the End of Time?

Okay so I do have plans to name him I just have yet to decide on what.

My original plan was to name him Connor and or Murphy because of the indigo streaks hes got on his fins. But because hes got such a shy and timid personality so far fron what I have seen I had also thought Evan would be super good for him.

There was also Jeremy on mind but I don’t think it fits so it was immediately scrapped. I think Vintage is another good name honestly, just sounds fun to say. Like “Oh theres Jared and Vintage.”

Another name option would be Intelligence, based after the intelligence core from portal, better known as the cake core.
And then there is the option of Yondu but onc again hes pretty timid for a fighting fish.

I have,,,,a lot of different names to think of.
Son #2 is just a place holding name.


What have I done?

Very brief sketches of Rule 63 Austin and Jared in Vintage dresses. Originally I just wanted to draw after such a long absence and searched for vintage inspiration. Well that happens if you watch YouTube videos while sektching stuff.

Who cares. Everybody on the Internet need Rule 63 pictures anyway. And Austin practically screams “PUT ME IN 50th DRESSES” in your face.

Not even trying to claim the dresses design. Found through google images.


photos via Rolling Stone crediting US magazine (X) by Mark Seliger

Jared Leto
by Chris Mundy
US, January 1997

By the time Jared Leto calls, he’s already an hour and a half late. He apologizes, saying that he copied down the address incorrectly. He is one block away on a pay phone; he can see the meeting spot from where he stands. He says he’ll be there immediately. Half an hour later, Leto finally strolls through the door.

You assume he’s a flake.

It has been two years since Leto’s television series, My So-Called Life, died its premature death, and during that period he has bided his time, hoping to find the right projects to help melt the Jordan Catalano mystique. The problem is that, like his fictional alter ego, the more Leto hides out or keeps quiet, the more that aura grows, and there remains the possibility of real depth behind his stare. Or not. Which means Jordan Catalano’s great mystery has become Jared Leto’s.

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