*Bella ushers Amber to the living room, clearly excited about something*

Bella: You may want to sit down for this.

Amber: What’s going on?

Bella: Your paintings rival the work of the Thomas Kinkade, Vincint Van Gough, and many more master artists. My friends at an art gallery in Newcrest would kill to have your work on their walls. This is the opportunity of a lifetime.

*Amber is having trouble processing this information, once it hits her, she feels like she might explode with excitement*

Amber: Let me get this straight, my paintings, are art gallery worthy, rival the work of master artists, and if I sell them to your friends…

Bella: They must be worth tens of thousands my dear, I’d have to make some phone calls, but your work would be admired by the masses.

Lain likes little Ifrit! Lain is sure the critter will warm up to him without use of fire, eventually! However, Lain has adopted more than one though and now worries The Jumpy Dragoon may burn down and that would make the landlord very upset. 

Lain knows it is the holidays, so he thinks maybe an Eorzean would be able to make other little Ifrit very happy! He will get Vincint to read the names of his new friends and pick one randomly in a few days. They will have to be on Balmung, but new and old friends alike are welcomed. (<– Lain is not sure what that means but thinks it sounds good.)