New Game..

Shawn: ok everyone get in a circle
Cameron: shut up shawn wait!
y/n:dont talk to him like that!

As Carter,Cameron,Hayes,Nash,Shawn,and Shawns girlfriend y/n all ot in a circle they placed the bottle in the middle

Carter: dont you think they should have more girls?
Nash: yeaa your right..
Hayes: my friend y/n is at home i can call her if you want?
Nash: i can call some people too,,
As 5 girls came and sat down the game finally began and lets say some things didnt turn out as planned….

Cameron: come on y/n kiss Nash
Y/n:no!!! im dating Shawn
Shawn: Yea exacty!!!

As Nash jumped on top of y/n and started kissing her and shawn pushed him off and started punching him and y/n pushed them off eachother and Nash was bleeding …
y/n: Shawn are you ok?
Shawn: yea im not gonna let anyone do that to you…..