Dream a little Dream of illustrations by

01. Gabriele Dell'Otto.

02. Bill Sienkiewicz.

03. Frank Quitely.

04. Jae Lee.

05. Kelley Jones.

06. Chris Bachalo.

07. Jon J. Muth.

08. John T. Totleben.

09. David Aja.

10. Jim Lee.

the first time i met frank quitely (vincent deighan) at the club, as with many of the members, i had no idea of his talents. i remember sitting down with him, probably drunk, introducing myself and asking if he went to art college. as i recall, he said he had started at glasgow school of art, but given up half way through. i did my mother on him: ‘you can always go back, you know, get your  degree … important to see things through to the finish, etc.’ frank quietly sat there, agreed, and said nothing to expose my ignorance. someone later filled me in. so there you go. don’t listen to those well-meaning fools who say you must go to college or whatever. some people are bigger than college.

i insulted him, but still he shared his gum that night when he gave me a lift back to my glasgow flat.

drawing: I asked vincent to draw the most complicated things we as cartoonists have been asked to draw, to deadline - like an invading army and the eiffel tower. can’t remember what the other images represent but it does make for a pretty cool page in my autograph book.

i still have vincent’s amazing poster of batman: scottish connection (written by alan grant)

(flex mentallo, the authority, all-star superman, batman and robin, new x-men, We3, batman: scottish connection)


What Do Artists Do All Day - Frank Quitely

Grant Morrison

Frank Quitely - ‘Vincent Deighan’

Jamie Grant

Jamie Grant

Phil Balsman

Brandon Montclare
Bob Schreck

Cover Artist(s):
Frank Quitely - 'Vincent Deighan’

Shitty Notes:
This comic is so bad they could give it away.. oh wait.  I actually like Frank Quitely, but this is one of the lamest covers ever.  I hate using the word lame too, but it just fits.