Your name is VINICI ALATRO and you have been through quite a lot. Your blood color is FIRE TRUCK RED and you are 7 SOLAR SWEEPS. Your CHUMHANDLE is vividForager, and you tend to type in A fAbulOus wAy Of shOwing yOur As And Os sOme respect.

You enjoy watching MOVIES and FIREWORKS, as well as exploring your LAND of KEYS and MOSS. Your LUSUS is a GIANT FIREFLY, who you FONDLY call LY-MOM. Your strife specibus is axeKind. You have a KNACK for MYTHOLOGY as well as OTHER STRANGE AND INTERESTING THINGS.

What will you do next?

FANTROLL BLAH BLAHS. Sorry for those of my followers who are not Homestucks, but for those who are this is one of my fantrolls from my fan session (having nothing in common with the canon session other than a few mentions of the Condesce because she scoured the universe and whatnot). Her little bio is above, and she is one of at LEAST (key word “LEAST”) 12 trolls for the session.

Vinici, sprites © Me

Homestuck concept © Hussie

First I wanna thank the 🐐 of all creators, God for giving me this dope ass brain Shoutout to everybody I ever worked with as far as bouncing ideas, all the models that ever modeled for me and gave me a chance when I was very inexperienced. Shoutout to @whoisperry who does all my marketing and logo he’s awesome. Shoutout to @dairiakymber who has done Free’s about and most likely will continue. Shoutout to my friends @pushamike @thepagemaster_ @da_vinici_mayes whom is apart of the design team and business apart of FREE. I have a great small team and I look to expand because this is now bigger than me. & I look forward to the future of my first Company. 1-26-2016

anonymous asked:

I love john green and all his books😍 I usually read drama or sf books, these are my favorite And i'm from romania too😁

I’m sooo happy that you are from Romania 😄.
I read sf books too, i like them so much. Did you read ’ Da Vinici’s Code ’ or ’ Inferno ’ by Dan Brown ?
God, i am reading ’ Inferno ’ and it’s such a good book, it’s sience fiction and it has a great story.
I am recommending it 😉.