vincent and gilbert nightray


Pandora Hearts Positivity Month // Prompt 30: Beginning/End

main characters + first and last scenes

The signs as Pandora Hearts characters ~

Aries: Sharon Rainsworth

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Taurus: Jack Vessalius

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Gemini: Echo

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Cancer: Alice

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Leo: Elliot Nightray

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Virgo: Vincent Nightray 

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Libra: Break Xerxes 

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Scorpio: Leo Baskerville

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Sagittarius: Ada Vessalius

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Capricorn: Oz Vessalius

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Aquarius: Gilbert Nightray

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Pisces: Will of the Abyss

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Glen gives Gil a piggyback ride; Pandora Hearts by Jun Mochizuki

Favorite manga moment as requested by anonymous~


Pandora Hearts Phone Wallpapers.

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Be smart like Reim

Be loyal like Gilbert

Eat like Alice

Be sweet like Shelly

Be curious like Rufus

Lead like Sheryl

Be sassy like Vincent

Fight like Xerxes

Be odd like Leo

Smile like Ada

Be strong like Echo

Stand tall like Elliot

Care like Oscar

Never give up like Oz

Series that have ruined your life

Aries - Pandora Hearts
Taurus - Pandora Hearts
Gemini - Pandora Hearts
Cancer - Pandora Hearts
Leo - Pandora Hearts
Virgo - Pandora Hearts
Libra - Pandora Hearts
Scorpio - Pandora Hearts
Sagittarius - Pandora Hearts
Capricorn - Pandora Hearts
Aquarius - Pandora Hearts
Pisces - Pandora Hearts