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If you plan on doing the AU 5+ head canon challenge thing, may I request an ASGZC AU where Vincent is Sephiroth's Dad?

In what was probably the smartest move of his career, Vincent Valentine called for help when he thought the situation between Hojo and Lucretia became more than he could handle. Other Turks arrived and Vincent managed to survive. Hojo and Lucretia were under heavier surveillance and Vincent underwent some testing. After Lucretia gave birth, Vincent was re-released with a new assignment: he had to oversee Sephiroth now. 

With Lucretia missing, Hojo and Vincent made a very shaky truce and raised Sephiroth together. Eventually they became less hostile, but they would never trust each other. Hojo eventually let Vincent take care of Sephiroth most of the time: feeding, changing, and the like. It freed of more of his time and his techs’s time. As Sephiroth grew, he learned that Vincent was the one who would comfort him, hold him, and give him straight answers. Hojo would talk in circles. 

Vincent taught Sephiroth how to hack his communications relay before he left for Wutai. Sephiroth called every night. Sephiroth never explicitly said he missed Vincent, but it was pretty clear to Vincent that he did. There was a very long awkward conversation when Sephiroth asked how to make friends. Vincent was never really that good at it but coached Sephiroth as best he could. A few days later Vincent asked, “Hey Seph…did my advice…help?”

“No, but we’re friends now anyway.”

Vincent counted it as a success. 

Sephiroth had been to Wutai and back several times when he shyly asked for Vincent’s advice again. This time about…kissing stuff. Vincent had to blink a few times at that. 

“You’ve been kissing?” Vincent asked, now realizing he still kinda saw Sephiroth as the little five-year-old at his heels holding a storybook to read before bedtime. 

“Not really…but someone kissed me,” Sephiroth said, “I figured…Hojo used to say you did a lot of this kissing stuff with my mother…” 

“Do I know them?” 

“Yes, but you don’t have to shoot them,” Sephiroth said, “I just…I don’t know what to do.”

“I think you should talk to them first,” Vincent said, doing the second smartest thing of his life, “Your mother, Hojo, and I should have done a lot more of talking too.”

Sephiroth dragged them to him one by one. Vincent wondered if it was an on-again-off-again thing, but they all kept coming back, sometimes in pairs, sometimes alone. Vincent just decided to accept it. Sephiroth had always had a bigger heart that people wanted to admit. Vincent just didn’t think he was one of those people. They all made Sephiroth happy…all four of them looking at Vincent for approval kinda won him over. 

Okay but imagine: The Chocobros (+ a couple extra) meeting Avalanche

Cloud & Noctis:
- comparing/showing off their swords
- who’s the #1 shy edge lord idk it’s a fuckin toss up
- sharing tips on how to maintain the Chocobutt hairstyle
- probably become best friends but both are too cool (they think) to admit it

Prompto & Yuffie:
- way too much energy
- oh shit where’d they go
- running around taking pictures and playing pranks on everyone
- Prompto develops a crush on her because who doesn’t he have a crush on
“The what???”

Ignis, Vincent, & Nanaki:
- deep ass conversations you can’t even handle it
- Vincent probably isn’t talking tho
- I can see Iggy and Nanaki getting along so well

Cid & Cid:
- grumbling and swearing
- probably drinking some god damn tea
- talking about airships, weapons, vehicles, whatever they’ve been working on
- talking about “them crazy fuckin kids” but they secretly love them

Gladio, Barret, & Tifa:
- you’ve got a front row seat to thE GUN SHOW
- Gladio and Barret trying to out-do each other, probably end up sparring
- Tifa shows up in all her 5'4" glory and knocks them both off their feet (literally)
- Gladio digs that, Barret wants to kill him even more

Luna & Aerith:
- YOU KNOW these angels will be talking about flowers
- Aerith’s lilies and Luna’s sylleblossoms
- Aerith braiding Luna’s hair
- you’ll get cavities if you go anywhere near them, way too sweet.

Ardyn & Sephiroth:
-sharing tragic backstories and their descent into madness
- Pres & Vice Pres of the Magnificent Hair Committee
- “I impaled Cloud with my sword, twice”
“Brilliant! I made Noctis push his best friend off a moving train”
- *high five*

Soooo! Happy birthday Mr. Vincent Valentine!

Guess lot of you must ever think about the crossover between Vincent and Alucard yes me too so here it is :L) Hellsing style Vincent.

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