vindc replied to your photoset: Mamahalin mo pa rin ba ako kahit ganito ako…

Ikaw lang kakain niyan? Haha

Pagkatapos kong lamunin kainin ‘yung gabundok na rice and chicken plus french fries, umaangal na ang stomach ko. Pasok na raw ako sa isa sa mga “seven deadly sins” kaya binigay ko na lang 'yung burger. Hahaha. Deserving naman ako dito dahil nagrereview ako for a quiz. *jina-justify*

 erligalano replied to your photosetMamahalin mo pa rin ba ako kahit ganito ako…

konti pa yan. haha ((;

Hahaha. Salamat, I feel mabait dahil kulang pa pala 'to. :)

 electromarknetic replied to your photosetMamahalin mo pa rin ba ako kahit ganito ako…

that’s a usual meal… hindi ka matakaw. ^_^

Salamat. Nawala na ang guilt sa kaibuturan ng puso ko. [:

 adeeongtawco replied to your photosetMamahalin mo pa rin ba ako kahit ganito ako…

akin na lang yung fries. :3

Ubos na Adee. :D

 turtlehiro replied to your photosetMamahalin mo pa rin ba ako kahit ganito ako…

haha pareho pala tayo bro ng lamon sa mcdo hahaha sige eat well!

Tapos na kanina nag-break ako habang nagre-review. [:

I touched your symphysis menti

then up to your philtrum,

my flexor pollicis longis and brevis,

abductor pollicis and brevis passionately traversed

I pressed gently on your orbicularis oris

your zygomaticus major slightly moved

together with your orbicularis oculi

our buccinators met

until I found a way to unite your procerus

and mine

(your levator palpebrae superioris remained dead

which I equated with sincerity)

my genioglossus, styloglossus and hyoglossus

were all at work my infrahyoid and suprahyoid

were ever supportive with my palpebral relaxed

(my levator palpebrae superioris also remained dead

which I equated with submission)

what this magnificence I found

in the immense darkness of our temporary universe

an extravagant dance of gallaxies

as some romantic, undeniably ecstatic force

pushed our epicranius, frontalis,

occipitus and auricularis

so that we may become one

beyond the concreteness of anatomy.

(from Two Dollar Rocky by malignantquiapo)


Sa hindi inaaasahang… Pagtatagpo ng mga mundo

How unlikely that we’ve met. I mean, I forced my way to be where we are right now, and followed a path I had tried to tread before. 

Di pa ba sapat ang sakit at lahat… Na hinding hindi ko ipararanas saýo

I already told you this before, I care for you. You are too precious to get hurt, and that’s why maybe you won’t let your heart wander. But it’s alright.

Bakit di papatulan… Ang pagsuyong nagkulang

It’s not our season. Not yet. I may not look like your dream right now, but you are mine. And I’ll be waiting.

At bilang kanlungan mo… Ako ang sasagip saýo.

I long to hear you say you need my help. Or you need me. 

Bakit di pa sabihin.. Ang hindi mo maamin

No. I won’t gamble on this. I want to make sure that when I confess to you, I can handle your answer. May it be the sweetest memory or the most bitter one I will ever have. 

Ipauubaya na lang ba ‘to sa hangin

But then again, someone might just be there. Maybe someone better. I don’t know.

Naririto ako’t nakikinig saýo.

I’ll always be here. After all, we’re friends, right? 


Maaari bang hawakan ang iyong mga kamay

We have met for just a few years. We’ve been friends, and before I was contented. But changes happened, wounds healed, and there’s a new day to be seized. The friendship unexpectedly bloomed to something. Now, I really want to hold your hand, kiss it and be mine.

Nanlalamig, nanginginig na ako

Whenever I see your glowing smile, I can’t help but have mine plastered on my face the whole day. Your radiant personality pierces through me and gently washes away any mood swings that I might have. I shiver at the thought of talking to you.

Mabuti pang umiwas

But I also know that this must wait, or else it would not last forever. I’m impatient, and people might come to your life, but this feelings ain’t going away soon.

Wag kang mag-alala

Di ko ipipilit sa ‘yo

Hopefully, one day you’d realize that I didn’t give up on this. I won’t simply throw this burning passion away. I do care for you. Even though I have a slim chance of getting something in return, any moment with you would suffice. That is love.

Torete ako sa'yo

I’m crazy for you.