Interesting force user: Lord Vindican
Vindican was a pure blood Sith, as in the original species of Sith from the planet Korriban. He was apprenticed to Darth Ikoral, and had an apprentice of his own, Malgus. Vindican was so interesting in my opinion because of his heritage and training. As stated before, he was trained by Darth Ikoral, a very powerful force user that would heavily influence Vindican. Normally Vindican uses a double bladed red lightsaber, but has been known to wield a single blade. He was part of tree battle above Korriban and took on Kao Cen Daratch and Satele Shan with the aid of his apprentice, Darth Malgus. Throughout the battle Lord Vindican portrayed great power, exhibiting bursts of force lightning and continued assault on both the Jedi. Ultimately he was wounded at the hands of Kao Cen Daratch, and after Shan escaped and Malgus killed Cen Daratch, Malgus cam back to his Master and spoke briefly:
‘They have escaped master. You have failed.’
'No Malgus, this is only the beginning!’
'After a thousand years, Korriban is ours again. Welcome home.’
Darth Malgus then proceeded to Kill Lord Vindican in the space station, thus ending Vindican’s reign.
Lord Vindican was an accomplished force user, seen depicting force lightning as well as force push, though there could be many more abilities yet to be found. He was also a very capable lightsaber duelist, that could take on very skilled Jedi for some time.