vino (baccano!)


Vino, or Claire Stanfield, was raised by the father of the Gandor brothers. As a result, he was as a brother to them and as such, part of the family. And in reality, you could call him the fourth brother of the Gandors. I heard he was taken in by a circus afterwards. Thanks to his hard work and superhuman talent, he was able to obtain beyond-human strength and technique. That’s probably also coming in handy now that he has become an assassin.

I think the best part of Baccano is the dynamic between Claire and Chane. I mean, both are murderous killers. One has extreme trust issues and she has never been loved, and the other thinks that he is basically God and the whole world is just a dream he’s having- so he can’t connect with anyone. But then Chane totally changes that world by accidentally scratching him, imprinting herself and proving herself irrevocably in his world. Claire asks her to apologize for hurting him, but then understands almost immediately that she can’t because she’s mute, and then HE apologizes for being ableist and insensitive! Then Claire says that he loves her, something that no one else, not even her FATHER, has ever said to her. He tells her that by letting him in, her world will not fall apart– instead it will just get bigger. Chane is unsure, so Claire says that he’s ok with that, and that they can start off as friends and take it at a path that she is comfortable with! AND THEY BOTH ARE HEAD-OVER-HEELS FOR THE OTHER AND THEN THEY GET MARRIED AND HAVE 2 GRANDKIDS AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER.