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Hi Ryan! Can you name your top 10 Narry PDAs? PS: I'm not as big as rhino, but I'm the biggest ryano fan.

See, that was a worry for me with the ‘fandom name’ thing. Because, even though they were my favorite (non-dinosaur) animals when I was a kid, rhinoceroses are not exactly aesthetically pleasing animals. 

Anyways, let’s get to the fun part, yeah? (warning, I have a slight 2015 bias in this post, because they’ve been pretty lit this year)


Niall gets so irrationally excited about those dice, and, while that’s cute enough all on its own, the fact that his first thought when he’s this excited is to immediately inform Harry about the presence of some fuzzy dice makes this moment one of my favorites.


The fact that this one is so low on the list shows just how hard it was for me to pick a top 10. I love everything about this moment, from Niall not even trying to repress his desire to stroke Harry’s chest, to touching Harry’s love handle (aka Niall’s public-private way of saying I love you), to him wrapping his arm around Harry’s waist when Harry wasn’t even going for more contact like he usually does, to Harry immediately pulling Niall to him when he’s been given permission by Niall’s arm. So, for it to be number 9 is saying something.


So, this moment is huge for Narries because of Niall stroking Harry’s cheek and chin. I’ve always thought Niall’s other hand was underrated though. The gentle caress down Harry’s chest was completely overshadowed, and I’d like to draw attention to it now. Plus, Lilac!Niall was a treasure that I will personally never get over.


This moment was a completely unexpected blessing. Harry taking every opportunity to grind on Niall was more of a WWAT thing, so for him to just randomly rut against Niall’s leg in public like a dog in heat, and for Niall to respond by shaking his ass, was just- Miraculous.


This wasn’t totally public, per se, but I count it. I count it because Niall is doing his thing where he indulges in his obsession with Harry’s love handles, and Harry is full on groping Niall’s ass, while they both look so incredibly happy with being together. The fact that it happened in front of a Larrie is just icing on the cake.


Dublin 2k15 was like a Narry bomb, and this whole exchange was one of the best parts of the whole series of concerts. It was so unnecessary, but completely amazing. They were so fucking flirty, so completely entranced by each other, that I’m not sure they even realized that they were giving a concert.


Do I even need to say it? Yes. Yes, I do.

I FUCKING DIED when this footage surfaced. I watched the vine of it about 524546 times. I ascended to heaven, and then God sent me back, saying, ‘They’re not done yet. You don’t want to miss the rest.’


I don’t even know what to say about this moment. Just look at it and enjoy.


The deliberately slow way that Harry leans down, the pucker of his lips, the kiss, the way he looks to see how Niall reacts, the way that Niall just leans slightly into Harry afterwards, all of this, combined with how completely random it was, makes this one of the best moments of all time for me.



Every Niall-stan Narrie will admit that Niall making the first move is rarer than Harry doing it. So for Niall to not only make the first move, but for it to be a public kiss, when it was unprompted (Meghan was trying to get a kiss for herself, not send me to heaven) is nothing short of perfection for me.