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Reveal yourself to yourself. Do not take refuge in a mirage. Do not take refuge–hell–even in your wildest, most private truth. To keep your dignity, you will first have to re-create it. Internalize it, vitalize it, tremble before it, sleep with it. You do not need to share it just yet. You merely need to feel it severely.
—  Edna St. Vincent Millay, from a diary entry featured in Savage Beauty: The Life of Edna St. Vincent Millay

Welcome to the Sparrows.

Some original content that I haven’t been posting characters from on tumblr yet :D Also a picture that went into much more detail than intended……..
These three are Geraldine Pyrope, Cecil Reed and Vincent Diran!

Cecil runs a club called the Sparrows and is Vincent’s informant, as they’re always keeping an ear out for their customers - who aren’t all righteous people. Geraldine is the entertainment, a singer who has been Cecil’s close friend since childhood. Vincent, meanwhile, is a detective growing in the ranks who’s helped them out on multiple occasions!

Geraldine and Vincent belong to @kaisukidoodles, Cecil is mine ❤︎
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I really always thought of C reminding me of Kaworu from Evangelion. His voice at least and the way he talks. So I wanted to make a gif thing of him saying it but then it became like this little scene I made! 

This would probably take place say if Anri wasn’t at school, Charlotte would get the chance to be alone together; taking place during lunch together or something like that. I hope you enjoy

If you have any requests to make gifs of ingame scene or made up scene or even edits; I would be more than happy to!

**I own NONE of this art I only edited and spliced together things, all credit goes to the creator of Hello Charlotte**