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The Tiniest Lifeboat

“I’ve thought about killing myself!”

The crowd of kids all hushed, looking around to see who had said that. One girl pointed in the middle of the little circle they had formed in the cafeteria, and all gazes fell onto Hunter McNamara, quarterback and one of the most respected people in all of Westerburg.

But not for much longer.

“Hunter! Get back in line!” Hunter Duke hissed, glaring daggers at him.

“No! It’s okay Hunter, just tell us all how you feel, me and all of your fellow caring classmates and the cameras.” Mr. Fleming nodded for him to keep going, and Hunter sighed.

“W-Well.. I lost my best friend to suicide, and the last girl I slept with was sleeping with one of her fellow cheerleaders and they killed themselves too.. And my stomach hurts worse everyday…” He whimpered, hugging himself. “A-And Jesus I have to take the freaking bus to school everyday because all my rides to school are dead!” Hunter looked up, hoping to find some sympathy. “I-Its like I’m on a lifeboat, and all these people are here with me.. B-But the weakest must go and everyone’s pushing and wanting to stay on the lifeboat, and if I say the wrong thing I’m gonna get myself thrown off it you know..?”

Hunter Duke snickered, getting in his face. “What are you saying Hunter? Are you saying that Westerburg’s not a nice place?”

“N-No that’s not what I’m saying at all!”

“Sure sounds like it, where’s your school spirit? You don’t deserve to wear our school colors!” Duke grabbed his collar, smirking. “Why don’t you hop in your little lifeboat, and catch a wave to Remington?!”

A bunch of students laughed, adding in on the insults.

“Aww, Hunter’s gonna cry!”

“Maybe he SHOULD kill himself!”

Hunter gulped and ran off towards the boys bathroom, letting the tears flow freely.

Vincent stepped forward, glaring at Hunter Duke. “What the hell is wrong with you?! Trying to replace Hunter Chandler? Being a dick? This isn’t like you!”

Hunter scoffed and crossed his arms. “Hunter Chandler is dead, it was time for someone else to take the reigns, and that just so happened to be me.”

Vincent clenched his fists. “You’re becoming a monster, like Hunter Chandler, and Rae and Kate! They didn’t deserve to die because they didn’t kill themselves I did!”

Everyone froze.

JD was sweating bullets, swearing at Vincent under her breath. “Vince, sweetie..” She said through gritted teeth, her own fists clenched as well. “Maybe come back here?”

Vincent gulped, looking over at the sea of his fellow classmates. “S-So.. What do you all think of that..?”

There was silence for a few moments more before laughter echoed throughout the cafeteria. “Some people will say anything if they think it’ll help them become popular!” Hunter Duke cackled, walking away.

Vincent sighed and dashed in the direction of the boys bathroom. “Oh god oh god.. Hunter stop!”

Hunter McNamara had just downed a bunch of pills before Vincent tackled him to the floor. “Huh?! Vincent.. Suicide is a private thing..”

Vincent took the bottle and tossed it to the side, crushing some of the spilled pills with his shoe. “To become another statistic on USA Today? That’s the least private thing I could think of..”

Hunter sniffled and hugged his knees, leaning against the wall. “Hunter Chandler did it..”

“So? If everyone jumped off a bridge would you?”

He sighed and nodded. “Probably..”

Vincent sighed and smiled, sitting next to him. “If you were happy everyday of your life you wouldn’t be human, you’d be a game show host.. Now, please spit out those pills?”

Hunter glanced over at him, returning the small smile and spitting out the pills into his hand, dumping them into the trash. “Heh.. Thanks for coming after me Vince..”

“O-Oh, you’re welcome.” He smiled and grunted as Hunter tackled him to the floor in a tight bear hug. He sighed and hugged him back.

“Maybe all you Hunters aren’t so bad after all..” He mumbled, as Hunter rested his head on Vincent’s shoulder with a big, happy, genuine smile.

(Ah, another installment to @raven-ink lovely Heathers! Gender swap au, I added some subtle Mcnamawyer for my own enjoyment 😂)

anonymous asked:

What kind of petnames do you think The Tower of Sorrow/King of Fairies boys would most like to be called?

- sweetie
- Honey
- Maybe cutie
- Sometimes babe but only if he is in that mood

- babe
- Sexy
- Honey
- Darling
- Cutie pie
- Love

- honey
- Love
- Sweetie
- Cinnamon roll

- Darling
- Honey
- Babe
- Sweetheart

- babe
- Hun
- Sexy
- Sweetie
- Kid
- His “little girl”

- Love
- Sweets
- Honey
- Babe

Secret (Namjoon Smut)

“My sweet?”

“Mother? Who is this?”

“Now, Y/N. Is that how we address our fiancé?” Fiancé? You should have thought of this, your mother was always sneaky. You thought it was weird you were having a guest over, it was even weirder when she said she couldn’t say who they were, not even their gender.

“Forgive me. It must been a bit of a shock to you but I am your fiancé, Vincent.”

“Y-Y/N.” He kissed your hand and your mother clapped her hands. You cursed yourself for wearing a skirt, not wanting to have his eyes wandering down your legs.

“You’re more beautiful than I remember.”

“We met before?”

“Vain Vincent, ring a bell?”

“Vince? You’re Vince?!”

“Your one and only.”

“Now, now lovebirds. Off to dinner.” Your mother bumped you into the backseat with him, claiming her bag needed to be next to her. Vincent took your hand lightly, you just letting him and looking out the window.

What about Namjoon? That clumsy boy tripped his way into your life the second year of high school. He made you drop your books on the floor and fell on top of you.


His hand was on your breast and you pushed him off you and slapped him.

“Y-You pervert!”

“Wait-No I didn’t mean to!”

“Stay away from me!” You kneed him in the balls, to which he fell back down on the ground and you took off running.

He’s been chasing you ever since. You warmed up to him, Jin having to clear up the misunderstanding and covering his “manhood”. You admit, you were starting to like him and you could have a shot with him.

Not until this happened.

“My love, are you ready?”

“Oh, sorry Vincent.”

“You don’t need to be so formal with me, it’s just me Vince.”

“It’s not just you..” You trailed off, getting out the car and walking ahead of him. He grabbed your hand from behind, trying to pull you back to his side but he ended up letting you lead him inside.

“Y/N.” You sat down, your mother sitting you next to him. You couldn’t look at him, not when you’re being put on the spot like this.

“She’s been a very busy woman, Vincent. With her perfume and fashion line gaining popularity, her rise isn’t doomed to fail.”


“Wow, my wife is amazing.”

“I’m not your wife, Vincent.”

“Okay, okay why don’t you two just start slow?”

“That means let go of my hand and move over.” You were starting to hate this, the more you thought about how your mother handled this, how he was acting so friendly with you like he’s been here the whole time, how they make the plans for your future without you.

“Excuse me.” You took your phone into the bathroom, knowing that Namjoon could rescue you from this.

Oh short stack, what’s up
One day I’ll knee you in the face
If you could reach it.
Okay listen asshole, I need you to come pick me up
Can’t I explain it later? Please?
Fine, where are you?
That snobby restaurant my mom loves.
Oh roses bushes or peonies
I’m coming, just wait outside.

You ended the call and your mother came inside. You were glad you thought to hide in a stall and she called for you.

“Y/N, sweetie? Vincent is worrying about you.”

“Tell him I’ll be out in a bit. I’m feeling a bit under the weather.”

“Okay, come back out when you’re ready.” You heard her heels trail out and checked to make sure. You climbed out the window, your heels in hand and walked out front. You see the car pull up and jumped in.

“Hey, for once you look great.”

“Hey, for once you’ve become a bigger asshole than before.”

“An asshole that could make you walk home.”

“You know how much I love you~”


“Namjoon, just get me out of here please~” He drove, wanting to hear you explain. You stalled long enough to get him to the dorms and he grabbed your arm.

“Oi-Namjoon!” He trapped you against the wall in his room. You looked at him, dropping your heels and couldn’t speak.

“What are you trying to escape from, Y/N?”

“I don’t know! You, responsibility, Vincent, my mother-I don’t know what I’m running from anymore.”

“Vincent? Who the hell is Vincent?”

“Okay.. I-I’m engaged, Namjoon.”

“Since when?”


“Do you love him?”



“You know my mother, Namjoon.”

“What about me?”

“What about you?”

“Do you like me?”

“Y-You’re my best friend, Namjoon.”

“I mean do you like me?”

“Depends, do you like me?”

“What if I do?”

“Then, it makes this easier.” You grabbed his collar, pressing his lips on top of yours. He leaned in more, your head pressing against the wall and his hand reached under your skirt.

“Are we really doing this?” You pulled off his shirt, tracing over his chest with your fingertips.

“Why not?” He pulled off your skirt, tossing it wherever his shirt went.

“You’re getting married to someone else.” You unzipped his pants and he let them fall to his ankles before kicking them off.

“But I love you.”

“What if we get caught-fuck?” You grabbed his cock, your thumb rubbing against him in his boxers.

“N-Namjoon-we won’t. Trust me.” He kissed your neck, his teeth biting down on your skin with the intents of leaving a hickey.

“Shit.” He spared no mercy, his tongue only licking over your hickey lightly before creating a new one. You grabbed his hair, wanting to feel more of his tongue against your skin.

His hand reached into your panties, touching your pussy and addressing your wetness. His other hand unhooked your bra, the cold air of the room hitting your breasts. He pressed his body against yours, the warmth from his body warming you up.

“How did you get so wet?”


“Tell me, baby.”

“I-It’s because of you.” He slid a finger inside you, pumping you at a vicious pace. You moaned, his other hand gripping your ass.

He pulled out of you, sliding down your panties. You watched in anticipation, seeing him get down in front of you. He lifted your leg over his shoulder, wanting a better view and put his fingers back inside you.

Incomprehensible words escape your lips, the feeling of pleasure going to your head. He licked, pressing his tongue flat against you and you grabbed his hair once again.

“M-More-fuck, Namjoon.”

“You like having your little pussy being eaten out?”

“N-Namjoon!” He said no more, adding another finger to stretch you out. He watched as your pussy wrapped around his fingers. Your pussy would clench around them, making him go faster to reach deeper inside you.

He pulled out his fingers, slipping down his boxers. You pushed him back, letting his back hit the mattress.

“Watch me.” You crawled on top of him, grabbing his cock and sliding yourself down. He groaned a little, watching his cock fully enter you.

“So b-big.” You breathed out and began to ride him. Your hands pressed against his chest as your worked your hips against his.

You couldn’t explain how it felt with his cock inside you. His cock getting deeper and deeper inside you, the tip pushing against your g-spot. You bit your lip, letting nothing but the sound of your skin slapping against his fill the room.

“Fuck.” He mumbled, the ‘oh fucks’ and ‘just like that, baby’ being the only things beside his intangible words. You felt his hips working against yours, making you feel him even more.

“I’m g-gonna-” Your climax left you no time to finish your sentence. You came, your pussy tightening around him as he continued to work his hips.

You could feel his cum pouring inside you and you get off his cock, bending over to grab your clothes. You held a hand slap your ass and you turn around, blushing with the feeling of anger.


“How many times will you scream my name?” You slipped on your bra, making sure your breasts weren’t popping out and then slipped on your panties.

“Fuck you.” He buttoned his shirt after slipping his boxers back on.

“You already did.”

“Is this really the time to be an asshole?”

“You love this asshole, though.”

“S-Shut up-” He kissed you, cutting off your sentence. You kissed back, leaving yourself vulnerable for him. He pulled your closer to him, his hands on your back.

It was like you were drifting, not even gravity could hold you down. Your body was now tied to him, his lips being the lock and his hands acting as your rope. He captured you.

He pulled away, leaving you wanting more and you looked away, blushing at this.

“It’s just our little secret, Y/N.”