vincent ferrari

Atheists […] do not do what they do for a reward in the next life. In fact, much the opposite. Atheists revel in the things that are on this planet we live on because this is it. There is nothing afterward. An atheist doesn’t think a child’s laugh is just nice, they think it’s the be all and end all.

They live more in the now than their religious counterparts.

Religious people often look at people who enjoy the earthly life as lesser people. They’re considered unwashed in that they aren’t eagerly awaiting the next, better, more amazing world that awaits them after death. In essence, they walk through a park of beauty to a gate. The gate is death. They don’t know what’s on the other side of that gate, but they just ‘know’ it’s better than what’s on this side.

An atheist is standing in the park amazed at the beauty they’re surrounded by.

—  Vincent Ferrari, “Religion Celebrates Death; Atheism Celebrates Life”, Aeon