vincent harrington

Best character in Bully?

Is it Jimmy? The main character, a ginger who wants people to leave him the fuck alone?

Or is it the villain with ADD? Gary Smith, that lisping bitch.

You know, Pete Kowalski gay and underrated, he’s the best. He has a bad case of ‘depressed face’ but nothing his smarts can’t help.

Russell can kick ass though and even if he’s really dumb, he can throw someone across a football stadium like you’re walmart football. 

Speaking of football, we have Ted Thompson. You know he gets all the girls and ever since he was in Peewee soccer, he was born to be a student athlete and GRIND BECAUSE STUDENT ATHLETES NEVER SLEEP

But let’s look at his rival, Earnest. He’s smart, kind of creepy but very smart. He’s like Jimmy Neutron I mean good for him. 

Ok, but we all know what people want: money. Derby Harrington might look angry like he’ll fight you in a Wendy’s parking lot but that’s cause of inbreeding. At least he’s rich. 

Money can’t buy class though. Here we have Johnny Vincent, John Travolta wannabe. He read The Outsiders twenty times but he’s too busy looking for his thotty gf to talk about that.

You guys are wrong. The best character is Algernon and the leading reason is because he looks like Carl Wheezer.

Rich Kids Have Feelings Too - Chapter One - Money Can’t Protect You


That word cut deep especially when he wasn’t expecting it.  Derby Harrington wasn’t the usual target for such insults, many of them directed at Tad or even Gord at times.  Standing a bit straighter and crossing his arms the blonde glanced back to see the over greased snake known as Johnny Vincent.  Sure they were sworn enemies, but Johnny had never used that word towards him even once; it was at the very least extremely unexpected.

Turning to face the other completely Derby raised an eyebrow his naturally bitchy look masking any emotions he felt.  There was no one to egg the other on, nor had they personally been involved in any drama between their groups recently.  It was simply such an out of the blue comment.

“I would ask what I’ve done to earn such insults, but I doubt you have enough brain cells to give me an honest answer.” his tone was slightly snotty as he took a step towards the other almost hissing out, “I’m not inbred.”  His statement was a lie and with a small amount of digging anyone could easily find out the truth; his mother and father were second cousins. but who would what people to know they were in fact an incest baby?  

Johnny stood hands in his pockets facial expression almost challenging as a small chuckle escaped his lips, “Yah like that one blondie?  Or does it hurt your pretty boy feelings when I say it like it is?”  Hands slipping out of his pockets as he made a motioning for Derby to come at him he added, “Maybe you shouldn’t be overstepping yourself and callin’ me a faggot.  You know I don’t like rumors Derbs.”  

“Rumors?” he cooed out a hand reaching up to fix a strand of runaway hair that was hanging in his face, “Oh I’m just telling the truth Johnny; I saw you with Trent.  Is that why the skank you used to call a girlfriend was running around on you?  Couldn’t give her the ol’ in and out?”

Any mention of Lola always got Johnny’s blood boiling and this was no exception.  Brows furrowed his face obviously angry he snarled an insult back eyes meeting the others, “At least I’m not giving it to my damn cousin you fucking freak.”  Shoving the other back at he stepped forward Johnny was trying to intimidate the shorter male getting in his face, “Vance has been sleeping with Pinky by the way, thought that might be interesting for a cuck like you.”

Despite his attitude Derby was normally seen as a coward having his boys deal with anyone who gave him grief rather than do it himself.  When his fist made contact with the side of Johnny’s face it was highly unexpected making the whole situation a shock to the taller male who stumbled backwards almost falling on his ass.  Fists raised Derby’s face was clearly angry forehead scrunched as he grit his teeth, “Fuck you Vincent!”  

Having just regained his balance the greaser had to dodge another punch grabbing the collar of Derby’s shirt, before slamming him into the brick of the underpass.  A hand reached up digging nails into the flesh of the other’s wrist in a feeble attempt to get him off.  “So you do have some balls there ey Derby?” the question was almost growled at the other as he was slammed into the brick again, “You forgot that Bif isn’t here to protect you.”  

Both hands digging nails into Johnny’s wrist Derby’s eyes closed while his face turned away from him.  It was true, the usually protected rich boy didn’t have his big bestfriend to stop him.  The punch to his gut made the blonde shake a pathetic cross between a whine and groan leaving those lips while one of his hands reached up to grab the back of Johnny’s hair.  Giving a hard tug Derby tried to knee the other his leg to close to jab hard enough.  He was in a panic and being hit was all to familiar to the blonde.  His voice took on a tone that Johnny had never heard almost whimpering out, “Please- Just please get the fuck off of me.”  Slumping against the brick he leaned his head back opening those brown eyes to look at the other the fist clutching his shirt the only thing keeping him up.  His hands now simply gripped at the sleeve of Johnny’s leather jacket, “I-I’m sorry.”  

Ready to swing again Johnny dropped his fist before letting go of Derby’s shirt watching the Blonde slump onto the asphalt beneath them hugging his legs like a child his voice shaky with a defeated tone, “You don’t know what it’s like to be me.”