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So We All Want a MML “Inside Out” AU, Right?

Milo’s Emotions

I honestly can’t decide if Milo’s dominant emotion is Joy or Fear; probably the former, but Fear would at least be second-in-command. Joy just wants Milo to try everything while Fear is there to remind him that they need to keep the backpack stocked up. The two may be friends or friendly rivals with each other.

Disgust, of course, represents all of Milo’s tastes. This means (s)he is a total dork, obsessed with polka music and flying off the handle if they have to miss the new Doctor Zone Files. I’m vaguely imagining Disgust as a girl who kind of represents Sara’s influence on Milo, while Sara might have a Milo-esque Disgust herself. 

We haven’t seen Milo angry much so far, but he seems to default to sarcasm (”Mr. Chase, I’m flattered…but no.”) So Anger spends more of his/her time snarking at the others than blowing up with fire hair.

Much like with Riley in the movie, Milo’s Sadness is lurking in the background, but when (s)he gets a turn at the controls look out.

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Peter Cunningham recalls ‘In the spring of '73 Columbia sent me down again to Philly to be with the band on the occasion of their first arena show at The Spectrum, Bruce was the opening act for Chicago.  I was welcomed to shoot from the stage so I stood behind Vinnie Lopez the drummer at the time and watched as a good part of the audience booed and called out for Chicago to come on stage: even the King of Rock and Roll can’t sail into a hurricane.  Later, when travelling in Jordan on a “listening trip” with Richard Gere and Bernie Glassman, I spied a record shop in Amman whose signage featured a colour painting obviously made from one of the pictures I made that night behind the drummer.’