vine maples

So I need some advice from my witchy brethren in the tumblr community

The place where I built my circle tonight kind of …. feels very powerful. I kept thinking I was getting glances of someone who was there, but it was empty. Then when I left, I felt like someone was following me.

The way to this place revealed itself to me, I got there by first finding a half live, half dead vine maple tree. The tree fascinated me. I touched it, and the dead part gave me some of it’s bark. The next place I wandered led me to this perfectly circular formation of old evergreens. I got the urge to build a circle, and I did.

The thing was, I wasn’t looking for a place for a circle, I was gathering materials for a spell. Then I was compelled to build this circle. Then I went home and built two snares for the space. Again, I had no intention of doing so.

I returned to the space after dark with my fiance. I purposefully entered by touching the half dead tree again, then we put up the snares and we discussed the spot.

That’s when I started to feel like someone was there. We closed the circle and left. Without thinking, as I was walking home, we found ourselves next to the half dead tree again. We didn’t intend to walk that way, but as soon as I touched the tree the presence was gone.

I’ve since come home and cleansed all my doors and windows. I’m also wearing a chamomile charm that essentially makes me invisible psychically.

I need advice. I feel odd about returning to the spot. I feel now like perhaps I was lured there rather than just going there by my intuition like I originally thought. What could be there? What could they want? Am I being summoned? Should I explore it or leave it alone? Has anyone experienced this before? Lastly, how do I protect myself?


“Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down” by @falloutboy w/ @Maple.The.Pup on the drums 😋🐶

a long ass list of most iconic vines imo

-back at it again at Krispy Kreme
-when ur pizza rolls are done *txf theme*
-oh my lord. the cable turned off
-oh my god they were roommates
-I’m sucking my own dikk and dying
-hi welcome to chillis
-chicken little
-“I wish Ryan was here” “hey guys” *camera pans to dog standing in the doorway* “RYAN!!”
-it’s summer! I’ve got my hat on backwards and it’s time to fuckin party
-i want a church girl that go to church
-honey you’ve got a big storm comin
-duck army
-I’m going to disneyworld October 3rd
-“I recorded my professor every day”
-shower time, aderall, a glass of whiskey, and diesel jeans
-the guy sharing a lollipop with a snake while Natasha bettingfield’s take me away plays
-to make a long fuckin story short I put a whole bag of jellybeans up my ass
-the kid with the hoodie opening curtains to the intro of drop it like it’s hot (and every its just luke vine tbh)
-“who’s the hottest über driver you’ve ever had” “umm I never went to oovoo javer”
-the three girls taking a selfie at a restaurant but the phone is backwards and open to the calculator app
-Lebrun James
-he need some milk
-hey my name is trey I have a basketball game tomorrow
-coach just gimme a sec gimme a sec gimme a sec to breeeeathe
-i thought these FUCKIN TOWELS was somebody in my FUCKIN HOUSE
-I luh cheesecake real late at night
-the yellow skittle landing in that kid’s ass crack
-fresh avocado
-he on x games mode
-every trench and maple vine
-mac stole the lips and ran under the couch
-“hey I’m lesbian” “I thought you were American”
-latasha I’m sorry… I think your sister might be havin my second son
-if you told me your name was pancake city, I’d believe you
-too turnt girl rolls down flight of stairs
-I’m washing me and my clothes
-I don’t even know which direction the Quiznos is in
-that one fucking oiuja board vine
-*kid gets water squirted at him* god I fucking hate youuu *takes off back back and swings it around*
-this bitch empty YEET
-it is Wednesday my dudes
-kid does a flip off a diving board while other kid sits on a lounge chair and screams
-Scottish drake
-I love myself even though I look like a burnt chicken nugget
-I want to see my little boy (here he comes)
-Seinfeld linkin park end my life vine
-CHRIS! Is that a weed??

-Look at aaaallll those chickens

plus some vintage ones:
-hey I’m sorry I didn’t see you there I was too busy mmmmmmblockin out the haters
-I’m in me mums car
-who is she
-what are thoooooooose
-bitch huh huh! Why you mad? Bc my pussy pops SEVERELY and yours DOESN’T
-the fuckin peanut butter baby remixes

A hike through alder branches, thick vine maple stands, stinging nettle, devil’s club and a moss-covered gully is all worth it to reach this gem-colored lake. Bright and inviting, that first cold plunge into the icy lake re-invigorates like nothing else can. That’s what a trip to North Cascades National Park in Washington is all about. Photo from Trapper Lake courtesy of Crystal Brindle.

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