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Honestly, for people that don't know Taylor the way we do...I can, in an odd way, understand: they have a misconception/perception of her. In their minds, they are vaguely familiar with the fact that she has a lot of hits that have references to real-life men she has dated. The media for years would have like a guessing game about who it was, pairing it with a picture of her that gave her this smug air and appearance about herself. She was portrayed as a vindictive ex, and that annoyed people.

I have these conversations with people all the time bc  i have friends who get on my case about liking Taylor.  It’s fine if people don’t like taylor for fair reasons: such as, they dont like the type of music or the lyrics dont speak to them or they dont like her voice or they just dont like pop/country music or even if they think she is a bad dancer and it bothers them enough to not like her music (ridic but whatever)  … those i think are acceptable reasons to not like an artist because they are personal opinions and everyone’s entitled to one.  

What i do not think is okay is to make fun of and berate her for writing about love and relationships and being broken up with… but not do it to the many other artists who do. If one has a problem with that TYPE of TOPIC in a song then it should to a be a consistent dislike across the board. it is unfair and hypocritical to go “oh i don’t like Taylor or Adele bc they write songs about rs’s and love and they act scorned and so forth” but “i love bruno mars and ed sheeran”  … bc they write about the same topics and also i dont think they generally name names either. In fact Taylor should be respected MORE for not naming names!!  

What i think is not okay, is to portray / act like Taylor is a serial dater …. she has realistically not dated very many people and much less than your average person her age has.  

Those are two things which i think have been unfair. 

guess how many descendents songs I have on this computer? a clue: I have 174 screeching weasel songs, 159 MTX songs, 118 vindictives songs, 115 groovie ghoulies songs, 112 nofx songs, 108 ramones songs, and [only] 88 vandals songs

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you were really rude to say that cis people are terrible. :( thanks hun. really appreciated that fantastic boost to my day with ur stunningly accurate generalisation!! :DD fuck you. unfollowing, as much as i derive vindictive pleasure from reading about terfs drowning.

is… this real…. i’m actually laughing so hard omfg anyway fuck cis people
- mod L


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