vincent ramirez

Classic SOD Cover Date: February 23, 2007

Marisa Ramirez (ex-Carmen, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS)
(insets, clockwise from top right) Don Diamont, Peter Bergman, Michelle Stafford, Greg Rikaart, Eyal Podell, Vincent Irizarry, Emily O’Brien, & Victoria Rowell (Brad, Jack, Phyllis, Kevin, Adrian, David, Jana, & Drucilla, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS)

I love buying things from Etsy!

This particular piece is from an artist named Vincent Ramirez (ArtisVast) based out of NYC. He has some truly spectacular mugs, and trestres parfait for a strong cup of tea or coffee.

Right now, I’m enjoying a very strong cup of pomegranate green tea. Buy a mug, support an independent artist, drink some warmth on these cold, cold days. Check out Etsy, there’s all sorts of goodies there. <3