To Marvin Jaye Salvador, that best friend of mine;

Oh, hey there Marvin. It’s been a month since we first knew of each other. How time flies when you’re enjoying it and by ‘it’, I mean yung time natin together.

So.. Let’s begin. Di ko ineexpect na magiging ganito tayo. I’m quite surprised. I didn’t have someone who’ll manage to not leave me. Wow! And I’m impressed. Let’s see kung gaano ka tatagal. Joke. Marvin, just stay like that. You shitty, immature brat; clingy and annoying as you are, I like that. I am comfortable with you. Ay nako, tagalugin ko nalang kaya. Malait mo pa ako sa english ko eh!

Salamat at nagkakilala tayo. It feels like I’ve known you for a long time. You’re like that one person whom I could be.. myself, to the fullest extent. Diba? Di lang naman ang girls ang pwedeng magkaroon ng best friend, right? Like, we are also entitled to the right of having someone to share their secrets, hate the same people and just hang out with each other and do best friend stuff. At alam mo naman na ang daming malisyosong tao.. Pero, whatever, I don’t care what they think. Meh, waste of time. Going back, I’m really grateful.

Umm.. Ah, I love you.

You know I am not open when it comes to saying these kinds of things cause I don’t have any backbone in me but seryoso ako dyan. Stay like that. I know I’m inconsistent when it comes to communication and I’m vague at most times pero you put up with that. Way to go. Congratulations. Nakakatuwa ka. Even when you’re humor sucks. And when you’re being a sadist. And you’re doing/saying things that makes me wanna punch you in your face. Stay like that.

Be happy. And stay in my life. That’s all I could ever ask.

So there, I made my point. You’ll treat me after reading this ha! :)

(Binayaran po ako para gawin ang post na to’.. Just kidding; pero totoo yung libre nya.)