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-Tarot set order: major arcanas-

Here the final version of the Mochizuki tarot set! It has 22 cards (major arcanas), plus a bonus card with a random drawing (handmade drawing of a Mochizuki’s character in chibi version). 

Size: 80 mm (3,15 inches) x 150 mm (5,9 inches), 83 g (0,18 lb).

The full set costs 15 euros (about 17,8 USD), shipping not included (because it changes depending on the country you live). The orders will be taken if 10 person or more are interested, because under 10 the price of a set will be too high.

Some shipping prices:
- France: 1,40 euros
- EU: 2,20 euros
- USA & other countries:  2,60 euros (about 3,10 USD)

Just leave a message on this post if you’re interested! (:
(also, if you want a special chibi, let me know, otherwise it will be totally random)

Paypal preferred for the payment. 

[1st order batch will be closed on Jan, 21th]


Glen gives Gil a piggyback ride; Pandora Hearts by Jun Mochizuki

Favorite manga moment as requested by anonymous~


Some phone wallpaper of Pandora Hearts with some of my favourite characters,that I’ve just made!😄


Pandora Hearts Phone Wallpapers.

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Pandora Hearts wallpapers (vol. II) as requested by anonymous.

Please, do not repost them or claim them as yours. // You can find other ph wallpapers here and here.

To the Pandora Hearts Fandom...

Hello, hello… Anybody out there? Cause I don’t hear a sound ♫

Raise your hand if you’re still alive and if you remember/love this serie/manga.

Will you participate in a online-event dedicated to PH? Please, answerrrr