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Homemade Rose Water

not only does rose water smell amazing, it is also great to use in your beauty routine. it is a hydrating & effective face toner and makes skin dewy & soft. it has a pretty expensive price tag, so making it yourself can help save you some money. you could just boil rose petals with water then strain and use that, but this way yields a more pure & potent product. 

  1. its preferable to use roses from a garden, but if you can’t, be sure to spray them with distilled white vinegar and let them soak in water. rinse thoroughly. crush & bruise petals to release some of their oils & scent. you can also use dried rose petals if you’d like.
  2. place a heavy heat safe bowl inside a pot. put the rose petals in the pot around the bowl & cover petals with distilled or filtered water. the water should come halfway up the sides of the bowl. don’t get any water inside the bowl, just around it.
  3. take the pot’s lid and flip it upside down- then place it on top of pot. turn stove to medium-high heat and cook petals a few minutes till they dull in color like shown in the picture.
  4. turn the stove to medium-low heat. take ice cubes and place on top of the upside down lid. (the rose water rises to the top of the pot and leaves condensation on the inside-out lid. the ice cools the lid down so the condensation drips into the bowl in the pot, creating your pure rose water.)
  5. as the ice melts, use a ladle to remove the melted water so it doesn’t spill over. then keep adding more ice. repeat the process a few times- this will take around 30 minutes.
  6. when done, remove bowl from pot and allow to cool. the water that has collected in the bowl is your rose water. store in a tightly covered glass jar in the fridge for 1-2 weeks, or freeze. optional- add in some drops of lavender oil & witch hazel. 

take a cotton ball and rub on face & neck after you wash your face or whenever it needs a boost. it helps cleanse impurities, close pores and really does make your skin glow. it’s nice in the summer especially. you can also add some to your hair conditioner, body wash or lotion. 

Onsra ─ 1

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Pairing: Jungkook x reader
Genre: angst, slight fluff
Word count: 1.6k

Summary: You’re set on a blind date and meet with someone you never expected to see again.

“It’ll be fun!” You roll your eyes, irritably smoothing out the wrinkles in your short, black dress. Looking over yourself in the mirror, you sigh softly, playfully flicking at one of the shiny white rhinestones glimmering on the rims of your shoulders. Were you really going to go through with this?

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To Reduce Callousness in Another Person

You need:
- an egg
- a crayon/marker/pencil
- a glass jar
- 12 oz. or so of vinegar

Write the name of the person on the egg with the writing implement. Pour enough vinegar in the jar to fully submerge the egg. Gently drop the egg into the vinegar and let it soak until the shell becomes translucent and gelatinous, turning as needed. When this has been accomplished, pour out the vinegar and bury the egg in the earth.

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Hi! Can please you give some fun facts about Ulysses S. Grant? I know that you usually answer questions about more colonial America, but you're my favorite historian and I love to know what you think! Your blog is amazing and so are you!!

(I have open arms to any of my civil war blog mutuals who want to add a bunch more facts about him!)

Old Superstitions and Cures for Everyday Maladies

Pt. 2

Every disease and malady nowadays is considered to be completely biological. Most are able to be treated as simply as popping some pills or applying some type of store bought ointment to the afflicted site. However, in ages where magic was practiced as often as medicine, and remedies were still being experimented with and discovered, superstition played a huge role in both diagnosing the cause of an illness and in its treatment. Below is a list of several common illnesses/afflictions and the superstitions that surrounded them.

Drunkenness: To cure someone from alcoholism, it was recommended that a person slipping something un-appetizing, like owl eggs, blood, the powder of a dead man’s bones, or live eels, into the person’s drink. If a person wants to sober up quickly they should roll around in manure, drink olive, and then be forced to smell their own urine. Males must then also bind their genitals to a vinegar soaked cloth. However, one can avoid the problem of getting drunk altogether if they eat the roasted lungs of a pig before going out to drink.

Ear issues: A tingling ear means that someone somewhere is talking about you. If it is the right ear that tingles, it means that good things are being said. On the other hand, if it is your left ear that is tingling, it means that someone is spreading malicious gossip. However, if the person with the tingling ear pinches the afflicted ear, or makes the sign of the cross, the person spreading the malicious gossip will immediately bite their tongue. Hearing ringing in one’s ears has a whole other superstition behind it. Because the ringing is said to resemble church bells, having ringing in your ears is said to warn of the death of a friend or family member. Another superstition says that if a person whose ear is ringing asks a friend to choose a random letter from the alphabet, that letter will tell the person the first initial of their future spouse.

Epilepsy: According to the ancients, epileptics were thought to be somehow in contact with the Gods. Therefore, people were extremely wary of the disease. Later, epileptic fits were blamed on witchcraft. Cures for this disorder included burying a black rooster alive at the place where the fit took place, piercing the ground with a nail, or wearing a ring made from a half crown that was given during a Holy Communion service. Another cure was to drink a potion made from mistletoe, and then consuming the heart and blood of a crow for nine days straight.

Eye issues: An itching right eye is said to be lucky for men, but unlucky for women. If the itching eye becomes intolerable, one should bathe their eyes with rainwater gathered from the leaves of a teasel, or that was collected on either Holy Thursday or Ascension Day. Stys can be cured by rubbing it with a gold wedding ring or hair taken from the tip of a cats tail nine times. The sty can also be washed with cow urine or rubbed with green garlic. A sty was also thought to disappear if a person rang a doorbell and then ran off before the door was answered. Cataracts could be treated by rubbing the ashes from a burnt cat’s head onto the affected eye. Conjunctivitis could be cured by applying a lotion made from powdered vine shoots, or an eye wash of egg yolk, curdled milk, and urine.

Fever: Superstition says that one of the best ways to get rid of a fever is to eat spiders alive on slices of apples. Cobwebs may also be rolled up into pills and eaten, or a spider can be worn in a box or bag around the persons neck until it dies. Another solution is to bury an egg at a crossroads in the middle of the night for five nights in a row. The fever will be buried with the eggs. If neither of those solutions is appealing, a fever sufferer can also wear two sets of underwear. Family and friends must then tear off a piece of the one worn closest to the skin until no more clothing remains. Feeding a salted bran cake to a dog can transfer the symptoms to it instead. The fever can also be transferred to a disliked neighbor if one places a bag of trimmed hair and nail clippings under their door.

Gallstones: These can be treated by drinking a mixture of boiled sheep droppings and milk daily.

Headache: There are many superstitious treatments for headaches. One remedy is to wrap the skin of a snake, or a hang-man’s rope around the afflicted person’s temples while having them hold tightly onto some scraped horseradish and pressing their thumb against the roof of their mouth. Another remedy involves drying and powdering moss that was found growing on a human skull and inhaling it through the nose.

Heartburn: One cure for heartburn was to drink the juice of St. John’s Wort that had been picked at the daybreak of St Johns Day. Another remedy was to suck on a lump of coal or to eat some powdered toenails.

Hiccough: An attack of the hiccups means that the sufferer is being talked about by someone else.  Anyone who has hiccoughs in church is thought to be temporarily possessed by the devil. Cures for hiccoughs include simply identifying the person who is thinking about the sufferer, or placing a damp paper cross on the sufferer’s forehead. Other cures include holding one’s breath until the count of one hundred, or dropping a cold key down the sufferers back. Those in the U.S say that hiccoughs can be stopped by surprising the sufferer with a loud noise. Alternatively, a person can grab their left thumb with their right hand while reciting one of several charms.

“Madness”: According to superstitious tradition, those suffering from “madness” were treated in contrasting ways. Some people would avoid those suffering from madness, believing those who were mad to be possessed by demons, while others would welcome them because they believed that they were harbingers of luck. Those who believed in the latter thought that the mad were chosen by God. It was considered lucky to meet a mad person in the streets. Regarding mental retardation, it was believed that “simpletons” could see into the future. They were not supposed to move out of their home district as it was thought that another person in the area would have to become mentally disabled in their stead. According to the Japanese, anyone who has their hair lit aflame is most certainly going to go insane. In Lincolnshire, it was thought that anyone named Agnes will eventually go mad. Cures for madness include consuming honey, ilk, and salt before sunrise. In Europe, madness caused by rabies could be cured by having the afflicted eat the burned and powdered liver of the diseased animal that bit them in bread and butter.

Menstruation: In ancient societies, women were considered harbingers of evil. When they had their period, they were considered extra dangerous. Therefore, they were (and in some places still are) disbarred from important ritual events or were otherwise isolated from human contact. It was also believed that menstruating women would pollute the Earth, cause fruit to fall from trees, make seeds infertile, kill swarms of bees, cause plants to wither and die, dull swords, and dull mirrors. It was said that menstruating women should never make mayonnaise or jam, as the eggs will curdle and the jam will not set. They should also not be allowed to bake bread or handle meat as the dough will not rise and the meat will spoil. In parts of Africa, menstruating women are not allowed to aid in preparing meals, and are also considered bad luck for hunting parties.

Toothache: Toothaches can be avoided by wearing a tooth taken from a corpse in a bag around one’s neck. Carrying a walnut or the legs of a mole is also said to prevent the problem. A person should also avoid eating anything when a funeral bell is tolling and take care to put their right sock and right pant leg on first. If one gets a toothache, they can ease the pain by nailing a few strands of hair and some nail trimmings from the person suffering to an oak. Chewing on the first fern of spring or a piece of wood taken from a tree that has been hit by lightning can also ease the pain. If a tooth must be extracted, the least painful way is to make a powder out of dried worms during their mating season and applying this to the tooth. The tooth should then fall out on its own.

(Source: Cassel Dictionary of Superstitions by David Pickering)


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Donatello x Reader


Prompt: Are you going to do soulmate scenarios for every turtle? (Because that would be AWESOME) I feel like Donnie would find his soulmate by just bumping into them by saving them and their chests would suddenly start glowing


Of all of the things on your docket for the day, having a run-in with the Foot Clan was not one of them. Of course, you didn’t mean to run into the villainous ninjas, it had just sort of happened, as was a somewhat common occurrence living in New York.

So you sat tied up with the other hostages, a gag soaked in vinegar was tied tight around your face. It was too dark for you to see anything in the subway station they were holding you in. It was humid, muggy, smelled like hotdogs, and you knew you already had rope burn from the binds that held you. Your eyes darted around in the darkness. The Foot Clan never kidnapped people without good reason. You just hoped whoever, or whatever they were trying to draw out would be there soon.


After much debate on the turtles’ part, they were headed to the subway station. It seemed as though lightning had struck that place twice, as that was where they had met April O’Neil for the first time a few years back. But the Foot Clan’s bait was effective. There were too many people there to risk losing. So they headed out.

It didn’t take long to take down the Foot Clan and it didn’t take long to free the hostages, and as quickly as they had come, they left, although Donnie felt something was wrong. Incomplete. But he couldn’t place what he had missed. According to his readings, he wasn’t missing anything.

“Come on, Donnie, mission accomplished! Let’s move!” Leo pulled his brother along and out of the subway station, to the roof above to regroup before heading back to the lair.


Something was wrong. Something was missing. You had been saved, but something still wasn’t right. Suddenly, your heartbeat seemed wrong. Like it was half of what it was supposed to be. Like everything had stopped and it wouldn’t start again until you figured out what was wrong.

You didn’t know where you were going. You had no idea what you were doing, but you followed your feet out of the station and up the fire escape. It was unfamiliar, but it felt so right. And so you kept moving.

Your head leveled the top of the building and then you saw something unexplainable. Four giant green turtles loaded with weapons. Your stomach tied in a knot, but not in fear, in anticipation, because the tall turtle with the purple mask had his eyes locked on you and suddenly everything felt right.

You took a few steps forward, slowly, carefully. So did he. And then something happened.

It was slow at first. A spark. A little droplet of light rising from your chest. And then another, and then another until a million fireflies were drifting from your soul. His too. When you were standing close enough, the streams of light melded together, flying around the both of you in a graceful spiral.

“What the shell…?” Raph muttered, watching the fireflies dance around you and his brother.

“I’m, um, I’m (Y/N).” You introduced. Your cheeks flushed when he smiled nervously.

“D-Donatello. Um, nice to uh, meet you.” He offered his hand, but you pulled him into a hug instead, which was very awkward given his height in comparison to yours. “I don’t understand what’s happening right now.” He confessed, looking down at you for an explanation of some sort.

“I think this is what happens when you meet your soulmate.”


Donnie liked the sound of that. And God, he was going to treat you like a princess. That was a promise.

simple home cleaning

Forget the Febreeze, Windex, soap solutions, and other chemical alternatives for cleaning your home. You only need four ingredients to efficiently clean the surfaces of your entire house: baking soda, vinegar, bar soap, and essential oils. I keep a spray bottle of vinegar cleaning solution and jars of baking soda and rags at the ready in kitchen and toilet cabinets. Cleaning becomes easy, simple, and quick.

Baking soda

I use baking soda for removing grime on porcelain surfaces such as the tub, toilet exterior, and sink. Baking soda is mildly abrasive, so it removes stuck-on dirt like burned residue on your gas stove efficiently. Further, baking soda neutralizes odors and leaves surfaces clean, which is why it’s great in the kitchen and bathroom. I also sprinkle a little bit of baking soda in bags or shoes to remove odors. Leave a small bowl of baking soda in the fridge and freezer to remove smell.


Vinegar is a versatile disinfectant. Use it for cleaning surfaces, disinfecting electronics, cleaning the toilet seat and bowl, cleaning the sink and shower, washing windows and mirrors, and mopping floors. Additionally, vinegar can be used for disinfecting handkerchiefs (soak for a day in vinegar) and as a softener in the laundry machine. 


For minimal environmental impact, use a multi-purpose bar soap such as Aleppo, Savon de Marseille, or castile. Buy a bar that comes unpackaged, rub it against a moistened cloth or brush, and use on dishes and surfaces

Essential oils

Forget the Febreeze. Use essential oils in a diffuser to freshen the air, or open windows to let in some fresh air.

Cleaning tools

Use cloth rags from discarded garments to clean surfaces around the house, including the kitchen and bathroom. Dedicate a bin for dirty rags, and soak in vinegar before laundering to disinfect. For dishes, you can use rags, brushes, or natural sponges (sea sponge, loofah are some examples). For hard to reach places such as lid grooves, I use an old toothbrush. I also own bottle cleaner (horse hair and metal) and a copper rag, the latter for removing minimal rust from metal surfaces or scrubbing off labels on jars.

Recipe for an All Purpose Vinegar Cleaner

Mix ¼ vinegar with 1 cup water. Add a few drops of essential oils for fragrance (lavender, orange, eucalyptus, or lemon are some options). For cleaning windows and mirrors, use pure vinegar to avoid streaks. Think the smell of vinegar is too overwhelming? Windex doesn’t smell any better. The fumes from vinegar dissipate quickly.

This all purpose cleaner can be used for the bathroom, kitchen surfaces, floors, and other surfaces. Use warm water instead of cold water for cleaning the floors.

The Zero-Waste Checklist

- Compost natural sponges when they becomes mouldy. 

- Dispose of unusable rags responsible (natural fibres go in the compost, synthetics in the trash).

- Use upcycled jars for storing vinegar and baking soda.

- Buy products unpackaged as much as possible. Baking soda that comes in a cardboard box can be recycled or composted if cut into small pieces.

Was looking forward to today. I finally had time to catch up on reading and writing. Planned to check out a yoga studio with my sister later in the afternoon.


Dogs decided to chase a skunk under the shed in our backyard. Three of the dogs got sprayed and immediately ran for the house where they rubbed their faces all over the sofas.

Now the dogs are outside, every fan in the house is aiming at the open back door, and my sofas are soaked in vinegar. The dogs already got one bath (with a mixture I found online) and I’m waiting for my father in law to deliver more baking soda so I can give them what will likely be a second thru fifth bath.

Plague Cover. As protection against the disease doctors wore a leather gown with a wrap and a mask. Herbs or sponges soaked with vinegar were put into a beak-like protrusion in order to filter the air.


I am Earth, wearing Earth, receiving Earth, and transforming: How I cleanse and clear my yoni eggs by India Ame’ye

I have been receiving yoni eggs deeply since 2009.

If it’s within your harmony, allow yourself to soften in this moment. Take a deep in-breath and on the out-breath, let go any tension. With every in-breath, more openness, more growth, more light, more receptivity…. and now read on!!! Oy yeas honey, you’re ready to unfurl now!!!!

I initially discovered yoni eggs while studying about feminine energy in 2007. The only person selling them was one feminine empowerment teacher and she only sold jade eggs so I ordered one but never used it. It wasn’t until a few years later when I met a woman who had moved to Atlanta from New York and discovered that she sold a variety of them!! This time I was ready and purchased 3 and was given 4 overtime by two different yoni egg dealers. 

I’ve always been attracted to settling into a place of deeper and exquisite connection with myself, with others, and with the world around me. What I love most about yoni eggs are the opportunities to connect with nature (mineral elements) as Nature (my body temple), to connect with presence and vitality, to water my body with my attention, and to have awareness of the sensations it produces at any moment. I also love to turn my attention inwards into a sacred space where I feel most connected to. Oh those orgasms are raw fiyah too and we all know what fire does!!! {transforms everything around it} –blooming tip!!! 

Everybody has their own way of cleansing and clearing their eggs from boiling in hot water to smoking it out with sage.  I don’t boil my yoni eggs, soak in vinegar, or do anything else that can change the molecular structure of the egg. Inside my headwrap (picture 1) isn’t “hair,” it’s lots of banded pieces of rosemary (the smell of the divine) that I wear all day long–as hair– to heighten my energy and aura. I am Earth, wearing Earth, receiving Earth, and transforming everything around me into love. What you don’t hear often is that you, Beloved, can clear and cleanse anything by the power of your command. Sage and incense are cool “tools”, but they are not more potent than a body temple that has been nourished for love. nourished for healing. and nourished for clarity. So essentially I raise my vibration by clearing my energy (through wearing rosemary–smelling the rosemary–connecting my heart to the rosemary) then I access my magical powers to integrate my heightened wellness. I am reminded of the wisdom of the elders that say all you need is your spit (water) to clear anything!! Once I’m clear, I sing to, blow on, and wonderfully kiss…my yoni egg and command it to ‘clear.’ If my body has been stressed for any reason (which happens to me from time to time), I will wait until I am feeling more balanced before I engage clearing. Sometimes I place my eggs into a glass of cool, moon-charged water (intention-infused water that sits out under the moon overnight), then I tune into my heart and simply insert when my body temple is ready to receive it, allowing Earth to nourish itself. 

When I’m not wearing my eggs, I place them into a plant with (organic soil) that sits in my windowsill. It’s my moon magic abundance plant–and there’s a whole story behind that plant that I will surely share one day. Full to brim with nutrients, charm, and elements, my plant (and plants) breathe life into my yoni eggs as the yoni eggs breathe life into the plant then the yoni eggs breathe life into my body temple and as I breath life into anyone I encounter. You see how all this magic is connected!?! No one or nothing is separate! :-)

One loveliness, India Ame’ye, AUTHOR “You Look Like Something Blooming”


Wasn’t Tansy seed oil also used for birth control when you dipped a sponge in it and used as a barrier against the cervix during sex?

@marychain13, yes though it wasn’t 100% effective (the sponge blocking the cervix was considered birth control on its own).  If we’re talking middle ages to pre-Enlightenment Europe, a more effective method of birth control was using a sponge or wad of fabric soaked in vinegar which also had the benefit of being easier to get.  There was also the suggestion of lemon which was harder to acquire but was really promoted as working almost as well but being better for ladies, because it made everything smell fancy I assume?.  Some people even suggested the use of salt, which, ow.

Due to its possible toxicity when ingested, tansy was sometimes suggested as an aide for ‘women’s problems’ (ie unwanted pregnancy) but that was/is a terrible idea that either didn’t work or almost caused the death of the woman.  It is really toxic to overdose on, no one try drinking it ever please.  I want to be clear on this, it can cause the sort of intense vomiting that requires medical intervention to prevent internal bleeding, seizures, and damage to the liver and kidneys.  Fantasy literature kind of became obsessed with this alleged ye olde miracle birth control herb and modern women have begun to think they rediscovered something great.  But tansy wasn’t/isn’t a miracle contraceptive and it wasn’t used that often as a form of birth control.  It was actually used more often in small doses as a fertility drug.

Leave Me Alone! Spell Jar

We’ve all had those times - bad mornings, bad moods, everyone around us being spectacularly annoying. This is a bottle spell to give us the space we need to cool off again

Vinegar: I don’t recommend a ‘sweeter’ vinegar like apple cider vinegar for this. The vinegar’s role is to reach out to any unwanted visitors and turn their moods sour, like a preemptive warning about how the conversation will turn if they continue to approach you. Red wine vinegar is a good choice, but a different kind can absolutely be substituted
Salt: The salt is what makes this bad mood temporary; as soon as the unwanted leave you alone, the sour demeanor caused by the vinegar fades away. Because of this, white salt is the best choice; black salt could bind the sour mood to the recipient for an extended period of time, and then everybody’s angry for reasons they might not understand. The white salt also works double to ensure that you as the maker and carrier are not affected by the bottle

Fill your bottle halfway with salt, and the rest with vinegar. Seal it well, and be sure to use wax if your bottle has a cork to keep the vinegar from soaking into it. Carry the bottle in a bag or pocket when you need a break from others

– Mod Olive

✨🍮🍓🍦 juicy berry compote plantcake stack 🍦🍓🍮✨ topped w nicecream + carob sauce 👌🏽 heres the recipe fam:
½ cup quick oats
2tbsp buckwheat (ground)
2tbsp chia seeds
1tbsp apple cider vinegar
Soak these 👆🏽 w enough water to cover overnight.
In the AM, check the consistency, it should be similar to a watery porridge (not too thick), add water till you reach the right consistency.
Then add 1tsp baking powder, and blend the mixture till smooth. Note: you can add sweetener if you like, I personally prefer w/out as I like to top it w lots of goodies!
On a non stick pan on medium/high heat, when the pan is fully heated, cook them.
To make the berry ‘compote’ I simply heated frozen blueberries w some water until juicy, adding spices or syrup if you like. I also added a scoop of nice cream + fresh pomegranate + @thecarobkitchen carob sauce ✨ happy Friday! X

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idk if vampires count as mythos?? but if they are can you tell us more about them?? maybe from a 'mythical' standpoint?? some stuff that isnt relevant to todays time?

Hey there! There’s a long and interesting history behind vampire myths, so I’m really glad that you asked this question. It’s a pretty big history so I’m going to give a pretty brief overview. Hopefully it’ll give you a good jumping off point for future research (and of course, feel free to come back to our ask box with any more questions).

Cultures all over the world have stories about creatures that are like Vampires. Human-like things that drain either blood or life-force are pretty common throughout history, but myths about what would evolve into the creatures of our modern Vampire stories started to crystallize in medieval Europe. While earlier myths tend to focus on demonic creatures, later ones begin to describe vampires as humans who have risen from the dead.  

The first historical record of a person accused of vampirism comes from Croatia in the early 1600s. Jure Grando was a villager who was said to have terrorized his village for 16 years following his death, until the eventual exhumation and decapitation of his corpse.

The accusation was a precursor to what would be called the “18th century Vampire Controversy”, a rash of vampire sightings and accusations in Eastern Europe. The accusation of real people with vampirism in some ways mirrors the accusations of witchcraft that happened around the same time. They also differ - vampire accusations were less common, and the accused were generally already dead. The vampire accusations died down by the late 1700s, but like the vampires themselves, the myth refused to stay dead, and in the 19th century a Vampire Panic swept across New England in tandem with a tuberculosis epidemic.

A satirical cartoon printed in The Boston Globe in 1896

The characteristics of vampires vary across times and places, but they are generally defined by their connection to death, and their practice of feeding on either the blood or life force of their victims. Much of the folklore focuses on ways of identifying the vampires and their victims.

 - Fedelm

The only two creatures I can really think of are the Chupacabra (meaning goat sucker) and the Chonchon. The Chupacabra is not at all humanoid and is more like a lizard creature. All I know of it comes from Puerto Rico in the 1990s where a chupacabra was blamed for the deaths of a lot of cattle. I’m sure there is more information on them, but that is unfortunately all I can say for sure. 

The Chonchon is very much like another creature mentioned by the chorus, which is how I remembered this little one. This one comes from the Mapuche. I don’t know as much about them, but they are humans who have died and their heads detach from their bodies, their ears grow large enough to be used as wings, they gain feathers and bird feet, and they fly around drinking blood. There are also some myths claiming that they Chonchon is not from a dead body but an evil priest who has learned how to do this and uses it to gain more power. Unfortunately, that is all I know about the Chonchon. 

Best wishes,


There are also a lot of mythical beings with similarities to Vampires from various cultures. An incomplete list:

For vampiric creatures in East Asia, the Chinese jiangshi immediately comes to mind. It is an animated corpse that consumes people’s qi, or life force. There are multiple hows or whys for this: a jiangshi could be the result of resurrection by some type of priest/shaman/mystic; spirit possession; a soul that has failed to leave the body upon death; a corpse absorbing enough surrounding qi to animate itself. More contemporary imaginings allow for a jiangshi to ‘pass on’ its condition to others, such as through injury (similar to how one might be infected by a zombie bite). Their appearance can be perfectly unremarkable if the body is only recently deceased, or could be a rotting horror. Sometimes, their limbs are so stiff they can’t move them so they have to get around by hopping. Due to the conflation of the western vampire with eastern ideas of hungry ghosts, modern depictions of jiangshi also allow for the consumption of blood, introducing a more literal vampiric aspect to them.

There’s also the penanggalan which is a Southeast Asian witch that detaches her head which flies around at night to suck the blood of pregnant women and children. Thier entrails trail after them and must be soaked in vinegar afterward to shrink them down and fit them back in her body.

Iceland has its Draugr, revenants that wait in their graves to guard treasure left in burial mounds.

Strix, from Roman mythology is a bird that feeds of flesh and blood. The word is the root of the Romanian “strigoi”, the word for “vampire” in that language.  

Lilitu from ancient Assyria, is a precursor to Lilith from Jewish mythology.

There’s Lamia, from Greek mythology, a beautiful queen who becomes a child-eating demon.

I feel vampire-like is also a bit more ghoul-like with how we are talking about it (feasting on the dead, entrails, what have you vs. drinking human blood). Aswang would definitely fit the ghoulish profile. Yes, they are often beautiful women. But of note, they are often depicted as introverted or doesn’t sociallize with people as often (because it is important in the culture that you socialize with people often and if not, you are strange and weird).

I feel like the Aswang mentioned has mixings of the “Manananggal”— a common misconception since both of them appear in stories where babies or dead innards are eaten. But Manananggal is the one that detaches the upper half of its body from the lower half and flies off to eats babies with it’s long tongue (actually very similar to the Penanggalan except for the place of detachment. Even the root of both of those words come from “To detach”). To kill it, you must find the lower body and put spices into where the detachment was– because they must fuse back together before sun down or they will die and the spices make it painful to fuse back. That part of the myth is where it intersects with vampire lore because of the spices they put (garlic is commonly used as is salt), and  the come back before sun down. The Mananggal doesn’t die when it is whole and exposed to sun like the vampire because it masquerades as human– only when it can’t fuse back.

In comparison, the Aswang doesn’t split. But it is a shape shifter– commonly shape shifts into a large boar or a large dog (where it gets its name. kaWANGis ng ASo means ‘look like a dog’). The Aswang is a fascinating creature because it’s depiction varies per location it’s in.

In Panay, Capiz, the Aswang is depicted as that shape shifting creature and if you ask the local kids how the Aswang moves, it’s in a very… strange almost writhing manner (like how werewolves in movies transform). Mostly because there is a disorder where 95% of the people who have it have been found to originate in his Island– that’s X-linked Dystonia Parkinsonism, where the movements are twisting and “looks like they’re about to shapeshift because they are an Aswang” sort of thing. So people who have the disorder tend to be ostracised and labeled as “Aswang” very sadly ;w; don’t get the medical help they need.

In other places up north, the Aswang has a different manifestation– one more intricately linked to the concept of the Soul (which is big in Philippine Myth as a concept). An Aswang often eats dead innards, especially the liver. But it will, sometimes, feast on a living soul— this manifests as being more fatigued and being more sickly than usual. Sometimes, the Aswang will eat the whole person all together and you’re left with a “husk” of the person. Looks like the person. Talks like the person. But has very little life in them and the husk will “die” very soon (but the real person has been eaten already).

There are variations across the Philippine archipelago of the Manananggal and the Aswang like the Tik-tik and the Wak-wak (named after the sound of the Mananganggal’s wings). They’re mostly seen in the northern and middle islands– very few mentions in the south. So I guess if we’re talking about vampire-like creatures in the Philippines, it is very dependent on where the character is from.

Good luck on your writing!

 - The Chorus

You might like to check out this TED-Ed video on the origin of vampires:

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hi! im not sure if you're the 'does requests at any time regardless of the lack of prompt posts' but if you are could you do a modern!au ra fic with halt and will just being nerds? if not then you can completely ignore this ask. :)


“You know I’m fairly sure the baristas think I live in this car now,” Will said, ducking into the passenger side of the nondescript sedan. Halt was huddled in the driver’s seat, looking annoyed at the universe at large.

“And what does that make me?” He asked dispassionately. Will handed him a steaming cup of coffee, which was the only reason they were still on speaking terms.

“My maid.” Will said, brushing a layer of receipts, napkins, and wrappers onto Halt’s side of the dash. The senior officer scowled. “Or my live-in boyfriend, if that’s what you prefer.”

Halt turned his head against his thick scarf and glared. It was the glare he used to send special ops trainees fleeing in terror. Will chuckled and patted his friend’s scruffy cheek in mock affection. “Drink your coffee dear, you’re horrid company decaffeinated.”

“I really hate you,” Halt griped, sipping at his coffee as if it were hemlock. 

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 A/N: Happy belated birthday to the lovely @constellunaa! Your art is phenomenal and I can’t believe you’re following me so I’ma write something for your art >:)

I’m a little rusty here, so sorry if it’s awful and sorry it’s a little late, but it’s 13.5k and about 41 pages. So boom!

BIG THANKS TO: @msmanga14 and @inconsistent-igloo for being my guinea pigs, and to @magerain for being my sounding board. You guys have no idea how much your words encouraged me to get back on my feet. Thank you *hugs* <3

Fandom: Fairy Tail

Pairing: NaLu

Rating: M - swearing, sexual imagery and content [[no full-fledged sex scene]]

Summary: Keeping up with your classmates at the most prestigious art school in the country is hard enough without distractions. But for Natsu, the blonde he caught in the art store was more than welcome to drop into his life…literally. Modern ArtSchool!AU.

The curve of her spine was soft, dipping in enough that he could run an open palm up her back and trace each vertebrae with his thumb if he were to touch her. A few of her ribs were visible and the points of her shoulder blades jutted out ever so slightly, casting a soft shadow and contouring the muscles that ran down the length of her torso. He could see the swell of her breast peeking through the slight space between her outstretched arm and side, though he didn’t need to focus on it yet.

Her mid-back was giving him enough trouble as it was.

“You smoothed it out too early, Flamebrain. Not enough shaping with your mallet.”

Natsu’s gaze darted over to Gray—his glare unnoticed by the focused, raven-haired sculptor. The ridges of his clay followed the line of her shoulders perfectly, while no matter how many times Natsu worked and reworked his own damn slab of grey, he couldn’t seem to get it right and it was driving him crazy.

“Shut up, Ice Freak,” the pinket mumbled, picking up his spray bottle and misting the folded shoulder blade. He ran a free thumb along the curve of his modelled torso’s spine, smoothing out any excess clay.

Gray raised an eyebrow, letting out a small laugh, “What? No witty retort?”

Natsu’s answer was to shoot at Gray’s face with his spray bottle…which in retrospect may not have been a good idea since the raven-haired artist was currently wielding a shaping chisel.

Needless to say, Natsu left class early with hands full of wet clay, running for his life down the hall.


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