lame video update
someone ples inspire me for something awesome

hello, my name is Uvi and my vindi-addiction is going down. i even forgot to stay at home or log in and leave my pc to get a gift AND MISSED +1* COUPON FML coz i went to my best friend. rip

Day 4: Favorite sound track.


omgggggggg gimme lampada already <3 it gives me EMOTIONS AND FEELINGS tho it sounds like typical mmo sound track BUT IT’S SO GOOD

p.s. tbh i’m not using ingame music coz it stresses me out ;_; i also like Regina, Colru, Lionotus and Ingkells OSTs :з


i feel like i should talk a bit about my vindi past and of course it starts from my evie. my groom told to pick this magical char and since i had no single idea about this game i made an evie. scythe became my choice when i saw Scythe of Caresess in ch1, those big weapons seemed very cool. 

when i was around lvl 55 i had some fun story and its still a shame for me xd basically i didnt open story quest item which moves chars to Rocheste story and i thought i was IP banned coz i’m from russia and we cannot play this game in a legit way. that was the time when i gave up and deleted the game till halloween. later i decided to try from the very beginning and made a Vella. same happened again and i thought i was fucken cursed and even sent a ticket. later my boyfriend watched closer all stuff around my vella and found out what happened. that time i randomly smashed the buttons and had no signle idea how to xcut so i came back to my evie and started to play a bit more serious.

spring of 2014 was the time when Elpsy (my groom’s nickname) found an active guild for us coz we had lots of troubles trying to duo s2 story, that guild was Teardrop. first months i was completely silent and sometimes chat spam annoyed me a lot. later i started to join some guild runs and chat a bit here and there, that saved me from leaving the game forever. i was pretty shocked by 70 lvl gear prices when i couldnt even make 500k gold and needed around 20kk to get a better scythe and everlasting armor. but farming with guildies day by day fixed everything and closer to the summer i even got my first lvl 80 scythe which was Heremon and i’m still in love with it. after lynn’s release my good friend Shyra left the game for a long break and guild didnt feel fun anymore, so me and my groom tried out russian guild Alone, which had raidcall all the time and i got some better gaming experience there. tho it wasnt that great and we had some argument and left. i came back to Teardrop and later Furiel made me a leader and i felt so much at home.

cannot remember the time when i got my fiona and lynn more seriously than evie, when i broke my +11 scythe again and moved all gear to arisha, but that was the time of total frustration about 2 years i spent for her. now she has heremon scythe again, some crap gear and tons of NX items and avatar, but i dont feel like playing her at all :/