Larger Than The LV Life.

“Louis Vuitton has enlisted artist Vincent Bousserez, known best for photographing miniatures in his quirky ‘Larger Than Life’ series, for their latest campaign. In this imaginary playground of Louis Vuitton wares, newlyweds walk down a glowing strap, golfers enjoy an evening game over a monogrammed bag, and construction workers carve out embedded logos. Genius!”

(via honestlywtf)

The Telegraph has an amazing slideshow of images taken by the photographer Vincent Bousserez in Strasbourg, France. Bousserez says that the city hasn’t used any pesticides since 2007, and that, “little by little, nature took back the urban space. Wild herbs grow everywhere, sidewalks and streets are covered in flowers and weeds.” Bousserez packed up his army of little plastic people and photographed them all over town communing with Strasbourg’s newly grown nature. Click through to see all the images. It’s worth it!