vincent gap


highschool au in which a possessive little brother prevents would-be heart throb gilbert nightray from having a love life

         open to f/m/nb. about vincent. suggested connections: family friend, old flame, ex, childhood friend, bartender, bar regular, etc. // “thanks for letting me crash. things got a little carried away last night.” the pounding headache and dry throat were already familiar to him, at this point, as an inevitable aftermath of his nights out, but it was rare that vincent was unable to find his way back home. thankfully, he wasn’t a man of pride; if he was, he’d probably feel worse about the other feeling compelled to bring him to their couch instead of leaving him at the bar. “any chance your kindness would extend to letting me use your shower? i want to offer to get you breakfast as a thank you, but i think i look like death right now.” it was a little late in life for vincent to start acting like a college kid, rolling off of bed and barely recovered from his last binge before jumping into the next adventure, but he couldn’t help it. keeping in movement was the only thing keeping him sane. a hand lifted to scratch at his jaw, his stubble prickling at his fingers before he shook his head, making himself smile at the other. “unless you planned on kicking me to the curb as soon as i was conscious. if that’s the case, i hope you’ll at least give me enough time to find my keys and wallet.”

Undertaker and Cedric K. Ros-, another random theory

Undertaker said it’s been 50 years since someone called him a Shinigami, which means he was a Shinigami 50 years ago too, so he was a already a Shinigami when Vincent met him, no matter how long ago that was.

Vincent was 34 years old when he died (according to Wikipedia) (same age as Levi lol) and we know he knew Undertaker pretty well. Also, Undertaker shed tears just to the thought of Vincent death.

This is just another random theory that just came to me, but since everyone has already heard about the theory of Cedric K. Ros- being Undertaker, I will write this down: What if Undertaker, as a Shinigami, married a human and later had a child, so he decided to ‘quit’ working as a Shinigami? We do know Ciel’s lineage has something to do with Shinigami:

This picture only shows the three names: Cloudia Phantomhive, Cedric K. Ros- and Vincent Phantomhive; this is what we need to know; that these two are Vincent’s parents and their names. We need to know both of their names, as both of their names are readable in the picture (while any other writing you can spot is not readable).

(I just noticed there is a big gap between Coudia Phantomhive and Cedric K. Ros- in the picture, which could be a hint that there was something weird in their relationship -for example, that they weren’t married at all- but looking at it again it’s most likely because of the way the tree is drawn, as there is an even bigger gap between Vincent and Rachel’s name.)

Also, I just noticed the picture showed two children under Vincent and Rachel’s names all along.

–There’s a branch–

–Just found another missed hint for the 2ct–

Anyway, my point is not necessarily that Undertaker is Cedric K. Ros-, but that’s very likely too. Also, since Vincent got his mother’s last name and not his father’s, it could be that there was something about his father’s name. My guess is that since everyone knew him as Undertaker, maybe they didn’t have any other last name to give him? I mean, the picture of Vincent’s lineage does mention the name of the father, but this picture is from a Shinigami and not a human book (probably). And Shinigami have to know all this stuff. But that doesn’t mean the humans know as much, so maybe Cloudia and/or the others just never knew Undertaker’s name.

Anyway, this post turned out longer than I wanted it to be and I added a lot of stuff on the way so I guess I’ll leave it at that. Tell me your thoughts!~