vinnie who

you fucking degenerates: it was an accident!!!!!! it just slipped out!!!!!!! he forgot he was live!!!!!!! IT WAS A HEATED GAMING MOMENT!!!!!!!! 

me: thinks about vinny from vinesauce, someone who exclusively does livestreams, someone who has had plenty of Heated Gaming Moments and once got so enraged at continuously losing at mario kart that he literally threw up, but has still never accidentally said a fucking racial slur 


Welcome to the Sparrows.

Some original content that I haven’t been posting characters from on tumblr yet :D Also a picture that went into much more detail than intended……..
These three are Geraldine Pyrope, Cecil Reed and Vincent Diran!

Cecil runs a club called the Sparrows and is Vincent’s informant, as they’re always keeping an ear out for their customers - who aren’t all righteous people. Geraldine is the entertainment, a singer who has been Cecil’s close friend since childhood. Vincent, meanwhile, is a detective growing in the ranks who’s helped them out on multiple occasions!

Geraldine and Vincent belong to @kaisukidoodles, Cecil is mine ❤︎
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Atlantis: The Lost Empire, this movie is such a classic. My favorite Character is Vinny who is a perfect cast choice for Finnick (Vinnick as I like to call him in this AU) Enjoy this quickly done comic I did plus a cover Idea of Judy as Kida, and may I say that water is super hard to do


sneak peek of how lucifer’s thought process went when he tried to act like cas around dean

So! I hav finaly finished the Milo Murfy’s law serie and I loved it! I just, really love everyone (and I’m crushed ‘cause King Pistachio died… He was my favorite😡 😢 )

But what can you do… anyway, so! I’ve looked through the MML’s corner of tumblr and I found out that this golden gem of a meme (for milo at least) wasn’t there so… Now I’ve fixed that :)

#1129. Lately, some of the younger heroes have started referring to Ganondorf as “Crenando” or “Uncle Nando”. No one knows where this name came from, but Agitha claims Skull Kid started it. Ganondorf doesn’t mind the nicknames, and secretly finds them kind of funny.

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So, after the March, any new thoughts on the Pistachio Protectors?

Their character development was one of the highlights of the month. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t all that interested in Cavendish before because he was “just” a straight man to the endearingly off-kilter Dakota, but this batch of episodes utilized him brilliantly as a frustrated underling who didn’t get the cool job he studied for and who’s so eager to believe that the local cursed thirteen-year-old is a counteragent out to undermine his mission that neither his partner’s misgivings nor his boss’s mockery can slow his roll.

As for Vinnie Dakota, he gets better with every episode. He may have the detachment that only a misplaced time-traveler with the vaguest interest in his mission can have–a quality which enables him to serve as an effective commentator to the madness–but in many ways he feels like one of the show’s most natural denizens, carrying off the bizarre surreality of the world he lives in with a daffy aplomb matched only by Weird Al’s Milo. I love him more than he loves the zoo.