vinegar production

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have you heard of mother of vinegar? it's a horrifying bacterial slime resembling either mucous or raw liver that forms in wine -- vital to the production of vinegar, a Mother has formed from most wines, and touched all vinegars in existence

This sounds like some bloodborne shit. My mind cant process this information well right now but thankyou for sharing this wicked rad random fun fact!


Orbit Oil and Vinegar Set - By XD Design

Amazing design should not be limited to furniture or larger household items, which is why the guys at XD Design offer innovation with items of smaller scale. Nevertheless, the stuff they design make the best gifts for the people you love. One such exquisite item is the Orbit, an oil and vinegar set made in a one piece bottle.
Don’t mix cleaning products.

Vinegar + Bleach = Chlorine gas

Ammonia + Bleach = Chloramine gas

Isopropyl Alcohol + Bleach = Chloroform

Hydrogen Peroxide + Vinegar = Paracetic Acid

All of this shit can kill you. All of this can hospitalize you and cause unconsciousness and/or permanent respiratory damage. Label your cleaning products well, and keep containers far enough apart that they can’t leak into each other if one of them is damaged.

Always dilute bleach! There are nearly no household applications for pure bleach. Add a small amount of bleach to a large amount of water, when using bleach to clean.

Examples of bleach: clorox, purex, javex, hypochlorite solution

Examples of ammonia: windex and other glass cleaners, Mr. Clean liquid all-purpose cleaner, formula 409, scrubbing bubbles

Always use good ventilation with all of these cleaning products! If you can open windows, open them while you clean. Ammonia in particular is very irritating of the eyes, skin, and lungs, and it forms vapour quickly.