My mind is still blown and my heart is in pieces but I understand. You’re fucking broken and I did nothing to help. But you let yourself become a victim of the past and I’ve grown from it already. Just because I’ve been with plenty of people doesn’t mean I don’t want you? I understand what it feels like to be with a “slut” but like I’m here to settle down. For you to think that just because I was with many people that I still want that then you’re wrong. For you to think that lying would get you anywhere. For you to think that I would kill myself if you told me the truth. But you already killed me when you lied about when I wasn’t in the country. You ask me how we stayed together with the distance. You didn’t. You really didn’t. For you to say that you were good and to ask your friend for validation was not good at all. Because she knew you cheated on me and didn’t tell me. You keep opening these wounds of the past with no intention of tending to them. You want to be perfect yet you want to fuck everything up. I don’t want to be here if you’re not ready. Well I don’t think I’m gonna be here for you anyway. Our relationship was good. We loved each other. I don’t understand why you cried in front of me saying you can take it all back when you didn’t want to take it back when it happened and when I asked you tried everything to hide it.

I’m fucking suicidal I get it. But don’t ever think that I haven’t grown because no one is worth my life. I wouldn’t kill myself for anyone else other than me anymore. I’m better Steven. So fuck you for thinking that. I’m not some pity show that you just keep around because you feel bad for me. Like I’m fucking depressed and you couldn’t even talk to me normally. Instead you told me that I should go talk to someone else.

I mean I’m stupid because that was a red flag.

I had so many times to cheat on you but I didn’t. I’m a fucking sex addict and I didn’t do it with anyone else because I’m in a relationship that just wanted the two of us. I said no to those guys because I loved you. Because I had faith in you.

And the sex eventually became just sex. You got boring the longer we went. You always apologized saying I’m lazy yet you never do anything about it. Don’t be upset that I told you sex was boring. Because you did it with someone else when you were bored and I sat here and jerked off because you couldn’t finish me off.

Heath Slater speaking the truth, only to be sacrificed to Rhyno and his baby arms……..this is awful wtf. No one asked for Rhyno, #WeWantSlater