vindi confessions

No.13: “As nice as it is to have “great gear and a high plus’d weapon,” I don’t feel comfortable running around with them on. Once you get these things, people start to expect way too much out of you–Like you’re not human and don’t make mistakes. Sometimes they choose to run their mouth about it and really, what fun is that?”

Submitted by: Anon

No.64: “I’m often discouraged from continuing playing because other players often expect me to be able to obtain the next best thing when I can’t afford it.”

Submitted by: Anon

(If you ever find a boat hosted by Zethina, jump in. We don’t care what armour you wear or what weapon you have. We’re playing for fun, not top damage. We also don’t discriminate against those like that. I can tell you right now that I don’t have the best armour, or enchants because I can’t afford them either. You’re more than welcomed on my boat–unless you decide to be an ass to me or my friends, or mooch.) 

No.21: “Contrary to popular belief, no one wants to hear someone rant for 20+ min about how “everyone in the party sux”, “my Evie soloed this naked”, “like OMGAH if we don’t get breakoff I’m going to kill myself”, “kill da boss dammit”, “my party last year killed him in a min OMGAH”.

Sometimes there are good parties.Sometimes there are bad parties. Sometimes there are newbies in the raid who need to get the hang of things. It’s just a game. Party not up to your standards? Type “/leave” and godspeed. Don’t get me wrong—veteran advice is welcome and appreciated when it is respectful, constructive, and not overly annoying and braggish.”

Submitted by: Nnenne

(I can totally agree with this! I hate the asshole players who tell me what I should do, what I should wear, and in the most mean way possible. Why not suggest it nicely and then–maybe–I’ll be willing to work with you. OH and also, give me the gold for the expensive stuff you want me to have. Otherwise, you gotta deal with it.) 

No.27: “One giant thing I hate about being a Staff Evie is that sometimes people see you as a reviver/corona generator and nothing else.”

Submitted by: Anon

(I know I shouldn’t pick favourites, but I really truly agree with this one. I hate being asked “Where’s the coro!?” when I JUST put one down, it gets torn to pieces, and I have to sit back and explain to the ignorant players that we have to wait 3 minutes until I can put another down. Please be patient, please don’t ever ask for one, and in the mean time, remember that’s what pots are for. It’s really frustrating when you’re the only Staffie–it’s been happening too much recently.)