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The Originals s4 ep 4.

Oh god this is getting better and better… Another week another amazing episode of this show ;) but this one had Joseph’s special touch in it since he was the one who directed it yay! No really Joe is a natural when it comes to acting and directing, and I am so glad that the writters give him such episodes to work with. Cause this one had some pretty amazing scenes in regards of fighting and plot. Anyways, here is what I liked the most on this episode:

- First of , Klayley being worried parents and doing everything they can to help their kid is my new aesthetics. Actually Klayley being parents period. When Klaus is trying to go back to his old ways ( killing, torturing that sort of stuff ) Hayley is there to remind him that they have to be better for their kid :’).

- Freya and Keelin are my new sailing ship and I do not care what everyone says. I love the way that Freya is acting in these episodes: a true matriarch and a big overprotective sister. Throughout this week and that long hiatus everyone started disliking her for what she did and for what she is willing to do. But come on every single one of us would do the same to protect those we love. She is just not shying away from it. Now I am all in for her and Keelin to get together cause they are a great combination of mind and power. Their chemistry and attraction towards each other became so obvious in that scene in the old attic with the ring ;) Now we are all left waiting to see it blooming even more.

- Vincent as ususal was on point when it comes to protecting and doing what is necessary without hurting anyone. I like that he is being so bad ass and taking no shit from anyone. He is powerful, he has had his fill with violence and pain and all he wants to do is right the wrong he started. * thumbs up to the writters for this *

- Hayley, my beautiful wolf queen, Hayley had to deal with so many things in this ep. Her daughter being sick , making sure that no one from her family gets killed/hurt and of course facing her past regarding her pack. I enjoyed seeing her becoming a protector sort of for the Mikaelsons but what I was most satisfied with was when she asked Elijah the big ‘’if’’ question. When she got her answer we saw her realizing that things need to change bc if not they will enter into another violent circle that will corrupt her daughter at some point, something that she and Klaus do not want. 

- The ritual scene where Klaus and Marcel were trapped in the circle was just so beautiful. Klaus trying to protect him bc he still cares for him was too much. Vincent being the genious witch that he is finding a way out of it and Elijah being literally that sacrificial lamb had me at the edge of my seat bitting off my nails. It was so strong not only cinematographically ( thank you again Joe ;) ) but in regards of the perfomances as well.

- Just when you think that Klope cannot get more adorable, BOOM, the writters give us more of them. In the last episode we saw them bonding and being cute around each other ^_^ but in this one we got to experience the angst , if I may call it that way, side of them. Klaus being worried and not letting Hope out of his sight caused sooooo many feels. Telling her that she  has a warrior’s heart and that he will protect her ‘’always and forever’’ , Hope reaching out to touch his face as a way of showing her love to him is simply too much to handle T_T.  They are so precious and they need to be protected at all cost.

In other news:

- Will died ( what is with the writters that make them want to kill humans and good humans in particular huh? ). Still upset over it cause it was a reminder for me at least, of the good unselfish action he did in 3x09… Remember? 

- That evil spirit will make my bae Klaus suffer in the next epsidoe with awful memories of his childhood ( just give him a break already, he had plenty of torment ).

- Now all I wish for 4x05 is to see Hope trying to bring Klaus back from that spell…

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First Aid Kit - ‘Stay Gold’

Alt J - ‘An Awesome Wave’

Modest Mouse - (any album because I can’t pick just one)

Glass Animals - ‘ZABA’

Chet Faker - ‘Built on Glass’

Shawn James - ‘Shadows’

Broods - ‘Evergreen’

St. Vincent - ‘St. Vincent’

Foster the People - ‘Supermodel’

Wolf Alice - ‘My Love is Cool’

MS MR - ‘Secondhand Rapture’

Fleetwood Mac - ‘Rumours’