vine pattern

Hello everybody! sorry its been forever since I posted anything new just been super busy. Here’s the finished product of that snake print I posted sketches of a while ago. Surprisingly I ended up liking gouache more than I thought I would. I definitely will try working with it again in the future. Much more new stuff to come! 

The Signs and Their Style

**Refers to sun sign and your 5th house**

ARIES: bold, lots of edgy attire, but they do keep it casual. Hobbies include sports, drama, and music. Most likely hair slicked back or in a bun. always doing shit.

TAURUS: comfy and laid-back but still likes to keep it classy, decorative items in the house, probably always in their pajamas or big sweaters / shirts. candles, clean house, probably got their house smelling like a bakery, their rooms tend to be either clean as hell or dirty. no in between.

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Six Sentence Sunday (6/18/17)

“The minor details of the case are inconsequential, Molly,” Sherlock said dismissively as they stood at the jewelry counter. “Point is, if you can tell me which of these rings is most likely to appeal to a woman who is intelligent, practical, lovely, and also works with her hands in a sometimes gruesome job…it would definitely help me find the suspect.”

Molly looked suspiciously back and forth between the nervous looking detective and the rings laid out on the counter, but then finally pointed to a wide band with small diamonds embedded in an elegant vine like pattern.

“That one is gorgeous and it’s practical because it wouldn’t get caught on anything like, oh I dunno…gloves…or something.”

Sherlock grinned and exclaimed, “ah ha, yes I thought you’d prefer- I mean yes, thank you, I finally know who the killer is and the game is on!”

Molly smiled to herself as they left the jewelry store in supposed pursuit of a suspect, but she simply couldn’t help adding as they got in the cab, “you are gonna actually ask me out first though, right?”

“Happy Wandering” (2017)
Hardenbergia violacea in Lerderderg State Park, Victoria, Australia.

I could only describe this plant as the royal pea of the bush. That purple is always a vibrant jolt of happiness and magic when wandering through the smokey colours of the xeric sclerophyllous bush that is central Victoria.

Masked Meetings

Requested by Anonymous: “Can you do an imagine with Peter Pan where the reader is Henry’s older sister and they meet at a masquerade??” 

Summary: OUAT Peter Pan x Reader. At Story Brooke’s annual masquerade ball you meet a handsome stranger who invites you to dance. However, when you find out his true identity your initial response is a less than a happy one! For someone who’s supposedly evil, Pan does give out a lot of compliments though…

Word Count: 1,017 Words


Story Brooke’s masquerade ball was an annual occasion, attended and enjoyed by many in an attempt to commemorate the great balls that had been thrown during Snow White and Prince Charming’s reign before the curse. As the tragedies of the past were slowly being forgotten after your brother’s safe return from Neverland, the ball was the talk of the town.

Your elegant black dress had been bought months ago, but you had only just found the perfect mask for the occasion. It was simple and a sleek black to match your dress, embedded with the occasional jewel around its edge and topped off by a large black flower at its right which feathers protruded out of. Lace covered portions of it, similar to the lacy arms of your dress.

Henry had graciously requested that you join him for the evening and you had never been able to refuse your little brother, so your arms were hooked together as the two of you took your first steps into the great hall in which the ball was to take place. It had been decorated breathtakingly, with fire lit lamps hanging from the tall ceiling and a large chandelier full of candles above the centre of the room. The party was already in full swing, with dozens of guests twirling around the room hand in hand wearing an array of beautiful masks.

“I’ve spotted the buffet table,” Henry called out triumphantly, unhooking your arms and fleeing in the direction of food with the promise of returning with something delicious.

You stifled a laugh as you watched the young boy weave his way urgently through the crowd and, once he was out of sight, you turned to make your way further out on to the dance floor.

Notorious for your lack of spatial awareness, you bumped in to someone almost immediately and reared back as you let out a string of apologises, “Oh, I’m so sorry I didn’t see-”

“No need to worry, why would I ever not want someone as beautiful as you in my arms?”

The stranger’s voice was sultry and practically oozed confidence, so when you’d finally choked down the splutter that his compliment had built in your throat, your eyes lingered on his striking mask. Its colour was a shimmering gold, with a vine like pattern extending into pointed horns at the top of his head. It covered a large portion of his face, ending slightly above his jaw line and showing just enough of him to reveal his wicked smirk.

“Can I interest you in a dance?” The stranger held out his hand invitingly, and you managed to grin sheepishly as you placed your hand in his.

In the next moment the boy had swept you on to the open dance floor, twirling you between the throng of other guests and spinning you in such a way that your face flushed and your dress fluttered around you. Eventually, you ended up with one of his hands on your waist and the other grasping your hand as you waltzed at a speed you didn’t think was possible around the ballroom.

“Your mask is amazing,” you managed to breathe out as the stranger twirled you again.

“I’m impressed that you can keep up,” the stranger said, gliding over the compliment to deliver one of his own, “it is rare that I find someone as quick footed as me.”

You let out a laugh as the boy grabbed your waist and dipped you low to the ground before bringing you up closer to him than you had been previously. “I think you are the one doing all the work here, I’m just letting you drag me around.”

His breath was hot on your face, and you could now make out his chestnut eyes hidden under the mask. Your noses were almost touching, and the stranger’s signature smirk was still plastered on his face.

“My name’s Y/N; and you are?”

He opened his mouth to respond just as a sharp voice rung out from across the room.

“You’ve got three seconds to step the hell back, Pan.”

The stranger’s hands remained firmly on your waist as he turned to acknowledge a very unhappy Emma Swan. She wasn’t wearing a mask presently, but you couldn’t recall seeing her earlier so she may well have taken it off for the express reason of yelling at-

You pulled back from the boy immediately as if you had been burned. This was Pan, Peter Pan, the boy who had kidnapped and almost killed your little brother and you had been dancing with him.

Gaping at Pan with an open mouth, you couldn’t muster the right words. From the stories that you had heard of this boy, he was pure evil… but he had seemed so nice

Noticing that you had pulled away, Pan turned to you with his hand outstretched again. “We were having a perfectly good time before that rude interruption, no need to stop now.”

“Y/N, get over here. Now,” Emma called, waving you over to her.

You remained frozen, staring at the boy whose eyes were still on your face. Obviously realising that you weren’t coming back in to his arms any time soon, Pan shrugged and took your hand in his anyway. He looked into your eyes, bringing your hand to his face and planting a single kiss on it when it became apparent that you were making no move to pull away.

“I enjoyed the gracefulness of your dance moves, not as much as I enjoyed the way you look in that dress though,” Pan’s voice was husky and alluring as he whispered to you, pointedly ignoring the angry Sheriff Swan that was currently storming towards him. “I’ll make sure that we meet again so I can see if your face is as beautiful as I believe it to be.”

By the time that Emma had reached you, Peter Pan had vanished and left you behind to blush, staring at the space in which he had once been with a dazed smile as the oblivious guests twirled around you.