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Jane Zhang - Dust My Shoulders Off + Famous Pieces of Art 

Cloud, among all the main protagonist in the FFVII series, is the smallest one.

I think the spikes must have a grand presence and when you are face with it, it just screams with masculinity that makes Cloud look taller than he actually is.

Vincent really doesn’t have the complexion for a blush so I’m only gonna make his ears burn :) 

Window to the Soul

Details taken from: Frida Kahlo’s ‘Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird’ (1940), Ford Madox Brown’s ‘The Irish Girl’ (1860), Pablo Picasso’s sketch of Francoise Gilot (approx. 1946), Paul Cezanne’s ‘Le paysan’/‘Peasant’ (1891), Johannes Vermeer’s ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ (1665), Vincent Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait (1889), Henri Matisse’s ‘Self-Portrait in a Striped Shirt’ (1906), Laura Knight’s sketch of Elizabeth II (1950), Francis Bacon’s Self-Portrait (1969), Lucian Freud’s ‘Head of a Girl’ (1976), Fayum Mommy Portrait (1st-3rd C.), Elizabeth Catlett’s Untitled Portrait (approx.1947).

10 Fascinating Facts about Vincent van Gogh

1. Vincent had an older brother who died at birth. His name was also Vincent van Gogh.

2.Van Gogh suffered from temporal lobe epilepsy as well as other mental and physical conditions. Great reminder that disability can not hinder talent.

3. Vincent only sold one painting during his lifetime and only became famous after his death.

4. Vincent shot himself in a wheatfield in Auvers, France but did not die until 2 days later at the age of 37. His brother Theo died only six months later.

5. Van Gogh created his most famous work The Starry Night while staying in an asylum in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, France.

6.  Van Gogh wrote over 800 letters in his lifetime. The majority of them written to his brother and closest friend Theo, who financially supported Vincent.

7. In his short life, Vincent created a total of 2000 pieces of art which included 900 paintings and 1100 sketches/pencil drawings.

8. During an epileptic seizure, Van Gogh attempted to attack his friend Paul Gauguin with an open razor. This ultimately resulted in the Vincent cutting off a piece of his own ear – not the whole ear.

9. Vincent van Gogh never had much formal training in art, however, he attended an art school for a few months in Antwerp, in 1885, which was four years before his death.

10. Theo, at his side when he died, said that Vincent’s last words were “La tristesse durera toujours” which means “the sadness will last forever.”

Vincent van Gogh 

 March 30 1853 - July 29th 1890

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