vining maple


“Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down” by @falloutboy w/ @Maple.The.Pup on the drums 😋🐶

Landscape Language

Samara (n) – winged fruit of certain trees

Perhaps you know them as “helicopter seeds” or “whirlybirds”, but samaras are the winged fruits of ash, elm, or maple trees. Vine maples (Acer circinatum) are common trees in the park with samaras. Samaras start green, but can become yellow or bright red just like vine maple leaves.  Do you enjoy watching samaras twirling through the air? Their wing-like shape helps the tree’s seeds spread widely.

NPS Photo of samaras on vine maple in front of the Longmire Administration Building, 9/26/17. Two sets of double-winged seeds just starting to turn red hang from a branch with maple leaves, in front of a rock and wood building. ~kl


an original tune by maple

Landscape Language

Citrine (adj) – a golden-yellow color

Sure, you might just say this tree has “yellow” fall foliage, but yellow seems too drab a description for this glowing color. Instead, this tree might be citrine: golden yellow with perhaps a tint of green, like a perfect lemon-yellow. There is some debate that the color is actually luteous: gold-yellow with a tinge of red. Perhaps there’s also a bit of ochre… What colors do you see? 

NPS photo, 10/24/17.  Sunlight shines through leaves of maple trees in front of a wood building. ~kl

a long ass list of most iconic vines imo

-back at it again at Krispy Kreme
-when ur pizza rolls are done *txf theme*
-oh my lord. the cable turned off
-oh my god they were roommates
-I’m sucking my own dikk and dying
-hi welcome to chillis
-chicken little
-“I wish Ryan was here” “hey guys” *camera pans to dog standing in the doorway* “RYAN!!”
-it’s summer! I’ve got my hat on backwards and it’s time to fuckin party
-i want a church girl that go to church
-honey you’ve got a big storm comin
-duck army
-I’m going to disneyworld October 3rd
-“I recorded my professor every day”
-shower time, aderall, a glass of whiskey, and diesel jeans
-the guy sharing a lollipop with a snake while Natasha bettingfield’s take me away plays
-to make a long fuckin story short I put a whole bag of jellybeans up my ass
-the kid with the hoodie opening curtains to the intro of drop it like it’s hot (and every its just luke vine tbh)
-“who’s the hottest über driver you’ve ever had” “umm I never went to oovoo javer”
-the three girls taking a selfie at a restaurant but the phone is backwards and open to the calculator app
-Lebrun James
-he need some milk
-hey my name is trey I have a basketball game tomorrow
-coach just gimme a sec gimme a sec gimme a sec to breeeeathe
-i thought these FUCKIN TOWELS was somebody in my FUCKIN HOUSE
-I luh cheesecake real late at night
-the yellow skittle landing in that kid’s ass crack
-fresh avocado
-he on x games mode
-every trench and maple vine
-mac stole the lips and ran under the couch
-“hey I’m lesbian” “I thought you were American”
-latasha I’m sorry… I think your sister might be havin my second son
-if you told me your name was pancake city, I’d believe you
-too turnt girl rolls down flight of stairs
-I’m washing me and my clothes
-I don’t even know which direction the Quiznos is in
-that one fucking oiuja board vine
-*kid gets water squirted at him* god I fucking hate youuu *takes off back back and swings it around*
-this bitch empty YEET
-it is Wednesday my dudes
-kid does a flip off a diving board while other kid sits on a lounge chair and screams
-Scottish drake
-I love myself even though I look like a burnt chicken nugget
-I want to see my little boy (here he comes)
-Seinfeld linkin park end my life vine
-CHRIS! Is that a weed??

-Look at aaaallll those chickens

plus some vintage ones:
-hey I’m sorry I didn’t see you there I was too busy mmmmmmblockin out the haters
-I’m in me mums car
-who is she
-what are thoooooooose
-bitch huh huh! Why you mad? Bc my pussy pops SEVERELY and yours DOESN’T
-the fuckin peanut butter baby remixes