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I imagined that at first Faith wouldn't recognize the similarity between vangel's voice an Vinny's. but at some point she's playing the game or watching a video from it and when vinny says a line vangel just says "i remember saying that" and faith looks at him as the realization suddenly hits her.

well, Vangel also voices Vince and Vinny in Night Terror 3 since they were both kids in that game

sooo ouo

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ive seen u post rant stuff about tucker on your page bfore with links to other ppl talking ab tucker but it looks like ur the one that more brings it up again so their side looks more truthful and calm ab it so im torn ? ?

the only times i really post stuff nowadays is usually in response to psshaw, since, admittedly, she gives me more courage to be open about it. otherwise i tend to keep it private

here. a useful compendium, honestly.

i know several other people personally affected by tucker besides myself and marissa, but at the same time it is not my place to speak for them, however i can ask them if they are comfortable with their testimonies being shared

tucker g is surprisingly calm about the repeated manipulation and abuse he has perpetrated over the years, most likely due to simply being used to it and having gotten good at it. i do not for one instance trust his demeanor after whats gone down

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ok but what if Faith and Vangel meet. I have the feeling they'd get along, considering Vangel is a voice actor for her favorite game.

Vinny is one of Faith’s favourite characters, she’d LOVE to hang out with Vangel

ahahaha this is a great situation bc Faith would like hanging w him bc he voices and helps with the character Vinny

and irl I am the voice of Faith and Vinny always hangs out w me

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I get that youll be mad at everything right now including what people say to u unless they are 110% on your side with nothing steping out of line past "youre being so brave youll get tucker eventually" but your life shouldn't now revolve around making sure you or Psshaw put him into justice

smacks lips

nah ill keep spreading the information and testimonies about him

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because it clear nothing beyond actual torture for tucker will give u what u think u need. This isn't an opinion life is random its unfair. do u really want your life to revolve around him forever is that what hes turned u into is that what u want to spend u years focusing on

anon poorly excuses abuse with the “life isnt fair” argument, more at 11

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