vincent harrington

Best character in Bully?

Is it Jimmy? The main character, a ginger who wants people to leave him the fuck alone?

Or is it the villain with ADD? Gary Smith, that lisping bitch.

You know, Pete Kowalski gay and underrated, he’s the best. He has a bad case of ‘depressed face’ but nothing his smarts can’t help.

Russell can kick ass though and even if he’s really dumb, he can throw someone across a football stadium like you’re walmart football. 

Speaking of football, we have Ted Thompson. You know he gets all the girls and ever since he was in Peewee soccer, he was born to be a student athlete and GRIND BECAUSE STUDENT ATHLETES NEVER SLEEP

But let’s look at his rival, Earnest. He’s smart, kind of creepy but very smart. He’s like Jimmy Neutron I mean good for him. 

Ok, but we all know what people want: money. Derby Harrington might look angry like he’ll fight you in a Wendy’s parking lot but that’s cause of inbreeding. At least he’s rich. 

Money can’t buy class though. Here we have Johnny Vincent, John Travolta wannabe. He read The Outsiders twenty times but he’s too busy looking for his thotty gf to talk about that.

You guys are wrong. The best character is Algernon and the leading reason is because he looks like Carl Wheezer.

Bully Height Headcanons

Jimmy Hopkins: 5′6″

Gary Smith: 5′8″

Petey Kowalski: 5′4″

Russell Northrop: 6′4″

Johnny Vincent: 5′9″

Derby Harrington: 5′11″

Earnest Jones: 5′5″

Ted Thompson: 6′

Bif Taylor: 6′3″

  • Bif: Derby Harrington... how do I even begin to explain Derby Harrington?
  • Angie: Derby Harrington is flawless.
  • Gord: He has two Rolex watches and a silver Lexus.
  • Thad: I hear his hair is insured for $10,000.
  • Christy: I hear he does Aquaberry commercials... in Los Santos.
  • Chad: His favourite movie is Richie Rich's Christmas Wish.
  • Parker: One time he met Jennifer Aniston on a plane...
  • Melody: And she told him he was pretty.
  • Johnny: One time, I punched him in the face. It was awesome.