vinny and nicole

042615 / Cherry Bomb Miami

im clearly suffering from post-concert depression. alright so I….pulled, up to the venue bout 12, no later and I waved to my sister “yo homes, see ya later!” Looked at my ticket, I was finally there…lmfao, I’m goofy but okay I got there at like 12 in the afternoon bc I was DETERMINED to be in the front. and there were about 6/7 people waiting there already so we kinda stood there awkwardly until I asked about the last show (Revolution Live, shit was lame) but then the eight of us just kinda meshed. I spent a whole day with them bruh, they cool as fuck. i have a picture of us but i dont know if every one’s comfortable w/ being on the net but shout out to stasia who i found out follows me :-), vinny, sofia, rick, nicole, ant, em, robert, chris, etc etc, aka redenbacher records lmfao. we shot the shit until about six and then we finally got in the fucking venue at like 6:15, in some air conditioning (CAUSE WHY WAS IT HOT AS ALL FUCK?!).  all the fast pass people had a random ass sing along. they did fucking young and transylvania and the spot turned up lmao, i was too busy trying not to curse in front of this nice elderly black lady that worked there but they played we got bitches and :-( welp. OKAY so then we go in, it’s like 7 now. NIGGA IM IN THE DIRECT FRONT LIKE

UNDERSTAND I ALMOST HAD A PANIC ATTACK ;-; we just stood there until like 8 and then the lights start flashing and shit so we hype, they got the chants going on cause everybody is so anxious now. about 30 more minutes pass and taco come out in a full adidas tracksuit like he he fuckin run dmc or some shit LMAO, he was lit tho…


he was tryna figure out wtf was wrong with the mic, it was too low lol. cute as fuck in his all yellow. matching my nails ;-; MY GOAL WAS TO GET ONE GOOD PICTURE AND I GOT MORE THAN ONE & SOME VIDS, BIHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH like….honestly it’s been two days and I’m having withdrawal. I don’t wanna spoil the tracklist for anybody (and also i dont remember the shit in order) but I spent most of my time rapping songs line for line, saying “it’s fucking LIT”, elbowing people in the chest, and staring at T like “ actually exist.” vinny started a fuck jacksonville chant and ty dead ass made a beat to it lmfao. we also had storytime, he talked about making smuckers and how he told kanye the beginning of his verse was the blackest shit he ever heard lmfao. me and tyler had a moment during fucking young, i swear im the only one that knew the whole rap verse i was screaming that shit idc idc. the fuck jacksonville chant was real too lmao. voice gone, im bruised up but the show was fucking amazing and i will be going to the next one…okay i wanted to post my experience before i post the rest of my pics/vids