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So, I decided to write this. Hope that’s okay, @taylor-tut. And I will most likely be doing it in three parts because it’s really long for some reason. 

Joy Buzzer: Part One

(because I’m bad at titles) Part 2 (x) Part 3 (x)


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“-ance? He- with me?”

It sounds distant, and somewhat familiar. It’s almost as if cotton is shoved in Lance’s ears. Where does he know that voice from? Is it someone close to him?  He pushes forward, against the flowing current. Every step, closer to the answer. The current stops, and he stumbles forward onto his hands and knees. There’s a hand on his shoulder, shaking him.

One Hour Earlier

“How much further is it?” Lance almost groans. “We’ve been walking forever.”

“Lance, take this seriously. It’s not some road trip.” Pidge doesn’t even have to look back for Lance to feel the eye roll. Her full attention is on the holo-map in her hand.

Lance quiets down after that and continues on walking in tandem with the rest of the team. Foliage passes overhead, waving in the humidity of the planet they were trekking on. Bird like creatures skim the tree tops while emitting a shrieking call to their friends. Lance pushes leafy arms out of the way as he follows Hunk.

“We’re here,” Pidge calls out from the front of the line.

Sure enough, a temple like structure is visible up ahead. It’s a strain to decipher where jungle ends and the temple starts. The temple appears more than willing to co-exist with the surrounding life. Vines creep up the walls, around pillars, and over window sills. Budding flowers peek out of cracks in the stone walls and pavement. Even the local animals have moved into the temple, if only on the outer edges.

“What exactly are we looking for again?” Hunk asks. “‘Cause I kinda don’t want to touch the wrong thing and, oh, I don’t know. Die horribly.”

“It’s an artifact that the locals need for a ritual. It’s supposed to give blessings during rituals. And the relic is vital to the Jeing in an event like changing chiefs, moving the village to a new location, or forming alliances,” Pidge explains. “Which is why we need it if we want the alliance.”

She pulls up a new image on the holo-projector. Lance’s first thought is that it looks kind of like a toy airplane. The slender football shaped middle piece has two elongated, triangular wings jutting out and slanting back. At the rear, a wedge connects to the prolate spheroid and curves upwards. All over, swirls and dots intermingle with a script that looks similar to Arabic.

“We need to be careful with it. We don’t really know what it does. Don’t touch it with your skin. Use the bag or have your gloves on,” Shiro instructs. “Once you find and retrieve it, let the other group know and we’ll all regroup back here. Alright?”

Everyone nods and the team breaks off into the two groups. Shiro, Pidge, and Hunk cross to one entrance, while Lance and Keith cross to the entrance closer to them.

“Keep up, Mullet.”

Keith only grunts in reply as he takes off behind Lance through the archway. The torch perched on the front of Lance’s riffle casts shadows down the corridor, eerily illuminating cobwebs. Keith flips on his own torch and pans it behind him.

“I’m getting a very ‘Indiana Jones’ vibe from this place. D’ya think there’s any booby traps? Like the giant rolling rock?”

“Lance, pay attention,” Keith scolds checking the way they just came. “If there are any traps, I don’t want to walk into it.”

Lance stops so suddenly, Keith plows right into him, muttering a curse in surprise.

“That’s a dollar in the swear jar.”

Keith takes in a breath of air to utter a retort, but as he sees the cavern they’re standing in it vanishes. The cavern definitely gives off and Indiana Jones vibe. THe space is wide and tentacles of sunlight stream in from holes in the ceiling above. Vines criss cross the architecture along the walls and across the ceiling. Steps lead up in a pyramid shape to a pedestal, whereon the artifact is perched. The plane like object is irradiated by a pinpoint of light.

“I’ll call it in. Check the area, Lance.”

Lance nods and surveys the area, all while creeping closer up the steps to the object. There seems to be nothing around the artifact that could be harmful. Then, why did the locals never come and get it themselves? It wasn’t even that hard to find. Just a long, boring hike through a swamp of humidity. Maybe there was something the locals didn’t tell them. Lance shrugs as he brushes off the thoughts and reaches out for the artifact.

“Shiro. We found it.”

“Alright, bag it up and meet us back at the rendezvous.”

“Lance, is it clear?” Keith calls as he turns back towards the relic, only to see Lance’s gloved fingertips millimeters from the plane like object. As his fingertips make contact, a spark arches between the relic and Lance’s chest, almost as if in slow motion. 

“Lance!” Keith’s voice is lost in the roar of the pulsing air that knocks Keith back through the opening of the tunnel. The wind doesn’t seem to stop as the wave of heat plows into Keith next, seeming to last for hours. When it finally does relent, dust is shaking down the tunnel opening. A layer of the powder seems to be coating the back of Keith’s throat as he pushes himself off the ground and staggers back into the cavern.


What happened? Rubble lays strewn across the floor and holes pepper the ceiling. The relic is gone from it’s spot on the top of the pyramid. Lance is gone, too.

Stay (part 5)

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Pairing: Sam x Reader (we’re getting closer guys)
Summary: God tells Sam and Dean that they do, in fact, have soulmates out there.
Warnings: very sad Sammy, little bit of fluff if you squint real hard.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Sam was not okay with this plan. Sam wasn’t even told about this plan until it was already in action and being followed through.
“Why are we going to Texas again? I told you, Dean, I just wanna go home,” Sam sighed, slumping against the car as he stretched his legs.
“I told you, Sammy, this is just a pit stop,” Dean said, slightly frustrated at his brother’s nagging. Pinching the bridge of his nose, he put the gas nozzle in Baby and waited as she was being filled.
Sam watched as Vivienne crawled out the door and wrapped her arms around his brother, giving him a small squeeze; he didn’t fail to notice the serene smile that took over Dean’s face in just a few seconds of being in her embrace.
“Thank you,” he whispered into her hair, taking the nozzle out and putting it back at the pump and closing the gas cap.

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I need to stop making au's

but like imagine,,,, lance has magic and can do all this crazy stuff but is too afraid to use it because he killed his brother in the past,,,, but he learns to use it in small dosages to help the team with little things like making food appear near pidge when they forget to eat or creating soft music to help shiro sleep,,,,, and he starts to train again with his magic,,,,,,, but like one day they have a run in with a druid and they mess him up and he can’t control his power that well anymore so all his progress he’s made starts to crumble and he locks himself in the blue lion to isolate himself,,,,, and the team is so confused even allura because they notice anything wrong after the druid encounter so they go to blue’s hangar to find it a mess, there’s ice and vines crawling up the walls and storms popping up everything,,,, but the main problem is that they can’t even get into the room because of blue’s barrier,,,, so the team thinks there’s an intruder and start to freak out because lance is in there until one of them tries to get blue to open up and they just get this flash of an image of lance in the cockpit and pass out after telling the team,,,, leaving them confused and a little scared as to how lance did all of this

A China Rose: Chapter 5

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Summary: Y/N was once an employee at Prince Adams castle along with being his childhood friend but she doesn’t remember. Caught up in the curse, she ends up in Villeneuve where she stands out. But circumstances arrive and she somehow returns to the place she once called home, and a beast she once thought a friend.
A multi-chapter fanfiction. CHAPTER 1 CHAPTER 2 CHAPTER 3 CHAPTER 4 

Authors Note: This is by far my favourite chapter that I’ve written so far. I hope you like it as much as I did writing it. Things are picking up speed, plot wise. If you haven’t read my post about it, I’m currently doing exams (yay) so updates may be irregular compared to the usual Monday/Thursday schedule, but I promise to try as hard as possible to stick to it. Like always, tags and requests are OPEN! So are any questions. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 5: A Castle of Roses
You stared up in awe, now blissfully unaware of the fact that you were chilled to the bone. The castle seemed to almost grow out of the ground and up towards the sky like a flower. The gates in front of you seemed to be made out of solid ice that shone like large diamonds in the pale moonlight. The grounds were extensive and covered in a layer of pure white snow, blending all of its features together. The castle was extremely dark against the white that was surrounding it, almost like a beacon of darkness. There were many ornate towers that shot up by different amounts into the sky, all of which had several equally as decorative windows, which made you wonder how many rooms the castle had. The windows were all as dark as the night except one down below by what you thought were some doors. A shiver ran up your spine as you stared.
‘Oh right, heat’ you thought as you kicked your heels into the side of Phillipe, making him slowly approach the ice gate. Once you reached it, however, you realised it was made of metal but ice had simply frozen around it. You were about to unsaddle to go and pick the lock on the huge gate but before you could the gates forced themselves open. Phillipe took several steps backwards in fright but you urged him through them.
“Come on Phillipe. If they opened then they clearly want us here.”
As you approached you wondered who 'they’ were.
You had dropped Phillipe of at the bottom of the staircase where there were several troughs full of food and water, which made you wonder where the other horses were. You climbed the carefully carved stairs slowly, both out of apprehension and the fact that your legs were shaking from the cold. As you got closer to the grand doors at the top you couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sadness, as if the castle, despite its grandeur was a prison. You paused before the doors, slightly overwhelmed by their size. They towered over you and you questioned how you were to open them alone. You decided to knock, as it was only polite to give your unknown host a chance to ensure your entry was allowed. You waited several moments for a response but just received a large gust of wind to your back. With a large gulp you pushed the door open just enough for you to slip through. As you closed it shut, you noticed that the door had cracked around the lock, and the lock was old with rust and dust. You started to question whether anyone had left or entered this castle in years. Lost in your thoughts you didn’t realise that the coat rack to the left of the doors had approached you from behind and removed your coat from your shoulders. It shook it of snow and you absentmindedly said “thank you.” You turned to the coat rack to see who had relieved you of your damp cloak but no one was there. Confused and cold you shook away the ominous feeling and turned to face forwards. You let out an audible gasp. You had never seen anything more beautiful. A large, carved marble staircase adorned with gold decorations stretched out in the middle of the large hall. To your left was a large archway with broken doors leading to the beginning of an equally as ornate room, what the purpose of the room was, was a mystery to you. However, you could see several vines and leaves protruding slightly from the doorway. You were about to head over to the archway, curiosity overcoming your manners, but you stopped dead in your tracks when you heard voices, no louder than whispers coming from your right.
“Look, a girl!”
“I can see that! I may have lost my humanity but I still kept my eyesight.”
“But what if she is zee one?”
“Lumière, shh! She might here you.”
You practically sprinted towards the whispers. You stopped abruptly before you reached the archway to the room where the voices had come from. You listened carefully for anymore sounds as you stepped into the room. It had several pieces of furniture just as lavish as the previous hall did but to your surprise, no people. There was a decorative rug thrown on the floor with a carved mahogany table on top of it. Two emerald coloured chairs with gold furnishings sat behind it and they were covered in a thin layer of dust making them slightly paler than the colour that was intended. The table had not a trace of dust, and upon it sat a candelabra made of solid gold and an extremely detailed mantle clock. The candelabra followed the same motif as the rest of the gold decorating that adorned the majority of the castles walls. Swirls and plants were clearly visible. The clock looked like it was trying to mimic an atlas and galaxy, with its decorations. You picked it up and studied all of it carefully, it was truly incredible; the intricacy of it all.
“Fascinating.” You said out loud as you placed the clock back on the table. You looked up and saw a fire not far from the table and chairs. There was a small stool in front of it and you quickly walked over to the roaring flames. You were so focused on the heat, that you didn’t hear the candelabra snicker at the clock.
You reached the fire and you let out a loud sigh. You plopped yourself down right in front of the fire, not bothering with the stool. As you slowly thawed you began to relax more and more, but the knot in your stomach still remained. You spent the minutes looking around the room. There was a lot of very expensive furniture including a large shelf unit and several wooden tables with decorative vases and other knickknacks. You turned to the window to see that the blizzard that was once raging outside had calmed down significantly and was now a simple dusting. You had almost thawed completely when you heard faint music coming from the entrance hallway. You rose slowly from your position by the fire, so that you could thank your host, who you presumed was the creator of the sweet melody that was echoing throughout the castle. As you left the room, you realised how cold you were before as you could feel your limbs working much more smoothly as you walked towards the music. As you passed the staircase you realised that the music was coming from the room with the vines and broken door.
You entered carefully, and just like in all the other rooms you were blown away by its beauty despite its state of neglect. Large chandeliers hung from the ceiling but they were covered in such a large amount of cobwebs that it was difficult to see what colour they were supposed to be.  There were several circular stain glass windows on either side of the room, creating an illusion of floating orbs in the middle of the room. Vines were growing up the walls, spreading out from a balcony opposite from the doorway where you were standing. Leaves scattered the floor which was rather dusty and smeared (along with several cracks in the marble). There was a large crest in the centre of the floor, clearly etched and painted extremely carefully. To the side of the balcony was a pile of broken wood, with bits of navy velvet and gold metal protruding through the splintered planks. You slowly realise that this must have been a ballroom of some sort, and you couldn’t even begin to imagine how beautiful the parties held in it must have been. You could see a harpsichord to the left of where you were standing, and it was clear that the music was being created by it. Unfortunately you couldn’t see your host who sat upon the stall by the keys as a pillar was placed directly in your line of vision.
“Hello?” You asked as you began to walk down the steps to look round the pillar. Almost immediately the music stopped and a barely audible “Oops.” was heard. You passed the pillar to look at the harpsichord to see your host only to find the stool empty. You furrowed your brows in confusion. The room, like the rest of the rooms you had been in was devoid of all life. You looked carefully around and was about to go over to inspect the harpsichord but a loud clang from behind you made you jump and turn around in fright. There was no one behind you and so you followed where the noise came from. You looked behind you one last time at the former ballroom before walking back towards the fire room.
You entered to see that the candelabra and clock were no longer on the mahogany table. In fact they were nowhere to be seen. Questioning where they could have disappeared to and who made the large banging sound you didn’t hear the voices coming from behind the door that adjoined the room you were currently in.
“Lumière, I insist that this is a bad idea.”
“Cogsworth, she’s cold and starving, it is zee least we can do, non?”
“But if the master…”
“Oh hush now. What the master doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Now Chip, no moving. We can’t have her more confused and scared than what we’ve already done.”
“But Mama!”
You had looked around the room thoroughly for a trace of a person walking into the room to room to remove the objects without you noticing but to no avail. You stood up straight and stretched, the heat from the fire doing wonders for your joints.  It was only then when you noticed a faint glow coming from behind the door at the end of the room that you thought that the person may have gone into that room.
“Finally, the host.” You said to yourself as you walked over to the door. You knocked once before opening the door.
“Thank you for…” You began but when you looked you once again saw that you were completely alone in yet another ridiculously ornate room. This time it was a dining room. A large table filled the room with several chairs surrounding it. Like the other rooms all the chairs were covered in dust bar one at the end of the table nearest to you. You stared at the chair confused. Someone did live here but why wouldn’t they show themselves. All you wanted was to say thank you for their hospitality. You looked to the far end of the table, and your mouth began to water at the sight. Food was laid out on silver platters, as if inviting you to tuck in to their contents. Your stomach rumbled and with little thought you practically sprinted over to the meal. Forgetting all manners you plopped yourself down on the chair (creating a small cloud that poofed upwards). You began shredding away at the bread, ignoring the provided cutlery. You helped yourself to cheese, to vegetables and a stew which you think contained beef. You drank well-made tea, which you poured from a small but extremely detailed china teapot and drank from a matching teacup, which had a small chip by its handle. Every time you placed the teacup down on the table, you swore it moved closer to you but you were too busy eating to care.
When you felt like you could burst, you relaxed into your chair which still expelled dust with each small movement. You looked to the window behind you to see that the gentle snowfall, once blizzard, had now ceased to nothing. Picking yourself up, you stood and walked to the door, almost certain you were close to overstaying your welcome.
“Thank you,” you said to the dining room as you left, hoping that your mysterious host would hear you. You walked briskly past the fire into the hallway, to the door where the coatrack still stood holding your now warm and dry cloak. You wrapped it round yourself quickly, and tied the knot so that it wouldn’t fall off. You re-adjusted your bag on your shoulder before turning round to face the staircase once more, wanting to remember the beauty of the interior before you left. With one final look you did a small curtsy, as a way to say thank you (as well as wanting to seem like a princess that were in your stories). With that you pushed open the doors and left the clock, coatrack and candelabra to lose hope in you being the one.
Whilst you had been feasting and exploring, Phillipe had also been fed and rejuvenated. You had saddled him and set off almost immediately. You were trotting slowly away from the steps, heading once again for the ice gates, but clearly Phillipe had other ideas. He stopped abruptly at the beginning of the large drive, before turning to the left and travelling down the smaller path heading round the back of the castle.
“Phillipe, not that way!” You exclaimed as you tugged at his reigns to make him turn round to no avail. Apparently he didn’t want to enter the woods again, and he wanted to find a back exit. Despite every effort on your part to make him change his mind he kept on trotting forwards. Eventually you gave up and just used the time to take in as many details about the grounds you were walking through. The majority of it were lawns with sculpted bushes and trees surrounding them. There was the occasional fountain, which had frozen to form an ice sculpture of some sort. You couldn’t even begin to imagine what the grounds would look like if there was no snow. You imagined vibrant colours everywhere and you knew it would be like a fairy tale, along with imps and other mythical creatures hidden in the shrubbery. You smiled as Phillipe took a path that walked by a small frozen over river. Up ahead was a bridge that crossed the river, and beyond it was a large frozen lake, that shimmered like glass from the stars twinkling. You felt like the view was familiar but you couldn’t understand why. As you approached the bridge you looked to the left and saw several stone pillars with thorns wrapped around them. You pulled Phillipe to a halt as you stared through the vines to see roses. Familiar roses. You dismounted Phillipe and walked towards the pillars. As you got closer you realised that there was a gate at least thirty metres away from where the pillars ended. You walked under the stone archways made by the pillars to find yourself in a rose garden. You stared around before it hit you. You had dreamt of a place similar to this rose garden and bridge only this morning. However, that was a dream. This and your dream world weren’t the same. There were no pillars in your dream, no castle, but there was colour, warmth, happiness. Something that this garden lacked. All of the roses here were white. It freaked you out really at how white they were. They were whiter than the snow you stood on. You walked over to one of the bushes in the centre of the garden. You skidded on some ice whilst walking there but now you stood at the foot of one of the bushes, a rose directly in front of your face. It was so fair, so dainty, so eerily beautiful. You reached out to touch it to find that it was extremely soft.
'It would be beautiful to paint.’ You thought, but you couldn’t paint it now. It was too cold. You looked around to see if anyone was near you. No one was (bar the gargoyles that sat atop the pillars and wall where the gate was). If you took one rose, you’d be able to paint it later in Touquet, plus you’d always have a momento from the time you found a castle in the woods. You carefully pulled on the stem, to ensure that there were no thorns that were to dig into your fingers. Eventually the rose broke free and for a few moments you got to look at it in awe. Not for long though.
A roar erupted from atop the wall and one of the gargoyles dropped down so that it was a few metres away from you. With the moonlight behind it, you could only see the outline as it approached you. Stumbling backwards, you floundered for words.
“Please…. Don’t hurt me…… I’m sorry….. I’ll do anything….. Just don’t hurt me….. Please.” You begged as it kept on coming towards you. You stepped back, forgetting about the ice. In one swift movement your legs came out from underneath you. You flew backwards and landed on your back, completely winded. Your head threw back at the sudden jolt, smashing into the ground. The world around you became blurry and black at the edges. As you stared upwards, unable to move from fright, the gargoyle’s shadow enveloped you and the last thing you see is a flash of sky blue against the darkness. With that you slip into unconsciousness.

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Pas de Deux- Chapter 1 (Trixya)- Arcadia

A/N: Have an Early 1900’s cis girls ballerinas AU !! This is the first fic I’ve submitted here. I’ve had this idea in my head for a REALLY long time and I finally worked up the courage to write it and submit it. I know the title is very cliché, it just basically means ‘a duet between a man and woman’ but screw that it’s two women now. This fic will touch on topics like internalized homophobia that goes with the time and I’ll list any other warnings before each chapter starts. I apologize for any historical or literary inaccuracies, I don’t know a lot about ballet I just wanted an excuse to write historical lesbian smut(that won’t happen until later though). There will be a few side pairings. I’m not a super experienced writer so if anyone wants to give some helpful feedback that’d be great. Fingers crossed! Sorry if this is horrible!

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i extended my 2 character rules just for you bby-

i love cabbage

Giorno Celebrating His S/O’s Birthday

  • Giorno is throwing a nice event for his s/o, and it’s no surprise for them either. He may not say very many specifics but his s/o knows what’s going to happen and they know that they’ll be having a long, fun day so they should take the day before off to just relax. Heck, he’d probably arrange for them to go to a spa the day before to unwind and make sure they look and feel as good as they should on their birthday.
  • The day of their birthday, Giorno has everything meticulously planned. If she’s available, he’ll get Trish to help his s/o get ready to perfection in the morning. On their birthday, they deserve to have all eyes on them.
  • Because he didn’t want them to wake up too early, he’ll be taking them out for brunch late in the morning rather than breakfast or lunch. It’ll be luxurious, in one of the most highly-acclaimed restaurants in Naples. All the dishes and cutlery look just as gorgeous and meticulous as the food does, and the atmosphere is set with tons of lush plants and flowers all around (made by Gold Experience, evidently.
  • After that, he’ll take them outside to a nice place where they can just relax; perhaps a park or a beach, or even to the port for a nice boat ride if they’re up to it. Giorno is normally very busy, so having time to actually have a conversation with his s/o is a rare occurrence and he’d use their birthday as the perfect way to make up for out. This is also when he’ll given them his gift: a custom-made set of jewelry for them (clip-on earrings if they’re not pierced, and if they have a piercing(s) somewhere else he’ll accommodate for it/them) centered around their favorite gem. 
  • When evening is near, though, he’ll advise them to change outfits (into one that he picked for them), because he’s hosting an event (not a party, an event. fancy.) for them at a location that only a rich individual would consider renting. Wherever he takes them (probably Palazzo Valguarnera-Gangi, because he’s extra) is going to be completely luxurious. 
  • It’ll essentially be a giant social event for Passione, after all, the Don’s significant other is definitely of importance to the gang. Operatives, team members, and even associates or important people from other (befriended) gangs/mafias are invited. Because of this, Giorno’s s/o might notice that Mista’s equipped with his gun and seems to be in whatever room they end up in. But when you date a mafia boss, you’re going to need protection.
  • The entire night, until early in the morning, will be a middle-class worker’s dream. Dances, a live orchestra, an amazing menu to accommodate everyone’s tastes come dinner, and lots of fancy wines and liquor (yes, champagne and cider too. for the weaklings.) as well as a vast, vast selection of hors d'oeuvre and desserts that makes Narancia very, very happy. Giorno really spared no expense.
  • But the best part of the night is when he and his s/o go home, and Giorno treats them to one last luxurious event: a bath. The bathroom–courtesy of his Stand–has a natural atmosphere with their favourite flowers on vines climbing up the walls and soft moss along the floor and furniture’s edges. It’s relaxing, with dim candlelight, and they don’t need to do anything as Giorno pampers them as the last step before tucking them into bed, like a complete hopeless romantic.

Gyro Celebrating His S/O’s Birthday

  • Yet another man from Naples, but a completely different approach to birthday celebration. Gyro is a laid-back, but still hopeless romantic that doesn’t feel the need to do anything exquisite for his lover. If it’s done out of pure, unrestricted love, than that’s all Gyro needs. 
  • His idea of celebrating his s/o’s birthday is soft, sweet, and pleasant. He’ll start the day by making them breakfast in bed. And he goes all out with it; an authentic Italian breakfast is splayed out for them. Pastries and jams and their favorite coffee, as well as their favorite juice and any other breakfast items they like. It’s not too big, and elaborate, but it’s definitely special.
  • Gyro’s gift to his lover is a promise ring or a custom-made locket with his and their names carved into the interior, and also a shopping spree! He has a very well-paying career so he’s able to treat them to a full-day expedition to whatever shops they want, be it large or quaint. As long as it’s in Naples, it’s a viable place to go. 
  • If they want, he’ll even take them to a small café or bistro for lunch, one that he will insist on picking himself, because he knows the most prideful ones with the most dedicated and talented chefs. In his eyes, only the best of the best are worthy of his s/o, especially on their birthday.
  • But it’d be a bad idea to go out for lunch, because Gyro will treat them to an amazing home-cooked dinner complete with an appetizer, entrée (with side dishes!) and dessert. He’ll want them to watch as he prepares each dish with expertise and care (even if he does make a mistake and gets sauce or flour all over his favorite apron) before eating. He’s showing off not only his talent, but the amount of love he puts in his cooking that represents his love for his s/o.
  • After the meal, it’s best to ~walk off those calories~ so he’ll take them out on a nice evening/night stroll and go down to and past a nearby park/beach if possible. He’ll compare them to the sunset/night sky (whichever is visible) and shower them in love and compliments, making them blush constantly.
  • Like Giorno, he’ll also run a bath for his s/o, but it’d be much more playful. It would be filled to the brim with bubbles, and the entire time Gyro would be singing stupid songs and blowing bubbles around to entertain his lover, even recreating his (odd) beard on their face and making bubble hats.
  • Speaking of songs, once their in bed Gyro will reveal that he came up with a romantic song just for them, a lot less silly than his normal songs and completely captivating. He’ll stroke their face and hair as he sings softly to them, and the song will end with a soft kiss to the lips. But knowing Gyro, they might not fall asleep after that (if the song didn’t already lull them to sleep) and the night will end rather sensually…if you…catch my drift.

Diego Celebrating His S/O’s Birthday

  • Diego is a misanthrope through and through, and regardless of how much he loves his s/o (evidently someone he puts on the same pedestal he puts himself on), he doesn’t really want to interact with people for the sake of celebration, so a party is completely out of the question.
  • He’ll basically go along with whatever his s/o feels like doing. He’ll take them out for whatever meal they want, take them shopping (he is capable of spoiling them), and he’ll be quite happy if they want to go on a horseback ride with him, either joining him on Silver Bullet or riding next to them on their own horse if they know how.
  • But, surprisingly, Diego would just want to spend the day in bed with his s/o. He’d still treat them of course, and make them breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but he’d love for their birthday to be a day where they can both just relax with one another and not have to worry about society and the outside world, or in Diego’s mind, the people that are below them.
  • He’ll be much more affectionate and fluffy towards his s/o on their birthday, which is a present in itself. He’ll kiss every inch of their body (not in a perverted way, unless you like those sinful things) and compliment them, even massage them if they ask or if it just ends up happening. Like the previous two, he’s also totally up for a bath, but he’s more of the type to use candles and different bath oils rather than bubbles.
  • His gift to his s/o will definitely be a locket, but it’s big enough to be a pendant and has a romantic phrase carved into it as well as his and their full names. It’s even embellished by a single, small gem that matches the color of their eyes.
  • As much as someone might expect Diego to show off for his s/o’s birthday, he’d rather not be a narcissistic prick on their special day. He tones down his normal behavior completely, on focuses on them completely, not in any extravagant way but in a simple way. And when Diego can be simple around his s/o, it’s the ultimate sign of his love for them.

that went from 10 to 0 as soon as it hit diego but he’s a cutie some i’m writing him as a cutie.



Skam Fairytales: Cindereva CH1

A/N: This is the first of a series of Fairtytale inspired Skam fics I have planned. They are all loosely based and pulls from various other stories that I have heard through the years. There are three that are currently in the works, this first one is (obviously) Chriseva, I have one Yousana and one Evak story planned and a Noorhelm one half-planned. This one like the rest was supposed to be just a one-shot, but I kind of got carried away.

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, across the ocean and through the fields and the forests expanding far into the horizon, there were two kingdoms that lived through a constant state of war. People who lived in the two kingdoms could not remember a time of peace, before their nations started the battle that unrolled through decades and cost families fathers, sons, husbands and brothers.

It was the battle between the peaceful kingdom of the North, where the people fished for their trade and grew crops to keep their children fed and clothes on their backs and a roof over their heads, against the battle hardened kingdom of the South, where their soldiers were bred from young and taught to fight as children. Their king was a tyrant and a dictator and rejected all notions and requests from the North Kingdom for armistice and peace. The king only wanted war, he only wanted blood and all the people in the North knew about the Southern soldiers growing up was that they were blood thirsty killers who pillaged and plundered defenseless villages; destroyed their livelihoods and raped their women and bathed in the blood of their enemies and left their corpses out to be devoured by animals.

They were always immediately identifiable by their deep black uniform and blood red lining, and the menacing Wolf emblem on their chest piece.

It was the tale mothers would tell to their children to keep them from misbehaving: “Don’t be naughty, or the Penetrators will come to steal you from your beds as you sleep at night.”

It was the stories a little girl named Eva used to hear growing up, told to her by her mother when it was just the two of them curled up on the carpet, watching the crackle of the cinder burning in the fireplace.

Young Eva used to live in a big house with a large compound alongside her mother and her father and an array of animals that used to scurry around the household; dogs and cats and rabbits and mice and birds sitting perched on the windowsill singing their sweet songs.

But death and tragedy found Eva young even though she and her family lived on the outskirts of the kingdom, away from the town and the castles and so far away from the fighting often times it actually felt like it was nothing more than the fairytale her mother used to tell to her when she put her to bed.

She lost her mother to sickness and her father to heartbreak and lost her fortune and her house and her beautiful clothes over time to the debt collectors and money grubbing relatives, but Eva didn’t mind. She still had her animals and that was all that mattered to her.

She now lived in a ramshackle little hut at the edge of the clearing where the grassy plain met the mouth of the forest. It wasn’t a very big house but it was homely and it was cozy and it was hers and that was the only thing that mattered in the end. She planted flowers and vegetables in the small garden that surrounded her hut like a fence, the vines creeping up the outer walls and little purple flower blooming like Mother Nature’s own gift of artwork to her.

Her dogs and cats slept on the bed with her, the chickens and the birds perched on the arm rest of her worn sofa. The little mice and the squirrels in the potted plants hanging from the ceiling and the rabbits bunched up together at the foot of her bed.

It wasn’t a very big family, but it was hers.

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Kai Parker x Reader


Events happen after 6.22 , Kai does NOT go to Hell 
Elena and Jeremy have a cousin (reader) who is a witch, currently living with them (more like with Jeremy since Elena is currently taking a magical nap)
Kai has feelings for Reader but doesn’t know how to tell her so he sneaks into her room just to watch her sleep.

*not my gif


Y/N loved and hated him at the same time. How is this possible?  she asked herself in the middle of the night as she laid  awake for the 5th time this week ,unable to fall asleep. Kai was capable of driving her crazy to the point where all she’d want is to send him flying across the room with her magic and at the same time when he was around it just felt right , in a very strange way. She sighed , her hands on her face. Her mind was full of darted images of Kai’s face. His smile made her heart flutter , butterflies in her stomach. Y/N rolled herself onto the other side of the bed and slowly she drifted into sleep , the exhaustion of the day taking over.

Kai was standing outside Y/N’s house , hiding in the shadows listening intently with his vampire hearing. He could always tell when she was awake and when she was asleep just by listening to her heartbeat. A few hours passed before Y/N fell asleep and when she finally did , Kai climbed up the vines growing up the outside walls of her house , all the way to her bedroom window. He muttered a spell , the window slowly opening and he climbed in.

It wasn’t the first time Kai had sneaked inside her bedroom at night. During the day , he couldn’t get to spend any time with her because she was always around her friends or at work. There was some magnetic pull pulling him towards her.  Y/N had always been nicer to him than the others , but he knew she probably doesn’t like him much either. Yet she made him feel happy.

He looked at her with curious eyes. Being around her somehow brought him into focus , he didn’t understand how that happened exactly but each time it did.
“What is it about you ?” Kai whispered , brushing her cheek with the back of his hand. She stirred in her sleep , mumbling something he couldn’t understand. For a moment he was scared that she might wake up but Y/N just rolled over to the other side and continued sleeping. He sat on the bed next to her pulling her blanket back up , as it had rolled down a bit. Kai suppressed a smile. Y/N was wrinkling her nose in her sleep again. He bopped her nose smiling. Suddenly she opened her eyes. He froze on the spot.
“Kai ?” she said sleepily. “How are you here ? What …” her words cut off by a small yawn. “What are doing here?”  Kai looked at her , his eyes bluer than usual. He smiled and reached for her face , gently bringing it closer to his and he kissed her softly. Y/N looked confused , closing her eyes for a second and when she blinked again there was no one in her room. She looked around suddenly wide awake.The bedroom window was open , a slight chilly  breeze entering her room.  Had she dreamed the whole thing ?

The next day Y/N woke up unable to shake the dream she had last night. It wasn’t the first time something like that had happened. Lately more often than before. She wondered if those were just dreams or reality. Sometimes the dreams were clear as day , felt so real other times it was all fuzzy and blurry like looking at something through water. She couldn’t take it anymore , she had to find out the truth.

Y/N got dressed and walked downstairs to have breakfast. Her cousin Jeremy already waiting for her on the table , eating his cereal.
“Morning.” he said , looking at her weirdly.
Y/N wondered what that was about. “Morning” she said , grabbing an apple. She poured herself some coffee and rested her back against the kitchen door.  He kept looking at her. She sighed “What is it Jer?”
“Nothing , its just last night my hunters instincts woke me up. That only happens in the presence of vampires…” he trailed off. “Was someone else in the house last night ?”
So it wasn’t a dream.  she thought to herself.
“No , not as far as I know.” she lied , taking a bite from her apple. Her gaze fell on the clock on the opposite side of the wall. “Oh ! I’m gonna be late !” Y/N said and a few minutes later rushed out of the house.

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achilles and patroclus have been dating since like the 6th grade but no one can really tell because they don’t kiss until they’re like 14 and they run in different social circles except they kind of do almost everything together so their friends (patroclus: underdog nerds that play d&d on weekends and have a slight superiority complex)(achilles: doesn’t really have friends but the sports team ™ and cheerleaders hang around him a lot) kind of have to accommodate themselves around that. briseis (token one-of-the-boys girl in patroclus’s friend group) lives right next to patroclus and they have windows that face each other’s rooms and for the longest time she is convinced that patroclus is going to break up w achilles and realize She Was There The Whole Time can’t he see that she’s the one who understands him? been there all along so why can’t he see? he belongs with her? he wears short skirts i wear t-shirts he’s cheer captain and i’m on the bleachers and all that. at some point she has to put away her differences to team up with notoriously popular cheerleader deidameia to try to break them up, they end up skipping class a lot to Plot ™ and go to the mall to get manis. eventually briseis feels too guilty that she ever planned to hurt her actual friend patroclus like that and confesses but he’s just like ‘was that really all you talked about for the past literal three weeks that you’ve been hanging out?’ and briseis is like ‘oh’ (it takes her and deidameia until college to figure out the lesbian thing but it’s ok, they got this)

once achilles stares for a little too long at a display in a dept store so patroclus saves two weeks worth of his shitty job mowing lawns to get him the dress he was looking at and watches youtube videos well into the night so he can do achilles’s makeup and it takes them a little sorting out to figure the whole bigender thing but when achilles is all made up briseis glances into patroclus’s window and there’s this 5’8 tall hot chick in patroclus’s room and briseis loses her shit but then she turns around and it’s just achilles so she’s just like. okay.

patroclus takes achilles to play d&d with his friends one night and it ends in disaster because achilles can’t fucking play by the rules because he wants his character to be good, at everything, on the first try, and patroclus is like “maybe this just… isn’t for you. your thing is more like sports and my thing is like… having friends” it’s a point of contention but it’s ok because these kids really need to fight a little bit more to develop healthy relationship skills

anyway they fight and then boombox each other like 6 hours later at least twice a month and briseis is like “it’s 2 am please i just need to sleep i have a test tomorrow”  achilles has a key to patroclus’s house and could literally walk through the door but he still decides to climb up the vine up the wall and into the house through patroclus’s window because it’s like, romantic, and patroclus is like honest to god so charmed rinse and repeat every couple weeks

anyway achilles doesn’t even like doing sports that much (he prefers music) so he doesn’t go to practice like half the time but once paris from their rival school steals one of his teammate’s girlfriend so it’s like some kind of big deal he doesn’t really pay that much attention but he knows that paris’s brother hector is in the opposite team and he’s an alright guy, achilles guesses, he doesn’t really care, at least until hector accidentally hits patroclus in the head with a football and concusses him into the hospital during one of the Big Games and achilles is like this is it, i’m ready, i’m gonna play, but as soon as he’s in the field he just chases hector down and beats him up and it gets him suspended from the team. everyone’s parents are angry, it’s kind of a shitshow, and for one reason or another achilles’s far more influential mother gets patroclus transferred to a different school out of state because he’s ‘a distraction’ and ‘a bad influence’ and it’s really sad because not only are they in a different time zones but also they have really spotty phone reception. they write long corny love letters that odysseus has to deliver because their parents would intercept their mail and he owes them one favor or another. they have to finish their respective school years before they can move to college together it’s all so very tragic.  also did i mention all of this happens in the 90s

Something Like Magic [2]

Summary: Jon tries to get himself together. Rhaegar and Sansa bond. Jon walks in on something he really wishes he hadn’t seen.

A/N: Given the scenario in this chapter.. Rhaegar in this story (unlike another fic of mine) is intended to be a good and upstanding citizen of Westeros and a good father and gaurdian to Sansa. So don’t read too much into things bc that’s not how it was intended. K enjoy!

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just a kiss on your lips (in the moonlight) 1/6

After months on the road in search for his future husband, Kurt Hummel has finally found somebody he can see himself spending the rest of his life with. The only problem? Blaine isn’t the one being presented to Kurt; it’s his older brother.

A love story told in stolen moments.

It’s still May 31st where I live for the next twenty or so minutes, so technically I am not posting late :P Here is the first part to my second contribution of the @prompt-a-klainefic Klaine Prompt Reverse Bang. This fic is based on an amazing cover by @datshitrandom which you can find here. Many thanks to the amazing artist, who made the incredible cover art for this story, and also put up with my asking a billion questions <3 Also, thanks again to teach for giving this story a look over! you’re a doll <3

Title comes from the Lady Antebellum song “Just a Kiss”

Chapter two will be up soon, when I’m not absolutely exhausted :)

Read on AO3

The evening air is cool against Kurt’s heated cheeks as he pushes himself through the door leading to the terrace. As soon as the door closes behind him, the music in the ballroom becomes muted, as though separated from him by more than a wall.

He wishes he could be separated further from the ballroom, but for now, this will do.

“Oh,” a voice says from further down the balcony, and Kurt turns to look at it. “Your Highness.”

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City of Love

Pairing: EXO Baekhyun X Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,433

A/N bon anniversaire à mon français anon! I hope you have a wonderful day and that this scenario is okay 😊

Watching Baekhyun experience Paris was like watching a child unbox the gift he’d always waited for. You loved the way his eyes lit up, sparkling as he marvelled at the historical buildings. His lips would spread into a beautiful smile as he’d point and laugh at even the simplest things. Baekhyun’s awe was mirrored in you. Instead of admiring the city as he did, you admired him. You studied the lust in his eyes and couldn’t escape the feeling of love almost hurting your chest throughout the day. Not that you wanted to. Anyone would think it was his birthday, as if you’d treated him to today.

While in fact it was yours. You’d both agreed on a trip to Paris, the famous city of love. Baekhyun had treated you to a posh 5 star hotel. You had a large room with a four-poster bed; an en-suite and a balcony overlooking the city. You entered the bedroom; it was almost 7 o’clock. You took refuge on the large bed and let out a long sigh.

You briefly recounted the day. You’d twisted through cobbled streets with your fingers entwined, like the vines that snaked up the walls of the buildings leaning down and smiling at you. He’d bought you an ice cream, dotting the vanilla ice on your nose. There was also a pile of shopping gifts sitting by the door to your hotel which had made you feel incredibly guilty, but Baekhyun had insisted that today was your day and you deserved it. Your eyes fell on the A3 sketch propped up against the wall. It was a drawing of Baekhyun and yourself. He was smiling with his eyes almost fully closed while your cheek was pressed against his. After spotting a rugged artist wandering the streets, Baekhyun had tugged on your sleeve and pulled you over the cobbles. The artist had sketched the two of you together, and you could clearly see the budding love he’d captured in each line.

“Thank you so much for today. It was beyond perfect.” You smiled. Baekhyun looked at you fondly, taking off his shoes.

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the night is emerald with growth,
vines that tangle up walls &
windows, leaves hissing in the wind
like fire-caught paper, obscuring
the glass. hands bound in leather,
fingers grasping for nothing. knees
on hardwood floor. breath begging
for the light. out of many realities,
this one has settled like silt at
the bottom of a pond, wrapped
in a forced sort of silence, the clarity
of open-mouthed worship. the
aching way pain can feel like
love in the right hands.
—  bound || a.s.w.
How to Become a Witch in Five Easy Steps

Let’s be real up front here: if you want to be a witch, you’ve read a dozen of these how-to’s, and you’ll read a dozen more. This way certainly isn’t the only way, and I’m not even convinced it’s the best way, but it’s a way. It’s drawn from how I started out, with improvements from experience and these modern times. 

To be upfront, here: I read a lot of beginner posts on tumblr, and though they all have interesting and valid approaches, they’re generally a lot easier than what I’ve written here. They’re certainly much faster. The dive-right-in angle is very popular these days, but it’s not the tack I’ve taken. 

This is going to take some time, but I think you’ll be better for it. The crooked path is winding and treacherous: this is less of a map, and more of fifth-hand description of terrain no man alive has ever seen.

This is a long read, so check after the jump. 

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Aspects System: Simplifed

Warning: It’s going to be a long read.

So I have noticed when classpecting characters that I have a difficult time figuring out which of the six pairs of the aspect duality they fall under. Example. I cannot identify between a Heart and a Hope player because of the general openness they have towards others, or a Mind or a Void player because they deal with obscuring some aspect whether it be intentions or information. Thankfully, there is a subtle difference to what they focus on. This is the main reason why I have not done this blog for a year because identifying the aspect is what takes the longest and is also to explain exactly.

When I came back to classpecting, it got a little easier for me as I tried to allot the focuses of each aspect and soon realized that each dualities share a certain factor of reality.

Here, I will begin to explain key words to use for the duality pair and how it makes sense to me.

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Eight Secret Spots on Campus

Boko’s Living Room

Located on the bottom floor of the LBJ Student Center, Boko’s Living Room caters to the biggest majority on campus: Tired, overworked college students who haven’t gotten enough sleep. Boko’s Living Room features dimmed lights, couches and a checkout system for pillows and blankets. Essentially: It’s naptime. Aside from providing a nap space, there are headphones, magazines and TVs for students to take advantage of to unwind between classes or cram sessions.

Memorial Garden

Beside the Bell Tower between Lampasas and Flowers, you’ll find a still garden with wrought-iron benches and a stone memorial in the center. Memorial Garden was opened during Homecoming 2009 by the Texas State Pride & Traditions Committee, dedicated in memory of Texas State students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends who have passed away. Its isolated position away from the Quad makes for a peaceful location to sit, unwind and take in a bit of solace.

LBJSC Art Gallery

Plenty of students know about the University Art Galleries in the JCM building, but lesser know is the art gallery at the LBJ Student Center. Located on the third floor in the hallway outside room 3-15.1, the LBJSC art gallery features semester-long gallery exhibitions of student- and staff-submitted artwork. The current exhibit, Experiencing War and Conflict, features 37 pieces by 22 different artists and is open until Dec. 2, 2016.

Alkek 3-D Printing Lab

As of the Spring 2016 semester, Alkek Library has been outfitted with a 3-D printing lab equipped with Makerbot-brand 3-D printers, as well as a 3-D scanner. 3-D printing is done by superheating a plastic filament and extruded layer by layer to make the form created by a digital 3-D model. The print center is available for all student use, so as long as you have a valid student ID, you can make and 3-D print anything you’d like.

Glade Theatre

Built in 1968 by Texas State Playwright-in-Residence Ramsey Yelvinton for his play series, Texian Trilogy. After that, the theatre fell into disuse, not hosting another play until a performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in 1995. Now, the Department of Theatre and Dance produces a play each spring semester. The outdoor amphitheater features stone bench seating and shady tree cover, perfect for quiet studying when the theatre isn’t in use.

Lampasas Coffee House

In itself, the honors college in Lampasas is fairly unknown by the majority of the campus student body, but even more well-hidden than it is the coffee house inside of it. The Lampasas coffee house features warm lighting and rich wooden furniture with soft armchairs and couches for students to gather. Perhaps even more inviting than the décor is the cost of the coffee: Free. Go ahead and stop by one of these days—there are precious few students not in need of a caffeine boost.

The Hidden Hammocks

Tucked away in a garden off the beaten path of the University, two hammocks hang together in a garden. Nestled in the Pleasant Street Garden, quiet and secluded from the hustle and bustle of campus, these hammocks are surrounded by trees and plants to help students relax in a natural setting. Quite possibly one of Texas State’s best-kept secrets, Pleasant Street Garden and its hidden hammocks are situated between the Agriculture building and the Hines building.

The Taylor-Murphy Courtyard

This particularly picturesque spot on campus is located in the history building off of the Quad, found by navigating through the Taylor-Murphy history building. The stairs, fountains and much of the floor are decorated with artistic ceramic tiles that offer a splash of color to anyone visiting. Trees are interspersed across the yard, and along the archways, vines climb up the wall. On bright days, the courtyard is soaked in sunlight, making its benches the perfect place to sit and relax.

There’s something about
Meeting someone who understands
Your thoughts and words.

Imagine standing alone
Inside of an empty house,
Lost and dazed.

Vines creep up the walls
And the mirrors are all cracked
From lack of care.

Suddenly, there’s a light
And the presence of someone new,
Leading you through the threshold.

You’ve made it outside,
The sun is beating on your porcelain skin
And the grass is freshly wet under your feet.

You can breathe again,
Feel again, and smile again,
Because you’re not alone anymore.

The fullness found in emptiness

In an empty room
There is space for my thoughts
Like a vacuum waiting
To be filled
With dreams creeping
Like vines up the walls
Starting from my heart
Lying faceup on the floor
I can lose my body
In the even rhythm of breathing
And become every thought
Like painting a blank canvas