vinjaryou replied to your post90000% done with the videogame industry. 90000%…

oh gods, what’s happening?

What’s happening is that working in the game industry means constantly working for free and sacrificing huge chunks of your life for a project (let me tell you about the summer my husband planned our wedding on his own because I was at work all day and night, 7 days a week), constantly having your projects cancelled (and I mean CONSTANTLY), constantly losing your job to mass layoffs or studio closures (and I mean CONSTANTLY), constantly seeing your beloved creations destroyed by the publishers who have no fucking clue how to design a game, until you barely recognize it…and then, when it’s finally out, the overly-entitled gaming public shreds it and hates EVERYTHING. SO REWARDING.

And you get no protection, in BC, at least, because the game industry is EXEMPT FROM THE PROVINCIAL LABOUR CODE. Which means the companies can do whatever the fuck they want and we have to sit around and grin because there are 100 people waiting to take over our positions should we vacate them.

And what’s more, if you’re a female, you’re exposed to constant harassment, to people constantly squashing any hint of feminism you manage to inject into games, and to having your self esteem constantly eroded by males reviewing the female characters. “I’m not sexist! This is what the TARGET MARKET wants.” Oh, yes, everyone hides behind that TARGET MARKET bullshit. As a woman, you are not the target market, you are less qualified than your peers. And you aren’t included on any of the employee group chats, because it’s all one fucking boy’s club, NO GIRLS ALLOWED~

I am done. So done. The average burnout is 5 years, and I almost lasted 7, so I guess that makes me a seasoned veteran. This opportunity has ended unexpectedly (because EVERY GAME INDUSTRY JOB ALWAYS DOES), and I know I could probably find another industry job pretty quickly, but this industry needs to grow the fuck up before I dedicate more of my life to it.

Sorry for the rant. I’m on the verge of total collapse and needed to vent. I’ll talk more about the specifics later, but for now, I’m going to sit in the corner and be a bitter old hag. Oh, wait, no, I’m going to work 2 weeks for free because that’s how the industry says goodbye.

I’m probably going to regret this post later, but right now, I am in the ANGER stage of mourning.


Oh Scourge~