“We’d done this little low budget film. They’d even flown us economy to our location in London to save money, and we lived off a per diem that came nowhere near the vincinity of luxurious. We’d done a cool little off-the-radar movie directed by a bearded guy from Modesto. A thing like that wasn’t going to make people want to play with a doll of you, was it? It was one movie.” – Carrie Fisher, The Princess Diarist

Video for exercise anon - I hid a ball and he must find it.

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Hi! I've been thinking about the episode Barn Mates after the loud criticism and/or hatred directed towards it. The main critique is usually that Lapis forgiving Peridot was "forced", "rushed" and what have you. I admit I did find it a bit weird in spite of being a long time Lapidot shipper... but going through everything I realised there's an often overlooked detail. Namely, no one forced Lapis to stay anyway near the barn, but she kept hovering in the near vincinity. (1/4)

She knows where Steven lives; it’s not like she could never find him again if she left. If Peridots presence caused her such grief, there’s no reason she would stay around; Steven already made it clear that the barn was given to Peridot first. Personally, I think she held something akin to a grudge against Peridot for bringing her back to Earth and just didn’t want to accept the fact that she had changed so drastically. (2/4)           

It fits into the theme of Same Old World when Steven shows that Earth is constantly changing - something she never realised out of the spite she held for the planet she was trapped on. In Barn Mates, Steven tried to show her that people change, too. How does her character evolve in Alone at Sea? She allows herself to start working on her past trauma, being forced into a state of staticity, when she lets herself change with her new experiences and apologizes to Jasper for mistreating her. (¾) 

You can’t have any of these episodes without the others. Seeing it from this perspective has made Barn Mates one of my favourite episodes because of the underlying theme of allowing to let go and look ahead (and, well, I’d lie if I said that I didn’t enjoy the Lapis/Peridot interactions). What are your thoughts? Maybe I’m way off, haha. Anon love from Sweden! (Sorry for spamming your inbox by the way!) (4/4)            

Hi Anon, and thanks so much for sending this through!

I honestly think you might be onto something there.

No-one was forcing Lapis to stay at the barn, you’re right.  I think that, at first, she might have wanted to keep the place for herself; of course, in the end her and Peridot decided to share it instead.

I do wonder if this might have been the first time that Lapis ever actually forgave someone, thanks to Steven.

We know that Lapis has a tendency to lash out at people when she feels wronged (such as when she attacks the Crystal Gems in Mirror Gem and then, of course, trapping Jasper in a toxic fusion).  She really doesn’t forgive very easily - and she certainly has a lot of resentment towards Peridot at the start of Barn Mates.  I think the turning point was when she broke the tape recorder and Peridot said:

“Look, I get it, you know?  You’re confused!  You can never go back to Homeworld.  This place doesn’t exactly feel like home yet.   You’re alone, no one could possibly know what that feels like!  Oh wait, I do!  We’re the same, except… you don’t have to be alone!” 

I think, at this point, Lapis may have began to “get” Peridot’s true intentions.  She still lashes out at Peridot and tells her to leave, but I get the impression that she felt bad for that (as well as breaking the tape recorder) - especially after Steven called her out for it.  She certainly looks like she’s contemplating something, and almost looks to be feeling a bit guilty judging from her body language in that scene.

And I think that is why she saved Peridot from the Roaming Eye.  She even specifically stopped to ask Peridot if she was okay afterwards (and we all know what happened next, don’t we~)

After she forgave Peridot, I wonder if she did some soul-searching and began to wonder if she herself could also be forgiven for her past actions - hence the apology to Jasper.  She sought the forgiveness of someone who she mistreated, just how Peridot did in Barn Mates.  She even refers to herself as a “monster” - a far cry from the Lapis who’s always been the victim in the past.  Although, of course, Alone At Sea didn’t end as well as Barn Mates - which is probably deliberate, actually, to directly contrast a toxic “relationship” with a healthy one.

As for Lapidot being “rushed”.  I’ve said this before, but it’s literally because Lapis and Peridot don’t live with Steven.  We see everything from his perspective; so if he doesn’t see what’s happening, then neither do we.  It’s unfortunate, but it’s to be expected.  As important as Lapidot (as well as Lapis and Peridot themselves) is to us though, we must remember that they’re minor characters.  They live on their own, away from the main cast, and of course we’re not going to see anywhere near as much of them as we do the main Crystal Gems.

If they’re happy together, them I’m happy.  The ship is basically canon at this point anyway ;)

QUARTZ SISTERS & Jasper redempion ideas

Like, I trust the crewniverse; even if she never comes back, she’d still have been a great antagonist, 

But, consider: 

  • Jasper & Amethyst interaction
  • Jasper being way harder to get into ‘Earth stuff’ than Lapis or Peridot, but Amethyst sorta finding the way more naturally
  • Like, starting with something you can win at, like Video Games, 
  • Amethyst introducing Jasper to the joys of munching (Remember that official artwork of her downing several raw steaks and, well, as lowkey disturbing as the whole melon sacrifice thing was, Malachite probably didn’t get that trait from Lapis. ) 
  • Amethyst having someone who gets her brash nature; Her chill & very earth-integrated personality being probably best suited to get Jasper interested in things besides fighting; 
  • Jasper being this very rigid character who nonetheless takes a sort of warped pleasure from things outside the rules; Amethyst being a rather dyonisan rule breaker, and all of this balancing them out a bit
  • Same with Amethyst being a great & clever & flexible improviser & a trickster fighting style wise.. perfect person to ‘enlighten’ someone who thinks there’s only one way for things to be done
  • Amethyst not realizing the seriousness of a lot of homeworld stuff - at least not as intimately as Pearl, Garnet & Bismuth who’ve been intimately impacted by its policies and thus can’t be detached about it (Garnet, and Bismuth should she have joined by then, will probably be the strictest on her, but, she has to get that the shit she pulled in the past is not okay.)
  • But she might be like, “Geh, Fusion is hard.” and mention the Sugilite incident (Cue Jasper’s disbelieving/ schooled reaction when she hears that Peal took them out through guile). Though I think the one to explain to her what she’s been doing wrong/ the value of cooperation in general would probably be Steven. He might feel responsible toward her as she’s a result/collateral damage of a war Rose started, however necessary it may have been. I guess that could also be a narrative opportunity to analyze & mitigate his tedency to feel that he has to personally fix everything
  • Steven likening the ‘missing beloved leader’ situation of PD’s followers to that of the CGs
  • Though the show tends to not eliminate anyone’s character flaws as much as whittle them down to a workable/tolerable level, so she’ll probably always be a bit brusque, abrasive, proud and single-minded; I’d also imagine that, like Lapis, she’d initially feel too much bad blood toward the CGs as a concept to outright join them and remain a sort of aloof neutral ally.  She’s most certainly not moving into the barn as Lapis is there,  though the very existence of the barn indicates that the writes want to keep the temple crew as it is (Though maybe Bismuth could eventually move into the barn - imagine her and Peridot tinkering away!), so Jasper would probably hang around the vincinity as so as they trust her enough to let her go. I picture her continuing to hide out somewhere underwater, because of her tendency to gravitate toward familiar places
  • Amethyst showing Jasper around beach city and telling any random human who asks that she’s her long-lost older sister. Given that she’s resorted to playing pretend with rocks for a sense of belonging, she’d do that. 
  • Amethyst inviting Jasper to a shorty squad hangout, all the visual puns about how she’s not short… at all (Peridot & Steven also seemed receptive to getting on her case, with Steven being Steven Peridot sharing the experience of breaking free of homeworld beliefs) - Related: Peridot acting a bit cocky as the ‘senior’ CG recruit, might do a good job at getting it into Jasper’s head that homeworld hierarchy no longer applies on Earth. Peridot saying ‘Welcome to Earth’ and sorta closing the cycle of Rose & Garnet.
  • The purple puma gets a new tag-team partner
  • Amethyst shapeshifting into a helicopter again… and taking Jasper flying. At first she’d be like, dismissively snorting that it’s not the same as eing able to do it naturally,  but then it would dawn on her that the lack of constant struggle is a plus. 
  • Amethyst & Jasper with matching ponytails. 
  • The squad visits some random ruins and discusses; Amethyst knowing little about homeworld stuff, some of the older gems recalling them when they stood at their full glory, the place already having been ruined by the time Jasper came around
  • Amethyst taking Jasper to her own place of origin
  • Jasper initially seeing Amethyst’s complexes & shame about her origins as proof that the CGs manipulate the weak & turn gems againt their intended purpose; Amethyst retorting that homeworld wouldn’t exactly have let her exist either; Jasper ultimately getting the point
  • Jasper & Amethyst discussing their complicated feelings about their origins from opposite perspectives
  • Jasper & Amethyst sparring amicably
  • Jasper comming to truly respect Amethyst & rescind her previous words

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Andreil prompt: In the middle of a game, Raven players pull out dashboard lighters and everything goes down hill (panic, fighting, possessiveness/protection).

This is the third time I’m starting this because apparently tumblr hates me, so I’m typing it out on word and I’ll just copy paste it. Anyway, I love and thank you for the prompt, and anyone else that wants to send anything else my way is absolutely welcomed and encouraged to do so, I live for it
On to the panic (Imma start angsty, but I’ll bet you anything I’ll have found a way to make it happy by the end. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I can’t help it. Use @philosophium’s angst if anyone actually wants that)

  • So it’s the first time the Ravens face the Foxes after the spring championship
  • It happens at the nest
  • The foxes step onto court ready to face their opponents
  • And the fans repeat the bells-defeaning sounds routine
  • But somehow angrier, drowning the foxes even more
  • They start to play and the Ravens keep the game pretty civil considering
  • But
  • The Ravens had all summer to feel furious at the team that cost them their title, their pride, their coach, their captain 
  • And has caused them to look at all the banners that hung once with pride, that made people anxious to face them, with anger and disgust
  • And they’ve had to think long and hard about retalliation
  • You bet your ass Riko gloated about all the things that happened to Neil to his minions before he knew he wouldn’t have the chance to get his turn at him
  • Before he knew about his mark being burned off
  • So they were just biding their time
  • Let’s pretend that their uniforms would have pockets okay? Okay
  • At a pre-determined count of bells, they take out dashboard lighters from their pockets
  • At first Neil only sees the glint of metal, shining under the stadium lights
  • Then a Raven checks him hard and manages to touch his arm with the metal
  • He freezes, flashing back to that night, but pulls himself together after a while
  • The only reason the other foxes don’t notice is because they are still playing the ravens, so everyone’s got their hands full and Andrew is too far away to be able to see every move Neil makes
  • But you know, you know he still pays attention to him
  • A second raven passes Neil, and this time the lighter is warm and the taunt that accompanies it sharp
  • Neil starts shaking, and that gets Andrew’s attention
  • His grip on his racket gets deadly and the next time a Raven tries to score he starts pushing back a bit too hard, after a while getting carded for excesive violence
  • The Ravens take advantage of the break to switch players
  • When the new raven gets into the court and touches his (slightly) burning lighter on Neil’s skin from behind, Neil starts hyperventilating
  • He falls to the floor, not being able to escape that night
  • As soon as Andrew sees Neil on the floor, he has ditched his racket (into the stomach of the closest raven) and is running towards Neil
  • Now the people that say Neil is fast haven’t seen Andrew rush to Neil’s side
  • He makes a point to bump hard into every black clad figure on his way
  • (He hits a couple of their own players because he has tunel vision and he can only think Neil)
  • Matt and Dan have started throwing punches at their marks, because they have blocked them off
  • Allison has to be restrained not to run onto court
  • The referees are trying to break the fights that have broken out all over the court
  • A raven tried to stop Andrew by tackling him, but he’s up, has sliced the raven’s palm and is running towards Neil again
  • He finally, finally reaches him
  • He looks at Neil on the floor shaking and not being able to breathing, panic creeping in now that he’s actually in front of him
  • He pushes through it and pulls Neil into a sitting position, taking off his helmet, pushing his head between his legs and snipping “Breathe” at him over and over
  • He talks to him about how he’s in the court with him and he’s right beside him, murmuring I’m right here  over and over
  • Neil clutches his shirt, knucles white with tension
  • Andrew takes Neil’s face between his hands and frces Neil to look at him
  • Andrew’s hands on Neil’s face begin to ground him and slowly he stops feeling like drowning and starts taking breaths again
  • When Andrew hears Neil take that first deep breath he is so relieved
  • ( I will, generously,  not write he lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding)
  • By that point the rest of the foxes have been let onto court and the fights have been broken
  • So Neil’s family approaches him, bloody and bruised and concerned
  • Andrew lets Matt touch Neil’s arm
  • Dan and Allison look about ready to find the first Raven in vincinity and beat them within an inch of their lives
  • Renee, Nicky and Kevin sit to the side, waiting for Neil to get up
  • Concern in their eyes
  • And fury
  • Neil looks up at them and he remembers why he’s there today
  • How they fought for him and accepted him and held on tight, how they wouldn’t let him go
  • Not that night and not now
  • And after nodding at Matt with a small smile, he turns to Andrew with gratitude in his eyes
  • And it reminds Andrew too much of that night, of the goodbye he gave him
  • So he scowls, throws a percentage at him, but will not stop squeezing his arm
  • The ravens don’t get a single shot past Andrew as long as he’s allowed to be there, but that’s not for long, because he is viciously rebounding the ball from the shoes of the strikers, getting careless with his racket, accidentally hitting too many of the players
  • Matt is not much better
  • They both get benched for the second half of the game, alongside Neil
  • The foxes still win, Neil watching from the sides, Andrew and Matt on either side of him, Dan, Allison and Nicky close by
  • He watches Kevin take his former team head on, not afraid of them anymore and fighting for himself and Neil
  • He watches his new team and the way they play on the court
  • And he thinks maybe, just maybe, being Captain next year won’t be so bad after all

Introducing Ernestien Noireaux.

Yeah, he’s a Duskwight, but could probably pass as a Wildwood on first look. This has encouraged him to be very vocal about his Duskwight heritage when amongst his brethren.

He has an ego the size of Eorzea, is a massive flirt, incredibly selfish, and comes off as very easy going and jovial. He has a rich, deep voice. Every sentence comes out as song or purr, rather than speech. His moral compass is best described as ‘chaotic neutral’.

He can be a lot of fun but approach with caution. He’s a bit of a whirlwind. He runs with a gang of Duskwight outlaws in the Twelveswood and can found pretty much anywhere in the vincinity.

Aklıma bu fotoğraf düştü bir de Pınar Selek'in şu cümlesi:“Beni mutsuz bir kadın haline getirmelerine izin vermeyeceğim” Her gün başka bir tecavüz, cinayet, şiddet haberi duysak da, yeteneklerimiz onların zerre umurunda olmasa da, hayatımızla ilgili tüm kararları alabileceklerini düşünseler de gülüşümüzü solduramayacaklar…8mart Kadınlar günü kutlu olsun hem de böyle çocuklar parkta oynayabilsin diye vincin önüne siper olan Kıymet teyzeler varken…

Müfettişler ocağa artiz gibi gelir!

Somalıları en çok öfkelendiren, ölü sayısının az gösterilmesi. Dün sabahın ilk saatlerinde madenden çıkan cesetlerin sayısı 200’ü geçmişti. Bir işçi, devletin yaptığı denetimlerin tamamen palavra olduğunu söyledi.

Patlama olduğunda işçi Ahmet B., vardiyasını beklediği için dışarıda oturuyordu. Arkadaşlarıyla beraber içeriye girip bazı yaralıları çıkarabildiler. “Bir arkadaşım, ölenlerin gaz maskesini toplayarak kurtulmayı başarmış. Bir maske 40 dakika dayanıyor. Bu dediğim, ilk çıkanlar. Artık kurtulan olmaz…”

Soma maden ocağının önündeki kalabalık, giderek azalan bir ümitle, sessizce bekliyor… Bu sessizliği tek bozan, her çaldığında insanın içini parçalayan siren sesi. Ve peşinden yukarı çekilen vincin zincir sesi… Neredeyse her beş dakikada bir, ölü bedenler toprağın altından çıkarılıyor. Bekleyen bir yakın teşhis ettiğinde, bir çığlık…

Ahmet B., daha Çarşamba sabahı 04.30’da çıkarılan ölü sayısının 220’yi bulduğunu, Kırkağaç’taki soğuk hava deposuna gittiğini söylüyor. Patlama sırasında 749 işçi, aşağıdaymış…


Burada oğullarını, komşularını, arkadaşlarını, amcalarını, dayılarını bekleyenlerin hepsi, ölü sayısının az gösterilmesine tepkili. Dün akşam saatlerinde, hala bazı yayınlarda 245 ölü denirken, Soma’daki kayıp sayısının 450 kişiyi bulduğunu herkes biliyordu.

Bir kamu görevlisinin karısı, cesetlerin taşındığı Kırkağaç soğuk hava deposunda 17 bölüm bulunduğunu, her birinin 23 ölü işçi bedeniyle daha dün gece dolduğunu bana anlatıyor. Israrla, “Lütfen toplum birlik olsun, yardım etsin. Çoluk çocuk, herkes ortada kaldı. 1000-1300 lira maaşa çalışan insanlardı…”

Kurtarma çalışmalarına iki kez katılan Ahmet bey, madende çalışan herkesin sigortalı olduğunu, ancak müfettiş konusunda sahtekârlık yapıldığını belirtiyor:

“Geleceklerini daha 2 hafta önceden haber verirler. Artiz gibi süslenip püslenip beyaz arabalarıyla gelirkler, bir kurdelesi eksiktir… En fazla 300 metreye inerler, bizim sürünerek girdiğimiz yerlere girmezler. Üstlerinde bir gram toz olmadan 1 saate çıkarlar! Zaten indi-çıktı o kadar sürüyor…”


Kader mi, ihmalkârlık mı bu? “Kader diyenin suratına tüküreyim” diyor.

Peki ya şirketin ihmali yok mu? Ahmet Bey, son teknolojiye sahip olduklarını belirtip “Ocağımızı çok emniyetli biliyorduk. Demek ki değilmiş…” diyebiliyor.

Ancak 18 yaşın altında çocukların çalıştırıldığını kesin bir dille yalanlıyor.

Dayı ve amcasının çıkarılmasını bekleyen bir başka yurttaş, yüksek sesle tepkisini dile getiriyor: “Sabahtan beri 400 ölü var! Kardeşi ölmüş, adam bağırıyor diye ağzını kapıyorlar… Bağıracak tabii! Hep sus, hep sus… Bugün Soma’da yarın İmbat’ta…”

Şirketten ve patrondan ziyade, Soma’daki yönetime büyük bir tepki olduğunu belirtmeliyim… Seçim esnasında işçilerin AKP mitinglerine götürüldüğü, gitmeyenin tehdit edildiğini de duyuyorum. Üç farklı kaynak, yerel seçimlerde işçilere “AKP kaybederse işinizi kaybedersiniz” dendiğini söylüyor.

Yerel seçimlerde Manisa’da MHP, %40.1 ile kazandı. Madencilerin de yaşadığı Soma’da AKP %43.3,  Kırkağaç’ta %51, Akhisar’da %35.9 ile kazanmıştı.


  • Başbakan Erdoğan’ın enkaza değil maden ocağındaki Koordinasyon merkezine geldiği, protesto edilmediği söylendi. Protestoda bulunmak isteyenlerin de önü kesilmiş. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu’nun da protesto edildiği bana atarıldı.
  • Olay yerine gelen Enerji Bakanı Yıldız, Aile ve Sosyal Politikalar Bakanı İslam ve Sağlık Bakanı Müderrisoğlu ise bir kitle tarafından “hükümet istifa” sloganlarıyla protesto edildi.
  • Bir işçi yakını şöyle haykırıyordu: “Belediyeye, MHP bayrağı salladım diye işe alınmadım. İnsan değerini öğrenin! Hepsi istifa etmeli! Kömürle gelen, kömürle gider!”
  • Soma ilçe merkezine giden yolu polis kapatmıştı. Belediye binasının taşlandığı, Başbakan’ın protestolar yüzünden bir süpermarkete sığındığı, bazı makam araçlarının plakalarının söküldüğünü Somalı gençlerden öğrendim.

Today I’m going to showcase the surface dwelling creatures!

This is Masked Rexton, a highly territorial herbivore that , while not hostile right away, will attack the player if he continues ot linger in its vincinity in order to protect its turf.

The prefix “masked” is used to identify this species unique head armor growth capability that alters its stats and abilities.