vincent gough


‘Loving Vincent,” An Animated Film With 12 Oil Paintings Per Second

The very first trailer for ‘Loving Vincent’ was recently released and promises stunning art in one of the most visually galvanizing movies of the decade. 

The film features over 12 oil paintings per second crafted by a team of over 100 painters inspired by the brush strokes of the brilliant Vincent Van Gogh.

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Vincent van Gough was known to drink yellow paint because he believed it would lift his spirits, he physically inhaled toxins to cure his depression. I do similar, except my yellow paint isn’t yellow paint, it’s his words that he whispers into my mouth, his eyes that I can get lost in for hours, and his face, oh his face. I just can’t get enough.

Today I read that Van Gogh
Used to swallow yellow paint
To put happiness
Inside of him.
A sunflower, sunrise,
Stars that shine,
If smiles had a color
It would be yellow.
So tonight I lie in a bed
Of yellow sheets
Wishing they could bring me
A yellow kind of sleep
But instead I see blue
When I close my eyes
And I’m stuck here thinking
About Vincent Van Gogh.

-Briana Eve