They were men who felt that The Time Had Come. Regimes can survive barbarian hordes, crazed terrorists and hooded secret societies, but they’re in real trouble when prosperous and anonymous men sit around a big table and think thoughts like that.
—  Terry Pratchett - Feet Of Clay
alternate vtm:bloodlines backgrounds -- Brujah Edition

Good Cop: If the old system is going to be changed, it starts from the inside. You put the people’s needs first, advocated for more police accountability, and preached nonviolent conflict resolution skills. You mentored at-risk youth in your community, decried racial profiling practices, and spoke out against corruption in the Force. You were a Good Cop. You can see how that turned out.

NFL Cheerleader: Not a sport? Fuck you—this is a fucking gauntlet run. You are a walking, talking example of the human body in peak physical condition: You can support your full weight on a few fingertips, you can land a one-footed backflip, and you know how to dodge-n’-roll with the best of them. Not that your managers give a shit about that if your nail polish is a little off or if they catch a Milky Way wrapper in your garbage, the scum-sucking chauvinist shitbags. You knocked a fullback flat once for slapping your girlfriend’s ass at an afterparty, and best not mention what you’ve had to do to the asshole journalists. Not a fucking sport? GO FUCK YOURSELF.

Horto-Chemist: You were one of the ambitious few with dual STEM passions, and hold advanced degrees in both botany and chemistry. The absolutely breathtaking strongylodon macrobotrys specimens currently flowering in the city zoo’s Vine House? That’s you! The abandoned warehouse basement meth lab that exploded in the burbs last month? Also you.

Social Activist Writer: You’re eloquent, furious, and intellectual. And you’re popular. The hatemail and bomb-related lecture tour cancellations didn’t shut you up. So it’s no surprise your scathing socio-economic critiques, choice prose, and savage tweets made you a highly desirable recruitment target for Clan Brujah.

Public School Counselor: Economic injustice takes on a whole new meaning when you watch poverty destroy children’s lives firsthand on a daily basis. One of your second-graders has been through three foster families. You have a ten-year-old suffering recurring PTSD flashbacks in science class. Three of last year’s graduating eighth graders are dead. And now the fucking governor wants to cut the K-8 Breakfast Program over 8oz of milk and a package of stale graham crackers. After ten years of this shit, you swear to god you could kill somebody.

Berniecrat: Here’s how Bernie can still win!

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Spirit Vine Meta-’Physics’ or: How Mako Nearly Destroyed Republic City (sort of)

Disclaimer:  I am by no means a scientist.  I’ve got a background in English and Theatre, but I have quite a few close friends who do have backgrounds in science.  A little while back, one of those close friends, thejmpr, who actually edited this post, approached me with the declaration that he’d figured out how spirit vines worked.  I tried to explain that they’re not really supposed to make sense, since they’re all spirit-y, but he proceeded to prove me hilariously wrong.  The following is an analysis that I was able to put together by extrapolating his logic.  In the end, it’s just conjecture, but I had fun writing it and thinking it all out, so I figure it might be a fun read, too.

Spirit Vines are crazy.  They’re crazy powerful, crazy big, and crazy plentiful. They’re the plutonium/uranium equivalent of the Avatar universe, but without all those pesky dangers of radiation!  And instead of radiation, they grow back! Like really fast.  And all the time.  


Pictured: Easily-Obtainium’.

Anyone familiar with Cold War politics, deterrence theory and nuclear proliferation most likely caught the parallel with Raiko stating “[Spirit weapons] are already being used!” as justification for the United Republic to have their own.  

But that’s a story for another time.

Today, I’d like to talk about how Mako, through no fault of his own, nearly destroyed all of Republic City…and probably the mountain range surrounding it.  Sort of.  Sounds crazy, right?  Well, so are spirit vines.  

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Korrasami Book 1-4 Analysis/Musings/Headcanons

So, now that we know this is the end game, I was reflecting on their relationship over the show as a whole. I think knowing these two women end up in love and walking into the sunset spirit portal together can help color or make sense of their interactions.

We know from Bryan and Mike’s posts that Korrasami wasn’t planned from the start, but rather grew organically out of the writing process, and only became consciously penned in during the second half of the series. For that reason, as characters, the growth of their emotional bond might seem hard to understand. But that’s where my character analyses/head-canons come in! Hopefully this post explains a few things, or fills in the gaps in a way that seems logical and consistent with their characterization.

Warning: it’s lengthy (originally written 12/20/14, updated Feb 2015).

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Midnight City by M83 on a Harp

Just watching the strings vibrate is amazing…

Feel-good Music!

George Ezra - Blame It On Me
LP - Heavenly Light
Fitz & The Tantrums - Fools Gold
The Vamps - Move My Way
The Wombats - Greek Tragedy
BØRNS - Seeing Stars
Mystery Skulls - Ghost
Seinabo Sey - Younger (Kygo Remix)
Twenty One Pilots - Tear In My Heart
WALK THE MOON - Different Colors
New Politics - West End Kids
Ezra Vine - Celeste
M83 - Midnight City
Magic Man - Paris
Of Monsters and Men - Mountain Sound
Foals - My Number
Coldplay - Viva La Vida
Panic! At The Disco - Ready To Go
The 1975 - Chocolate
Neon Trees - Animal
Cold War Kids - Miracle Mile
Maroon 5 - Maps
Bleachers - Rollercoaster
Fall Out Boy - Young Volcanoes
Bad Suns - Dancing On Quicksand
Bastille - Of The Night

I thought that anyone that loves music like me could benefit from having some fun, feel-good songs to listen to/check out! Feel free to add to this list, as well!