Weddings at wineyards

I told you guys I’m a mom now? Probably you just know that due the lack of writting post over here, sorry about that :( The good thing is my baby is getting bigger and he’s giving me more time to come back to my daily activities ;)

I was wondering, the perfect topic to share with you, and then, I decided to write about something that me and my boyfriend have been talking about, our future, our wedding :) besides its related to the blog Since he’s a chef and I am a sommelier so, we’ve been having lots of ideas, that Im sharing with you today :)

I’ve never dreamt with the day of my wedding until I met my boyfriend, he represents the true love and purest care in the world, now, with a baby, I started to wonder about how this day has to be.

I love my family and I also love wines, so why not getting married at a wineyard righ?


- The landscape is wonderfull, being an outside door place can be amazing for the initial ceremony and the dinnerroom can be the wine cellar, which by far continues being an amazing place to be and celebrate :)

- Its not a common place to get married, not that we’re hipsters or some crap like that, we just like things that are out of the common.

- There will be a lot A LOT of wine ;)

Here I found a cute video of a wedding in a winery :,) check it out.

More posts soon :)



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