vincent bernard

He would make three studies each session, getting bogged down in impastos, constantly starting all over again on new canvases, painting the model from all sides, while the pathetic students who laughed at him behind his back took eight days to make an idiotic copy of a foot.
—  Émile Bernard remembering Vincent Van Gogh at work in Fernand Cormon’s studio

64 days in heaven and hell (46)
In July, the Van Goghs’ attempts to lure Gauguin to join Vincent in Arles still had little success. The correspondance between Émile Bernard and Vincent was all the more cordial. They exchanged ideas and artwork like these brothel scenes by Bernard, much appreciated by his friend.

Émile Bernard: Brothel scene, Female nude on a bed, A woman washing herself, Female Nude reclining on a bed. All 1888, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam