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1. How tall are you? 
6'4’’( or 195cm as per Google)

2. What color and style is your hair?
Brown and buzz cut, though when it’s long it’s super curly, AND I used to be super blond when I was younger

3. What color are your eyes?

4. Do you wear glasses?
Luckily I don’t need them

5. Do you have braces?
Never had but I think I should at some point

6. What is your fashion sense?
no idea haha ! I wear what I like

7. Do you have any siblings?
1 younger brother and 2 older brothers

8. What kind of student are you?
really good in English, French and Spanish classes, P.E, loved history, utterly sucked at math. LOL

9. What are your favourite subjects?
English, French and Spanish

10. What are your favourite TV shows?
Game of Thrones, Dexter, Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad, Arrow, The Flash, Sense8, DareDevil, Family Guy, Psych, That 70s show, and so on.

11. Favorite books? 
I loved the eight by Katherine Neville, a few Stephen King books, the HP series and GOT series, of course. I have a lot more books to buy though.

12. Favorite pastimes?
Writing, reading, video games, learning German/Spanish/Norwegian/Hungarian/Welsh and so on. 

13. Any regrets?
Not having been able to tell some people I was in love with them. I think that is one of the main ones.

14. What is your dream job?
 Anything that will allow me to travel. so stage techs, hopefully will allow to tour with bands and everything!! (fingers crossed) 

15. Do you want to get married?
I don’t know. all I know is if I do, I don’t wanna spend tens of thousands on it.

16. Do you want to have kids and how many?
yeah 4, Ideally, we’ll see how it goes.

17. How many countries have you visited?
Italy, Belgium, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Tanzania. oh and I’ve seen the airports of Nairobi in Kenya and Zurich in Switzerland if that counts, haha. and I’ve visited Canada a little bit, bien sûr. So that makes 8 countries for now.

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The cast of Les Mis auditions for Hamilton


Kíliel Month → T a u r i e l   D a y s  (March 11th:  F a v o r i t e  Q u o t e )              

‘’Are we not part of this world?!!! It will not end here. With every victory this evil will grow …’’